Sometimes, finding the right travel insurance option can be difficult. With so many options and different kinds of plans, it can feel overwhelming. If you’ve ever wished for a simple way to view your options side-by-side, consider This website can help make your travel insurance hunt a little easier. Read our full review to see if this is a resource that would be helpful to you.

Overview of

The world of travel insurance is huge, and getting a quote can be difficult if you don’t know exactly where to start. There are plenty of top competitors out there claiming to be the best, but comparing plans and prices can be extremely overwhelming. That’s where comes in and simplifies things for you.

Instead of opening several tabs and comparing quotes manually, simplify that process by using to bridge the gap between all top companies. Think of as a comparison search engine to match you with your perfect plan.

Our review will go over the most important details of this website.



travel to italy with has some great pros. This part of our review will go over some of the highlights of these advantages.

  • Top-insurer comparison: If you’ve looked at various kinds of travel insurance companies and want an easy way to compare the options, can help. This website offers a side-by-side, unbiased comparison of several top insurers.
  • User-friendly website: When you’re looking at quotes, sometimes the amount of information can be difficult to sort through. is an organized, simple website that makes it easy to find the quote you need.
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travel europe with

We’ll also go over some of the cons in our review:

  • US residents only: If you want group travel insurance and to get it through, you’ll have to be a US resident.
  • Not all providers are quoted: While does offer quotes from several top travel insurance providers, the website doesn’t have all of the top providers. While you can start on this website, you may have to go get quotes individually from the companies that doesn’t include.



travel as a group with has many features that are helpful to users. This section of our review will go over the most important of these features.

Unbiased Comparison Engine of Top Insurers acts as a comparison engine of some of the top travel insurance service providers. The website works with its top partners to get you the best quotes, and the pricing you’ll see on is unbiased. After you enter in your trip details, you can see quotes and plan breakdowns from all of their partners. The providers you’ll see quotes from are Allianz Travel, AIG Travel Guard, April, CSA Travel Protection, Travelex and Global Trip Protection to name a few.

Once you choose the perfect plan, the website will communicate with your chosen provider and send you all the information you need about your insurance. Your information is 100% safe and secure, and your information will arrive in your inbox in minutes.

Claims Assistance

What happens if something goes wrong and you need to file a claim with your provider? Your service with doesn’t end after you hit “book”. The company doesn’t leave its customers hanging. In fact, many reviews talk about its outstanding customer service. The claims assistance service is there to help you with any issues regarding your claim. Simply contact the Claims Assistance hotline and a representative will work to resolve the issue with you and the provider.

Group Travel Insurance

Group travel insurance bookings are much easier when you can use a simple comparison tool like’s. This tool is ideal for travel groups over 10 people who are all on the same itinerary. Booking with a group plan could work out much cheaper for each traveler and could ease the stress of covering a big group of people. To qualify for group booking, all travelers must be flying to the same destination and be US residents.


Plan Options can help you go on your dream trip is not actually an insurance provider themselves, so they do not offer their own insurance plans. Instead, the website compiles quotes from several travel insurers and their partners, so you can choose the plan that works best for you.

How It Works

The process is simple and straightforward. To get your quote, enter in your trip details. The website asks for details such as the cost of the trip, the destination and the length of the trip. You’ll also have to enter the number of travelers, the age of everyone traveling and your current country of residence. After you’ve entered in all of the required information, the website will start processing your information and compiling all of the quotes.

At the next step, you’ll see a comprehensive list of several plans available from’s partners. A short overview of the plans’ benefits, features and the total price per person will be listed. Clicking through one of the benefits will show you a pop up of exactly what your plan will include.

All of the information related to your travel insurance plan will be plainly in front of you. This will allow you to compare your top options.

Coverage Types

All of’s top insurers offer all of the basic components of a travel insurance plan. That means that your plans could have benefits like Accidental Death and Dismemberment Coverage, Trip Cancellation, Baggage Coverage and many more features. A few of the basic coverages offered by’s partners are explained here.

Emergency Medical Coverage and Medical Evacuation Insurance

A plan with medical evacuation insurance is important because you never know when an accident might happen while traveling. The costs of the emergency medical care can be included as part of your insurance plan.

Some plans also include medical evacuation insurance. An accident could happen that would require you to be medivaced. Most health insurance providers either don’t cover it fully or won’t cover these expenses at all. Believe us when we say that paying for evacuation costs out of pocket will put a damper on your entire vacation. With medical evacuation insurance, your costs will be covered. The amount varies depending on the plan and company you choose.

Travel Delay Coverage

Travel insurance is there to pick up the slack when things out of our control go wrong. Flight delays and cancellations are all too common in the world of travel. With a good travel delay coverage policy, you can be compensated should any of this happen.

Let’s say your flight was canceled or delayed and it caused you to miss a connection to your final destination. Your travel insurance could reimburse you for missing the flight or even pay you back the amount of money you spent on a hotel. The specific type of travel delay coverage that you get (such as costs and reimbursement caps) depends on the company you choose. On the quote page, you can quickly view the amount of coverage offered by each plan.

Baggage Loss and Delay Coverage

One of the best features offered by many travel insurance companies is the baggage loss and delay coverage. This type of coverage is similar to the travel delay coverage. If an airline loses your bag during transit or your belongings are stolen while you travel, your insurance plan can reimburse you up to a certain amount. Check the quotes page for the exact amount of money that can be reimbursed. Review Conclusion can give peace of mind when flying

After our review, we feel that’s website is a wonderful option for travelers looking to compare various plans side by side. The website is easy to use and comprehensive, and their partners provide several different plans that can cater to each customer. It is reassuring to be able to compare the quotes and cost breakdowns of several plans and make an educated choice for yourself.

Overall, is a great choice for making the entire booking process stress-free. We especially think this option would work well for organizers of a group trip because of their specialized group trip tool. With’s plans, you’ll be able to make an informed decision on your trip coverage and be supported throughout the entire experience.

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