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Overview of Skybell

When it comes to getting the best products in the home security game, a video doorbell is one of the best you can get. What better way to protect your home against intruders or unknown people than to have a device that makes you always present, no matter what. The Skybell HD video doorbell is one of the many smart home products out there that makes this happen.

The Skybell HD wifi video doorbell has similar specs and features when you hold it up to other brands like August and Nest, but Skybell adds in a few special ones to set it apart. Skybell works well with other smart home products as well such as Google Home and Amazon Alexa. Overall, the Skybell is one of the top options in video doorbells because of smart home integration and other great things it provides.

Pros / Cons


  • Free cloud storage for 7 days
  • Works with other smart devices


  • Tricky installation
  • No web application
  • No battery backup

Product Features

Multiple Users

Just like the Zmodo Greet Pro, you can have multiple users connected to the application that allows you to answer the doorbell. You can also connect multiple devices to the app if you need to. This provides an immense amount of convenience for the user.

Quiet Mode

Need a couple of quiet hours or don’t want to disturb an important meeting? You can opt to silence your chime through the Skybell HD app.

Free video storage

One of the biggest standout features of Skybell HD is the free cloud storage that you get with your purchase. While almost all devices have this same option available for a monthly fee, Skybell gives it to you for free. You get 7 days of recordings available for download and can open the app and check out the live feed whenever you want to. This feature is extremely rare in the video doorbell world and is a major perk for anyone who chooses this brand.

Extreme weather conditions

In the same vein, Skybell HD has the highest tolerance for extreme weather conditions. The product has been tested and it can withstand temperatures from -40F to 140F. So for folks in those extreme weather regions, Skybell won’t let you down. Most other products can’t withstand temperatures that are under 10F, leaving many cold cities out of the compatibility zone.

Theft Guarantee

Another thing that is not commonly thought of is what happens in the event that your device gets stolen. Since it is an external device, theft is always a huge risk, all the thief would need is a screwdriver! With Skybell HD your device will be replaced in the event that this happens.


If for whatever reason you choose to return your Skybell HD, you may do so provided that it is within the 60 day grace period. The product must be returned undamaged and in the original state that you purchased it in.

For warranty, you’re looking at a 1 year period where you can receive a replacement or repair on your device. This warranty is only available for products that were purchased directly through Skybell or via an authorized seller. Make sure you’re buying it through an authorized dealer to ensure you receive protection.

Product Stats

How does it work?

The Skybell works similarly to the rest of the video doorbells on the market. You’ve got a visitor, they ring the doorbell, you get an alert on your smartphone. From there you are pulled into a live feed of whoever is at your door. You can answer them through the Skybell’s two-way audio microphone and speaker, or you can choose to ignore it. If you want to let them in, Skybell HD is compatible with other smart lock devices, but unfortunately, you must leave the app to do so.

The 1080p HD video camera quality is similar to that of Zmodo or the Ring Video Doorbell Pro, but Skybell shines when it comes to its night vision specs. Unlike most video doorbell’s Skybell HD uses an LED light to give you a crystal clear colored images at night.


When it comes to installation, you’re looking at the same level of work required that you have for other major video doorbell brands. Skybell claims that it takes only up to 15 minutes to install the camera. You simply hook it up to the existing wiring and hook it up to the chime that already exists. If you need to buy a digital chime then you can opt to find a cheap one that is also easy to install.

The downside to the Skybell HD is that there is no backup battery available, meaning that if you lose power for whatever reason, your device will turn off.

Final Verdict

For users who are concerned with cloud storage space, price and protecting their device, the Skybell HD can offer those things. Compared to the other major video doorbells on the market, Skybell competes well. You’ve got high definition video, excellent LED night vision, and a user-friendly app. Also, if you’re tech-savvy and would like to integrate your video doorbell with your other smart home devices such as locks and other home security cameras, you may do so. Skybell works well as an addition to your home security system and can provide security when it comes to who you let into your home.

We highly recommend this product because of its free cloud storage for up to 7 days, something almost unheard of when it comes to video doorbells and home security in general. Skybell also interestingly works well with Google Home, Amazon Alexa and other Nest products such as the Nest Smart Lock. The pricing is also competitive with Ring and Nest products, so you’ll be spending your money well. In conclusion, Skybell HD is a well-rounded device that will not disappoint.

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