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If you’re new to preparing your tax return or an experienced user, TaxSlayer is a great alternative to consider. The service is a bargain compared with competitors, but it does offer less robust support without paying for premium services. The software is best suited towards those with simple returns or experienced users who know their way around their tax returns. Read our full TaxSlayer review to see if this is the best tax software for you.


TaxSlayer Overview

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Our TaxSlayer review will go over the most important things you need to know if you’re considering this product. was created by a company offering traditional tax preparation and filing services in 1998. The company has grown to offer tax return and related services to millions of individuals annually.

The service strives to give customers great tax software and technical support during tax season each year. Combined with its affordability, the program offers an easy-to-use interface and support options at half the prices as some competitors. Users receive free technical support through email and telephone while Premium and Self-Employed software version users may submit questions directly to tax professionals.



TaxSlayer reviews have great pros to go over. Here are some of the best things about TaxSlayer:

  • Affordable pricing: TaxSlayer has better pricing options available than most other programs we reviewed. The software is easy to use and offers adequate functionality for the price you pay. The best value comes for single and married filers with no dependents. These individuals can file Form 1040 with limited deductions and credits and pay nothing.
  • Free software for active-duty military members: While members of the military might get TaxSlayer Classic for free ($17 value), they must still pay for their state return ($29 per state). Under TaxSlayer Military, all tax situation and forms are included.
  • Free tax return knowledge base: As you proceed through your tax return, the program offers explanatory knowledge base to help you understand each section of your taxes. While more high-level in nature, this knowledge base can be useful. It offers easily understood explanations to provide direction on what each section of the tax return needs.
  • Technical phone support available: If you have a technical question, you have access to phone support. If you have a tax-specific question, you must pay extra to speak with a tax professional to understand your problem and walk you through what you must do.


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Unfortunately, TaxSlayer reviews also have to point out some cons, including:

  • Audit assistance is only part of the most expensive options: The software offers audit assistance, not audit defense, in the event you receive an IRS audit. However, these features are only available in the Premium version of the software.
  • Tax professional access only available with Premium: Despite TaxSlayer claiming they provide their customers with the best support, that support comes with a price tag. While this is a con, this is a con for most tax software programs.

Referral Rewards

taxslayer has a great referral program
To incentivize you to attract more people to use their program, TaxSlayer offers a membership referral program based on points.

As you reach certain referral thresholds, you are credited with points to use toward $5 rewards cards at major retailers like Target, Amazon and Apple.

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Refund Options

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Pay With Your Refund

A nice feature which reduces out-of-pocket expense is the ability to pay for the software with your tax refund.

This makes it nice because it avoids expenses hitting your debit or credit card. This feature also helps save you an upfront payment.

Refund Advance

TaxSlayer offers a TaxSlayer prepaid visa card that allows you to send your tax refund directly to the card once you e-file. You can receive up to $1,000 in advance in as little as 24 hours. The site says you pay no upfront fees nor interest on the refund advance loan. However, this loan, the tax preparation fee and your refund transfer service fee will be subtracted from any federal tax refund amount issued by the IRS.

TaxSlayer lets you apply for the refund advance loan and receive money without ever leaving home. The service claims to be the first online tax-filing platform to offer this service totally online.

Refund Options

Another possibility for the funds received from your tax refund is the purchase of U.S. Savings Bonds. The available options for your refund include refund advance on a prepaid visa card, a direct deposit into your bank account, a check or U.S. Savings Bonds.

Import Previous Year’s Tax Information

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If this is your second consecutive year using TaxSlayer to prepare your refund, you can import your tax return from the prior year and have many of your fields automatically populate. This saves you time and hassle.

TaxSlayer also supports uploading tax returns from some other tax services.

Assistance With IRS Notices for One Year

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TaxSlayer says they will work with you to resolve IRS inquiries regarding your federal and state return for up to one year after the IRS accepts your e-file. This can give you peace of mind after you’ve done your taxes for the year.

Further, TaxSlayer guarantees 100% accurate calculations when preparing your return.

TaxSlayer Review Conclusion

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After our TaxSlayer review, we think this is a great solution for many. The program doesn’t come with many fancy features, but this could be what makes it so easy to use. TaxSlayer doesn’t have the brand name recognition of TurboTax and H&R Block, but it does provide an attractive price for the software you receive. If you don’t need support, TaxSlayer offers an affordable tax software platform.

The clean user interface and low cost make it one of the best deals on the tax software market this year. Simply put, despite being less robust than its competitors, it gets the job done at an affordable price. This product is recommended for simple tax returns or people who need advanced tax software at a lower cost. We recommend TaxSlayer as a good tax software option.

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