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Ollie was introduced in 2016 as an alternative to big bags of retail store kibble. Their vision was to deliver fresh, human-grade food directly to the consumer, cooking their food in a way that retained nutrients and gave pups a healthier lifestyle.

Rather than focusing on bulk dog food that requires preservatives to maintain its shelf life, this direct-to-consumer model meant that Ollie could create food with fewer unknowns and more fresh ingredients.

Ollie combined the strong forces of vet nutritionists, tech specialists, and manufacturers to create a powerhouse of a dog food delivery program. Each expert has a unique role at the company, combining their specialty to create a well-rounded product for pet owners.

Healthy, nutritious recipes are all formulated by vet nutritionists, helping Ollie fulfill their mission of giving pups healthier lives. Tech specialists have developed a strong algorithm to predict the right food and portions for each pup, making it easy for pet owners to access the food they need. And manufacturers provide the hands-on traction that brings a delicious product to light.


  • Human-grade ingredients
  • Personalized recipes for your dog
  • Superfoods and high nutritional value
  • Free shipping
  • Vet-formulated


  • Packaging has been an issue for some reviewers
  • Amount of food can take up too much freezer space
  • More expensive than some competitors
  • Frozen meals take 24 hours to thaw

Ollie Conclusion

Ollie has proven itself to be a principled, goal-oriented company driven by its mission of bringing healthy food to dog bowls everywhere. They’ve been consistent in their promises to pets and have also been open to feedback from their customers.

At the end of the day, you’ll be giving your dog ingredients that you can discern from one another. They’ll be eating healthy without even knowing it, giving you the overwhelming satisfaction of feeding your dog food you’re proud of. Plus, with the benefits of added nutrition, your dog could even start seeing benefits like a shinier coat, trimmer waist, and more energy over time.

With the Bowl-Licking Guarantee, there’s really nothing to lose when trying out Ollie. If your pup isn’t feeling the Ollie vibes, you can get a refund on your first box. Or, if you’re just wanting to save a little money per month, you could even opt for the “Some Ollie” delivery.

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