Spot and Tango Dog Food

Spot & Tango, from Breuer Premium, offers breed-specific recipes developed by veterinarians. Moreover, their meals are made with fresh, sustainable ingredients and prepared in small, high-quality batches to ensure maximum freshness. Additionally, with pre-portioned servings, no food prep is required. Most importantly, better ingredients result in happier dogs and longer, healthier lives.

Spot and Tango

Spot and Tango Health Benefits

Eating real food offers numerous health benefits for you and your dog. Moreover, it can lead to fewer vet visits, giving you more time for activities like playing, hiking, or snuggling. Additionally, Spot & Tango meals are an excellent choice as they are unprocessed and free from preservatives, growth hormones, and artificial additives commonly found in commercial kibble. Instead of settling for factory-filled dog food bags, provide your pup with nutritious food they’ll love. Notably, grain- and gluten-free options are available for dogs with food allergies. Furthermore, real food promotes a healthier immune system, increased energy, improved digestion, and stronger muscles. It can also provide relief from allergies and arthritis, while helping balance pH levels, reduce dander, and promote a shinier coat. Experience the love that comes with these benefits!

Vets and owners love Spot & Tango and check them out today!

Human-grade Recipes

Spot & Tango offers three “human-grade” recipes: Lamb & Brown Rice, Beef & Millet, and Turkey & Red Quinoa. Moreover, these recipes feature recognizable ingredients that can easily be included in your own dinner. Not only do they meet the standards set by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO), a voluntary membership committed to verifying animal feed quality, but you can also trust the quality of every batch of food from Spot & Tango, thanks to their commitment to using high-quality ingredients. Additionally, Spot & Tango connects you with a Pup Specialist who assesses your dog’s specific needs and recommends a tailored diet. No matter if you have an older dog or a young puppy, Spot & Tango has recipes that meet their dietary requirements, including vital vitamins and minerals.

Why Dogs Love Spot & Tango

When open the packet, you’ll instantly recognize the ingredients Spot & Tango use – blueberries, spinach, and quinoa. Moreover, dogs go crazy over the smell, just like the food you eat!

Additionally, Spot & Tango offers flexible delivery schedules, so you’re not locked into any plan. You can order as much and as often as you need. After your dog has a bite, we have a feeling it’ll be more frequent!

To start the planning process with a Pup Specialist and get your dog on the perfect diet, take advantage of our services. Unsure about switching their diet entirely? Try Spot & Tango’s risk-free trial and let your dog enjoy the recipes. Rest assured, your vet will be happy to see a healthier, happier dog at their next check-up.

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