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PetFirst is a pet insurance company based in Jefferson, Indiana, that provides coverage to both dogs and cats. Founded in 2004, the company has an easy enrollment process and offers customizable plans. After doing a thorough PetFirst Pet Insurance review, it is our top choice if you have a pet with immediate needs.


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Immediate Coverage

PetFirst does not require a vet exam before coverage, and accident coverage begins within 24 hours of registration. Illness coverage has a two-week waiting period. These short waiting periods are why PetFirst is our top choice for people who want coverage ASAP.

No Upper Age Limits

Unlike some pet insurance companies, PetFirst does not have any upper age limits on enrollment. If you want to enroll your 15-year-old cat in PetFirst, you are more than welcome to do so. The policy will likely be more expensive than one for a younger cat, but you can obtain coverage.

Discounted Rewards System

PetFirst rewards you for keeping your pet healthy and accident-free. The company also offers a discount for every year that you do not make a claim!


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Here are some of the reasons that PetFirst is a quality insurance option:

  • A BBB rating: A BBB “A” rating shows that PetFirst cares about the experience their customers have. The positive rating means that PetFirst resolves customer issues and has positive reviews.
  • Immediate accident coverage: Most pet insurance providers make you wait a few days or even weeks before your accident coverage kicks in. PetFirst has the shortest wait period we’ve found. It beings the day after the policy starts.
  • No one-time fees: Most pet insurance companies have a nominal administration fee that is required when you first enroll. You will not pay any administration fees with PetFirst.
  • No required vet exams: Most pet insurance providers require your pet to be checked out by a vet before being enrolled in a pet insurance plan. PetFirst does not.
  • No upper age limits: Most pet insurance providers cap the age of pets they will cover. PetFirst does not because it understands that the older your pet, the more in need of pet insurance they are.


PetFirst offers a variety of ways to save:

  • Animal Care Provider Discount: This ten percent discount applies to any veterinary or animal welfare employees. It includes people who work at vet clinics, animal rescue organizations, and shelters.
  • Claim-free year discount: Like auto insurance providers, PetFirst rewards you for keeping your pet injury and illness free. You’ll receive a discount each year you do not make a claim.
  • Corporate Employee Member Discount: Some corporations are offering pet insurance as a perk to its employees. Employer or member groups can provide its members five to ten percent off of their pet insurance premiums.
  • Military Discount: Military members (both active and retired) are eligible for a five percent discount on their pet insurance policies
  • Multiple Pet Insurance Policies: If you have more than one pet, PetFirst will provide a five percent discount a second policy. You can get a ten percent discount on your third policy and beyond.


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PetFirst might not be the best solution for everyone. Here are some things to consider:

  • 12-month CCL waiting period: If one leg has a CCL (ACL) injury before enrollment, the other leg will not be covered.
  • 14-day waiting period for illness: This is pretty standard for most pet insurance providers. PetFirst does not require a vet exam before enrollment. The goal with a waiting period is to prevent people from enrolling their pets in pet insurance after they have become ill or injured.
  • Age requirement: Pets shouldn’t be adopted before they are eight weeks old because they should still be with their mothers. If you do adopt a pet younger than eight weeks, your pet will be ineligible for coverage until it reaches that age.
  • Behavioral therapy coverage requirements: While we appreciate PetFirst covering behavioral therapy, you must purchase routine care coverage first.
  • No preventative dental cleanings: While PetFirst does not cover cleanings, it does cover the treatment of periodontal disease.


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A PetFirst Pet Insurance review would not be complete without a list of what is and isn’t covered by their insurance plans.

What Is Covered

  • Accidents; Diagnostic tests; Exam fees; Emergency care ,Holistic care and alternative therapies
  • Hospitalizations; Illnesses (including chronic, hereditary and congenital illnesses); Medications
  • Surgeries, Ultrasounds, X-rays


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Sample Rates by Breed

PetFirst’s monthly rates vary based on the breed of your pet. Your pet’s age and physical location can also affect your price. Below are sample rates for common breeds so you can get an idea of the variances.

To get an exact quote for your pet, contact PetFirst.


Reimbursement rates, annual benefit, and annual deductible amounts vary. However, unlike some pet insurance providers, these rates are not dependent upon the age of your pet at enrollment. Additionally, you can select the rates you would like.

PetFirst recommends three base plans but also gives you the option to change the annual benefit, deductible, and reimbursement rates, all of which can affect the price.

The plans.

PetFirst Pet Insurance Review Conclusion

PetFirst Pet Insurance review

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After our PetFirst Pet Insurance review, we appreciated that accident coverage from PetFirst starts immediately, no vet visit is required before coverage, and there are no upper age limits.

However, while we like the customizable plan options, we are disappointed PetFirst does not offer unlimited lifetime coverage rates like some pet insurance companies.

If our PetFirst Pet Insurance review has shown you that this is the best company for your pet, get a quote today.

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