Purple Mattress Review

We know the Purple mattress for its unique technology and ability to relieve pressure. In this review, we’ll explore the features that make it a popular choice among sleepers.

Patented Purple Grid:

The Purple Grid is an innovative technology that provides dynamic support and pressure relief. It adapts to your body’s needs, giving you a truly personalized sleep experience.

Dual-Layer Foam Base:

With a dual-layer foam base, the mattress offers a sturdy foundation. This ensures durability and consistent support throughout the entire mattress.

Breathable, Temperature-Neutral Design:

The Purple Grid promotes airflow, maintaining a neutral temperature for a cool and comfortable sleep environment.

Purple mattress back contour

Improved Speed and Performance:

To maintain its enhanced speed and performance over time, incorporating strength training into a runner’s routine is crucial.

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No-Pressure Support:

The unique grid technology of Purple eliminates pressure points, providing exceptional support for all sleep positions.

Soft, Stretchy Cover:

Purple’s removable and washable cover is soft, stretchy, and designed to complement the pressure-relieving properties of the grid.

CertiPUR-US Certified:

Purple uses CertiPUR-US certified foams, ensuring a sleep surface free from harmful chemicals and low in VOCs.

Woman enjoying her Purple Mattress

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Medium-Firm Feel:

The Purple mattress offers a medium-firm feel, catering to a wide range of sleepers and preferences. It provides a balanced sleep experience.

Excellent Motion Isolation:

Thanks to its grid technology, Purple excels in motion isolation. This makes it an excellent choice for couples or light sleepers.

100-Night Trial and 10-Year Warranty:

With a 100-night trial and a 10-year limited warranty, Purple offers peace of mind when investing in your sleep.

Free Shipping and Returns:

Enjoy hassle-free purchasing with Purple’s free shipping, returns, and easy mattress setup.


The Purple mattress offers innovative comfort and pressure relief with its patented grid technology. Its breathable design, medium-firm feel, and generous trial and warranty make it an excellent choice for those seeking a restorative sleep experience.

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