Healthy Paws Pet Insurance Review

If you’re looking for pet insurance, Healthy Paws is our top pick for Best Overall Pet Insurance. After a thorough Healthy Paws review, we have found that this company has comprehensive coverage, strong customer service ratings, competitive pricing, and a variety of plans.


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Founded in 2009, Healthy Paws Pet Insurance & Foundation is a pet insurance company that provides coverage for dogs and cats.

Pet Insurance Plans

Healthy Paws’ pet insurance plans cover accidents and illnesses, including cancer, emergency care, genetic conditions, and alternative care.

The insurance company also offers an annual deductible as opposed to a per-incident deductible, which is generally cheaper.

Its unlimited lifetime benefits is another win in our book. With unlimited lifetime benefits, your pet will always have the care they need, even if something happens that makes you unable to care for your pet.


The company is rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau and has a proven history of top-notch customer service.

When you contact customer service, something has probably gone wrong. If you’re frustrated or need quick solutions, you want an efficient and pleasant customer service team to help you. Healthy Paws knows that a reliable customer service team can help ensure a pleasant experience even during the most unpleasant of times. This company has shown its dedication to customer satisfaction.


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Healthy Paws has a lot of things that make it an excellent pet insurance option. Here are a few of the top advantages:

  • “A+” BBB rating: A BBB rating gives you another Healthy Paws review. High BBB ratings show that this company wants its customers to be as satisfied as possible with its service.
  • Annual deductible: Annual deductibles are typically cheaper than per incident. Imagine your cat needed ACL surgery, became ill with colitis, and got diagnosed with feline leukemia in a year. These events would be heartbreaking and expensive. You’d have to pay three deductibles under certain providers. Thankfully, Healthy Paws only has an annual deductible, meaning you would only have to pay one deductible for these three incidents.
  • Competitive pricing: The price is essential when selecting a pet insurance plan. Healthy Paws offers excellent customer service and a variety of options at an affordable price.
  • Convenient mobile app: Healthy Paws had done away with paperwork by allowing you to submit a claim directly through its app. The app makes the claims process fast and straightforward so that you can focus on your pet’s health rather than administrative needs.
  • Customer satisfaction: With pet insurance, you contact customer service when your pet is sick, which is a stressful time. Can you imagine then having to deal with a rude or inefficient representative? Healthy Paws’ high customer satisfaction scores show that customers are pleased with the service they receive even during difficult times. You can think of these scores as referrals. If existing clients are happy and leaving positive reviews after their experience, Healthy Paws is doing something right.
  • Domestic travel: While your premiums are affected by the city you reside in, your veterinary care is not. If you decide to bring your pet with you on vacation or road trips anywhere in the US or Canada, your pet will have coverage in case of an illness or injury.
  • Fast claims process: Healthy Paws gets through 99% of their claims within 48 hours, which is faster than many competitors.
  • No in-network requirements: If you have a vet you love, feel free to continue using him or her. You’re free to visit any veterinarian or emergency veterinary center as opposed to having to research one that’s in-network. This feature allows you to get needed care as quickly as possible.
  • Reimbursement options: Gone are the days of having to wait for a physical check and then go to the bank to deposit it. Healthy Paws can process claims within two days and automatically reimburse you via direct deposit so you can get your money even faster.
  • Unlimited lifetime coverage: We like limitless claims. If you’re paying monthly fees for health insurance, it’s nice to know your claims won’t have a cap.
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No company is a perfect fit for every customer. Here are some disadvantages to keep in mind:

  • Administrative fee: Healthy Paws charges $25 as an administrative fee. It’s a negligible fee, but worth mentioning. The fee covers your initial account set up, as well as monthly billing costs. It is the only administrative fee you will encounter for the lifetime of your policy.
  • Age restrictions: If your pet is six-years-old or older, you must take them to a vet 30 days before the policy starts or within 15 days. Additionally, pets older than eight are subject to only 60 percent reimbursement and a $750 annual deductible.
  • Hip dysplasia coverage: Healthy Paws only covers hip dysplasia for animals enrolled in pet insurance before they are six-years-old. Pets of all ages must go through a 12-month waiting period for hip dysplasia.
  • No wellness plan: A wellness plan reimburses you for various routine and preventative care expenses such as annual visits and vaccines. Healthy Paws limits its coverage to accidents and illness and will not cover routine exams. Some pet insurance providers do, so if this is something you’re looking for, Healthy Paws is not the best pet insurance provider for you.
  • No coverage for exam fees and behavioral therapies: This company won’t help if your pet requires behavioral therapy for conditions such as aggression or anxiety. Other providers do cover behavioral therapy. If you think this is a need your pet will have, Healthy Paws will not be the best pet insurance provider for you.
  • Waiting period: When adopting a pet, we recommend enrolling in pet insurance immediately. Accidents can happen at any time. Unfortunately, most pet insurance plans have a waiting period, and Healthy Paws is no exception. You will have to wait 15 days before you can get any coverage for your pet.

Product Stats

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  • 30-day free look period: This is akin to a money-back guarantee.
  • 99 percent of claims are processed within two days: Healthy Paws generally issues reimbursements within 24 hours of processing. You can get the money via direct deposit or paper checks.
  • Exam period: Dogs younger than six-years-old must have visited a vet within the last 12 months. If they haven’t visited a vet in this time frame, the dog must visit the vet within 15 days of policy issuance. Any dogs older than six-years-old must have been to the vet within the last 30 days or 15 days of policy issuance.
  • Policy transfer: Healthy Paws will continue coverage for your pet should you become unable to care for the pet or die. The policy can transfer to the new owner without a lapse in coverage.
  • Underwriter: ACE Property and Casualty (Chubb). This service has an A.M. Best rating of A++.

Pre-Existing Conditions

Healthy Paws defines pre-existing conditions as:

  • An illness or condition that first occurred or displayed any signs or symptoms of the condition prior to the policy start date.
  • An injury or recurrence of an injury that started prior to the policy effective date.
  • Any condition or complication that resulted from an issue that occurred prior to the policy effective date.


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Healthy Paws

Our Healthy Paws review wouldn’t be complete without a full list of what is and what is not covered by this company.

What Is Covered

  • Accidents
  • Alternative treatments
  • Cancer
  • Chronic conditions
  • Congenital conditions
  • Diagnostic treatment and testing (like x-rays, blood tests, and ultrasounds)
  • Emergency care
  • Hereditary conditions
  • Hospitalization
  • Illnesses
  • Prescription medications
  • Specialty care
  • Surgery

What Is Not Covered

  • Anal gland expression
  • Dental care (with the exception of damage to teeth caused by an accident)
  • Deworming
  • Flea treatments
  • Grooming
  • Heartworm medications
  • Nail trimming
  • Parasite control (both internal and external)
  • Pre-existing conditions
  • Pre-existing ligament problems
  • Routine veterinary exam fees
  • Spaying and neutering
  • Vaccinations

Waiting Periods

To help mitigate fraudulent claims, Healthy Paws has a waiting period. Maryland and New Hampshire do not have waiting periods.

If you live anywhere else, these are the waiting periods:

  • 15 days: Illnesses and accidents
  • 15 days: Cruciate ligament events
  • 12 months: Hip dysplasia


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Sample Rates by Breed

As different breeds tend to have different ailments and injury, rates vary. Other factors that can cause differences in rates include location and age of your pet.

Below are sample rates for common breeds. To get an exact quote for your pet, visit Healthy Paws.

Breed Labrador Retriever English Cocker Spaniel German Shepherd Yorkshire Terrier Yorkshire Terrier Yorkshire Terrier Mixed Breed Cat
Age 2 years 8 years 4 years 6 years 2 months 2 months 2 years
Location Florida
(zip code: 33601)
(zip code: 60290)
(zip code: 90001)
New York
(zip code: 10001)
New York
(zip code: 10001)
(zip code: 33601)
Washington, D.C.
(zip code: 20001)
Price Per Month $38.84 $53.08 $57.84 $55.55 $31.55 $28.02 $19.30
Reimbursement Level 80% 60% 90% 80% 80% 80% 80%
Annual Deductible $200 $750 $500 $250 $250 $200 $250



Reimbursement rates and annual deductible amounts vary based upon the age of your pet at enrollment.

Dogs and cats five-years-old and under:

  • 90, 80, or 70 percent reimbursement
  • $100, $250, and $500 deductible

Dogs and cats six- and seven-years-old:

  • 80, 70, or 60 percent reimbursement
  • $250, $500, or $750 deductible

Dogs eight-years-old and older: 

  • 60 percent reimbursement
  • $750 deductible

Healthy Paws Review Conclusion


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After our Healthy Paws review, we determined that Healthy Paws has an excellent history of taking care of their customers.

Unlike some pet insurance companies, Healthy Paws covers hereditary conditions, including hip dysplasia. The rates are competitive, and Healthy Paws offers the option to pay an annual deductible rather than pay per incident like many of its competitors. This company also offers unlimited lifetime benefits.

Finally, every time you get a quote from Healthy Paws, the company donates money to a homeless pet in need. What could be better? If this service sounds ideal for you, sign up for this pet insurance option today.

If you’ve used this company, leave your own Healthy Paws review below.

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