Ring Video Doorbell Pro Review

Overview of Ring Video Doorbell Pro

The Ring Video Doorbell Pro is known as the mother of all video doorbells. Essentially, all other smart doorbells are modeled after this one. The first generation of the revolutionary smart home product first came out in 2016. The smart doorbell was the first to record images and send them to your mobile devices or computers. Fast forward to now and the Ring Video Doorbell Pro is the most innovative of all of the models, but how does it fare compared to the rest of the video doorbell market?

The Ring Video Doorbell Pro provides the ultimate user experience with its high-quality video, customizable motion sensors, and smart home integration. While the Video Doorbell Pro does woo customers with its shiny specs and sleek design, it does come with a hefty price tag compared to the rest of the market.

Pros / Cons


  • 1080 HD video quality
  • Customizable faceplates
  • Night vision camera


  • No battery backup available
  • Requires existing hardwiring to function

Product Features

Customizable Motion Sensors

The Ring Video Doorbell Pro sets itself apart by allowing you to customize the motion sensors and the alerts sent to your phone. Being able to adjust the where the sensors will be triggered is a great feature since every home and front door space is different.

4 Interchangeable Faceplates

Besides its sleek design, the Video Doorbell Pro is one of the few doorbells that allows you to customize the faceplates. This allows you to choose the perfect faceplate to match your home’s designs.

Weather Resistant

Don’t worry about the extreme weather conditions affecting your Ring doorbell, the device is weather resistant. It can sustain from -5 F to 120 F degree weather can stand the rain or shine. If something does happen to your doorbell then your warranty may be able to replace the device for you.

Chime Off

The video doorbell Pro has a few characteristics that set it apart from their previous models. Besides the fancy specs, the Pro allows you to choose to turn off the chime. If you’re at home and don’t want to be bothered for the time being you can choose to silence the chime, but continue to receive the notifications if someone does ring. You will also receive a mobile alert if someone comes in the vicinity of your motion sensors.

Works with Smart Locks

Video doorbells are apart of creating a perfect smart home ecosystem, and Ring makes that easier. The video doorbell Pro is compatible with other smart locks. That means you can choose to unlock the door remotely through your phone. While it isn’t available directly from the Ring app, they make it easy to switch between apps to unlock the door.

Product Stats

So what makes this video doorbell so premium? Well, the product tech specs are definitely attractive when you compare it to the previous Ring Models. When you shell over the dollars for the Ring Video Doorbell Pro you’re able to enjoy the crystal clear 1080 HD video quality during the day and night.

How does it work?

Once the smart doorbell is installed and the app is configured when someone rings your doorbell your phone will be notified. From the app, you can view who is on your front porch and either answer them with the two-way audio speakers built into the doorbell or choose to ignore it. The camera quality provides a clear view and 160 degrees field of view. Even if a visitor doesn’t ring the doorbell, you can still receive alerts to your phone when someone approaches it with their customizable sensors.

Cloud Video Storage

Ring Video doorbell systems provide a monthly cloud video storage subscription should you choose. If you would like to be able to go back through memory to pull up old video storage from a few days ago or a couple of hours ago, you can opt into Ring’s monthly cloud storage program. Let’s say you want to rewind to see if your children made it home while you’re out of town, or you want to check if a package arrived. The video storage would be accessible via the app and available for the allotted amount of time that you choose the plan for.


According to reviews, compared to the other Ring products, this one is the easiest to install. Although, if you’re looking for a wireless doorbell this product isn’t for you. The Video Doorbell Pro requires hard wiring and needs a 16-24 transformer. In addition, a stable wifi connection is necessary to connect. Optimum speeds needed are 1Mpbs but 2Mbps is ideal. Once you have it installed, usability is fairly easy.


Ring offers a warranty on all of their equipment. The warranty covers your video doorbell up to 1 year after the product was purchased. In the case of damaged or defective parts of the device, Ring promises to replace or repair your video doorbell. If the parts they need are no longer available then they promise to provide you with a new or similar product.

Unfortunately, the warranty does not cover damage or loss due to natural disasters such as an earthquake, flooding or hurricanes.

Final Verdict

The Ring Video Doorbell Pro is one of the best on the market when it comes to its quality, interface, and usability. In general, you’re getting what you pay for and more with this high tech video doorbell. Sleek design, clear video quality and two way audio with noise cancellation. The customizable motion sensors also add an extra layer of security and comfort that many other doorbell models don’t have.

The only major downside to this doorbell is the lack of a wireless option. Even though Ring boasts an easy installation process, many users tend to shy away from the hardwiring and transformers. If you don’t have a hard-wired doorbell already installed then the installation process may be a bit more difficult. Besides that, the Ring Video Doorbell is a pretty solid choice on the market, and you’d get the bang for your buck.


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