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Better ingredients mean more tail wags and longer, healthier years for your pup.  Originating from Breuer Premium, Spot & Tango offers recipes developed by veterinarians that cater to the different needs of each breed and body type. Importantly, Spot & Tango meals are formulated by veterinarians with fresh, sustainable ingredients like fresh fruits and vegetables. In addition, each meal is in small, high-quality batches to ensure freshness. They’re ready to serve and pre-portioned specifically for your dog, so you don’t have to worry about food prep.

Spot and Tango

Spot and Tango Health Benefits

Health benefits of eating real food include fewer vet visits, meaning more time to do the things you love like playing, hiking or snuggling. In addition, Spot & Tango meals are never processed and exclude preservatives, growth hormones and artificial additives commonly found in commercial kibble. Skip the factory-filled bags of dog food and give your pup healthy food they’ll love. For dogs with food allergies, you also can select grain- and gluten-free options.

There are many additional benefits for you and your dog.  Moreover, these benefits include healthier immune system, more energy, better digestion and stronger muscles.  In addition, it also helps with allergy relief, arthritis relief, PH balance, less dander, and a shinier coat. What’s not to love?

Vets and owners love Spot & Tango and check them out today!

Human-grade Recipes

They have three “human-grade” recipes to choose from: Lamb & Brown Rice, Beef & Millet, and Turkey & Red Quinoa.  Clearly, each recipe contains ingredients you recognize and could easily include in your own dinner.

Each recipe is compliant with the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) standards. AAFCO is a voluntary membership of local, state, and federal agencies.  They commit to verifying the quality of animal feed. This ensures that you can trust each batch of Spot & Tango food thanks to the company’s strong commitment to quality ingredients.

Spot & Tango connects you with a Pup Specialist that identifies the need of your dog and how they can connect them to a diet that works best for their body type. For older dogs and young puppies, dietary needs are different.  Furthermore, each recipe has included a mix of vitamins and minerals that supplement these needs.

A Better Dog Food

No matter what you pick, you can rest easy knowing that all Spot & Tango meals are personalized for your dog and made with ingredients you can easily recognize and rely on. Feeling like you want to give it a try? There’s a worry-free, risk-free trial you can try out to get started!

Dog owners agree – Spot & Tango meals are amazing and the perfect addition to your dog’s diet. Not only are their meals delivered directly to your door, pre-portioned and ready to serve (easy for you!), Spot & Tango is also committed to making nutritious, delicious and locally-grown food for your dog.

Why Dogs Love Spot & Tango

When you open the packet, you can instantly recognize the ingredients they use, such as, blueberries, spinach, and quinoa.  In addition, dogs will go crazy over the smell because it smells like the same things you eat!

Spot & Tango has flexible delivery schedules so you aren’t locked into any plan. Order as much and as often as you need.  Undoubtedly, after your dog has a bite, we have a feeling it’s going to be more frequent than not! Start the planning process with a Pup Specialist who can get your dog started on the perfect diet.

Have a picky eater or not sure if you want to switch over their diet entirely? Try out Spot & Tango’s risk-free trial and give the recipes a try. Your dog will be over the moon with their new diet, and their veterinarian will be happy to see a healthier, happier dog at their next check-up.

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