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Overview of Protect America

Protect America is a well-known home security company offering affordable packages to their customers looking to protect their homes. They offer 3 different home monitoring packages with features ranging from 24/7 home monitoring, home automation and guaranteed fast emergency response times. Protect America has been in the home security business for over 25 years starting in Austin, Texas, and now making their way worldwide.

Protect America’s service is extremely flexible, offering multiple methods of customization and add-ons. They also offer flexibility with installation, you can choose between DIY installation or can pay a professional to come and install it for you. With Protect America’s plans, you can give yourself a peace of mind for an affordable, straightforward price.


  • Fixed monthly prices, no hidden fees
  • Lifetime equipment warranty
  • Extremely affordable plans
  • DIY and Professional installation option available


  • Three-year contract required
  • Upgrade required for many features

Product Features

Video Monitoring

Most home security systems offer 24/7 video monitoring as apart of their standard packages. With Protect America, all of their packages do not include video monitoring unless you opt into the video monitoring upgrade. In which case, your monthly cost would go up. With the video monitoring service, you’ll always be in the know of what’s going on in and around your home.

Locked-in rates

As soon as you sign up for your service with Protect America, you are guaranteed that price for the entire 36-month long contract. You don’t have to worry about your monthly rate going up unexpectedly during the contract.

GPS Tracking

Protect America offers protection not only in the home but also in your vehicles. You can put a GPS tracker on all of your vehicles and sends alerts to your smartphone. Be alerted on when one of your vehicles is speeding or the exact location in real time.

Home Automation

All of Protect America’s plans are able to be upgraded to be used with your home automation systems. All of the equipment is Z-Wave and Amazon Alexa compatible. With home automation, you can have the ease of monitoring and controlling your home directly from your phone. One thing to note is that with Protect America home automation is only available at an additional monthly cost. Consult the customer service team for an accurate quote on how much you’d be paying.

Product Stats

Protect America offers three home security packages of equipment ranging in the amount of equipment. The lower tiered packages start off with the basics that will get you the home security monitoring. From there, the packages add on extra sensors and cameras depending on the level you get. Where Protect America slightly differs from other companies is in the ability to choose the type of monitoring you would like. For each package, you have the choice of three different types of monitoring. Protect America offers landline, broadband, and cellular monitoring.

  • Landline requires a standard telephone line. These plans are the most affordable of all of the plans but have their own disadvantages when it comes to the difference between a wired and wireless system.
  • Broadband adds on home automation features.
  • Cellular is also available with home automation features.

All Protect America plans come with a yard sign and four window and door decals which are known to help deter burglarers.


The Copper package is the most affordable package offered from Protect America. This package gets you the basic necessities when it comes to protecting your home. Your Copper package comes with a touchscreen control panel that works as an in-home monitoring station. From there you can arm, disarm and program your home security system. Along with the control panel, you get three door and window sensors, and one motion detector.


The Silver package is the most popular option of all providing you with a few more Protect America equipment to keep your home safe. This package comes with the control panel, nine windows/door sensors, and one motion detector. If you’d like to add on video monitoring then that comes at an additional cost.


For Protect America’s top tier package you get 14 window and door sensors in addition to the standard motion detectors and the standard control panel.


One of Protect America’s biggest pros is their lifetime warranty available on all of the equipment. Included in your monthly price, you’ll be covered in case anything happens to your monitoring equipment since you technically own it. You don’t have to worry about paying for your equipment out of pocket since your monthly price pays for it.

Should you choose to cancel your service with Protect America you will be required to pay out the remaining balance of the 36-month contract to the company.

Final Verdict

Upon first glance, Protect America seems like a super affordable option for home security service. But once you take a deeper look at the plans and what the company offers, the prices can go up from there. With the required upgrade for video monitoring, which is a standard feature available for many other home security companies, your monthly price will rise to that of competitors. So while Protect America’s plans seem straightforward, if you want the highest tier of home security then it can be a bit misleading.

Besides that, the if you’re looking for standard service when it comes to protecting your home, you can find just what you need if you have a landline connection. Without a landline connection, you’re looking at a steep monthly package. This company is recommended for people with a landline connection who are looking for a basic package to monitor and protect their homes.

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