Trtl Travel Pillow Review

No one wants to endure a long-haul flight without being able to get any sleep. That’s why many experienced travelers won’t leave home without a supportive pillow to prevent neck pain and discomfort during the journey. One of the best options is the Trtl pillow. It looks different from traditional options, but it helps support the neck and keep you comfortable. Read our full Trtl travel pillow review to learn more.


Trtl Travel Pillow Overview

Trtl overview


The Trtl travel pillow (pronounced “turtle”) is our Editor’s Choice for Best Travel Pillow, and we’re not alone in ranking it our favorite. Many sources consider it to be one of the best travel pillows, and it’s an”Amazon’s Choice” product.

Two mechanical engineers, Michael Corrigan and David Kellock, invented the Trtl in 2013. After a long chat about the challenges of sleeping on airplanes and bulky, sometimes uncomfortable U-shaped travel pillows, the duo from Glasgow decided to create a new type of travel pillow. That was the beginning of the Trtl.

Since then, the Trtl has helped people have comfortable, restful sleep even on the longest flights, car trips, and train rides.



woman wearing trtl on plane


The Trtl has a stellar reputation among travelers for multiple reasons. This section of our Trtl travel pillow review will go over some of the things people love most about it:

  • Lightweight material: Foam can get heavy, and some travel pillows are bulky. The Trtl is neither. It weighs about the same as a scarf.
  • Machine-washable structure: Do you drool in your sleep? Do you tend to spill things while you travel? It’s not a problem with this pillow. You can throw it into the washing machine at the end of your journey.
  • Portable design: We hate big travel pillows, which is why we love the Trtl. It’s super easy to transport in almost any bag.
  • Supportive structure: The Trtl has an interior wireframe structure that gives your head and neck the support they need.
  • Soft material: The exterior has soft fleece fabric. You’ll feel comfortable while you get the support you need.
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Unfortunately, even the best products have some drawbacks. Here are some negatives to keep in mind as you read Trtl travel pillow reviews:

  • Headphone fit: Unfortunately, it’s challenging to get your headphones under your Trtl. If you like to watch movies or listen to music while trying to fall asleep, you might not like this pillow because the design will keep you from wearing your favorite headphones.
  • Non-adjustable size: This is a one-size-fits-all travel pillow, which means the internal neck support system cannot be adjusted. While the one-size works for most people, people who are over or under average height and weight may not find the Trtl as comfortable.


Product Stats

woman putting trtl around her neck


  • Color options: Gray, red, black, coral
  • Dimensions: 2.9 x 2.9 x 1.5 inches.
  • Fastener: Velcro
  • Hypoallergenic: Yes
  • Machine washable: Yes
  • Material: Breathable fleece with inner wire frame
  • Weight: Less than 5 ounces


Product Features

The Trtl has features that help people stay comfortable sleeping, even on an uncomfortable flight. Our Trtl travel pillow review will go over some of these features.

Unique Design

The Trtl isn’t a traditional travel pillow. While most are foam or inflatable and contoured, cylinder-shaped, or U-Shaped, the Trtl is not. It looks more like a scarf than a pillow.

The exterior of the Trtl is a piece of fabric that wraps around your neck. Within the fleece is a wireframe that offers flexible neck support and can contour to your head, jaw, and neck. Because of its flexibility, you can easily reposition the wireframe on either shoulder or below your neck.

Play around with it to see which is the most comfortable position for you. You can adjust the tightness however you see fit. Once you have determined which way you best like to wear the Trtl, secure it firmly with the attached Velcro. It will hold your head and neck in place to promote restful sleep.

Quality Materials

The exterior of the Trtl is soft, breathable fleece. It’s hypoallergenic and comes in a variety of colors including gray, red, black, and coral.

These materials will help you stay comfortable and rested on your trips.



woman wearing Trtl


Thinking of buying a new travel pillow but find the Trtl a bit daunting? This section of our Trtl travel pillow review will answer the most common questions people have about this travel tool.

How Do You Use the Trtl?

It’s a scarf! It’s a blanket! It’s a pillow! It has velcro! How in the world do you use it?

It’s easy and more intuitive to use than you may initially think:

  1. Unfold the Trtl. When you first get your Trtl, it will be folded up like a blanket. Unfurl it by separating the Velcro and unfold it to arms’ length.
  2. Put it around your neck. Pretend you’re putting on a scarf. Hold the fabric behind your neck, place the wireframe support brace in a comfortable position, and wrap the fleece around your neck. The wireframe can be anywhere in front of your neck: directly in front of it, underneath your chin, or even over your right or left shoulder.
  3. Get comfortable. When you feel happy with the position, secure the fleece with the velcro straps attached.

Once it’s in place, move your neck around. You’ll notice that the wireframe helps the fabric contour to your jaw (or face) and the gap between the wireframe holds your neck in a neutral position. Once you’re comfortable and supported, you can close your eyes and try to get some rest

Who Is the Trtl Best For?

While the Trtl works for nearly everyone, some people may enjoy it more than others. These people include:

  • People who don’t like U-shaped travel pillows: Travel pillows are for travelers in need of sleep and neck support to get that rest. While some people love traditional U-shaped pillows, other people require more neck support or something a bit more pliable to rest comfortably. The Trtl is perfect for these people.
  • People who enjoy lightweight travel: The Trtl is also perfect for people who don’t want to lug around a foam pillow or inflate a pillow. The Trtl is about half the size of most U-shaped travel pillows and weights less than half a pound!
  • People with allergies: The Trtl pillow is hypoallergenic. If you have allergies, you’ll be worry-free with this accessory.

Is It True That The Trtl Is Scientifically Proven?


Trtl hired an independent research firm from the Institute of Motion Analysis and Research (IMAR) at the University of Dundee to investigate whether Trtl is better for your neck than traditional U-shaped travel pillows.

Professor Rami Abboud, Head of Department of Orthopaedic and Trauma Surgery / Director of Institute of Motion Analysis and Research at the University of Dundee oversaw the study. Using motion analysis, he led a team of researchers who tested the Trtl against some of the most popular and best-selling U-shaped travel pillows in a simulated airplane. The goal was to see which travel pillows were able to keep users’ heads and necks stable and in comfortable positions.

The study showed that the Trtl was able to better support the head and neck in a neutral position than most memory foam U-shaped travel pillows. Additionally, 9 out of the 10 research participants said they preferred the Trtl to the U-shaped travel pillows.

How Do You Clean the Trtl?

We have good news for you: The Trtl is machine washable!
Trtl recommends removing the plastic brace and then running the fleece through a normal wash cycle. Air dry or dry on a low setting.

What If I Don’t Like Trtl?

You can return it for free!

Trtl has a 30-day return policy and offers free shipping on returns. Please note that the product must be returned unused and in the same condition it was in when you received it, including in the original packaging.

Has Trtl Won Any Awards?

Of course! We’re not the only ones who recognize what a game changer the Trtl travel pillow is for jet setters.

The founders of Trtl and the company itself have been awarded the following accolades over the years:

  • Summit Awards – Rising Star of the Year, Michael Corrigan
  • Scottish Export Awards – Small Exporter of the Year 2018
  • Scottish Export Awards – E-commerce Exporter of the Year 2017
  • Enterprise Awards – Best Digital Winner 2014
  • Scottish Edge Fund – Young Edge Winner 2014
  • Shell Livewire – Young Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist 2014

Does the Company Offer Any Other Products?

They do! In addition to the infamous Trtl travel pillow, Trtl offers the following products.

Trtl Flight Socks

Trtl Flights Socks come in nine colors. They are lightweight and offer gentle, graduated compression. They also have flat toe seams for additional comfort. Key attributes include:

  • Cushioned support and comfort for your legs and feet
  • Gentle compression of 15-21mmHg to reduce swelling and promote circulation in lower legs
  • Made with Coolmax and knitted with Lycra ® for a comfortable fit and experience

Trtl Pillow Plus

The Trtl Pillow Plus is the newest model of the Trtl travel pillow. Key differentiators include:

  • Neck wrap is slightly longer and wider than the original.
  • Neck wrap features breathable mesh which makes the Trtl Pillow Plus slightly cooler than its predecessor
  • Soft foam padding where the head and chin meet the wireframe support
  • Wireframe height adjustment for different length necks


Trtl Travel Pillow Review Conclusion

how to wear the trtl


After our Trtl travel pillow review, it is our favorite travel pillow for a variety of reasons. The most important reason is that it’s comfortable. It supports your neck like no other travel pillow we’ve come across while enveloping your skin in a soft, breathable, fleece fabric.

Don’t believe us? Try it for yourself.

Do you have this travel pillow? If so, leave your own Trtl travel pillow review below.

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