Withings/Nokia Activity Tracker Review

If you haven’t invested in a smartwatch or fitness tracker because you don’t find them attractive, this watch may change your mind.

It’s a great fitness tracker for those who don’t want a fitness track due to aesthetics because it looks like an everyday watch.

It has a stainless steel case and chrome hands, but it will track your walks, runs, swims, and other exercise activities. It will even monitor your sleep and stay charged for up to eight months!

Withings/Nokia Activity Tracker Pros

  • Battery life: It holds a charge for up to eight months.
  • Fitness tracking: This fitness device tracks walking, running, swimming, and more activities, including calories and distance.
  • Sleep monitoring: This watch tracks and analyzes your sleep cycle.
  • Watch style: This fitness tracker looks like a “real” watch, not a tech-accessory.

Withings/Nokia Activity Tracker Cons

  • No touchscreen: You must use the app to read fitness information.
  • Scratches easily: Customers have said that the watch face shows wear easily.

Shop Withing Hybrid Smartwatch

Fitness trackers used to track the number of steps you took and the calories you burned. Now they can do so much more.

Some fitness trackers can track your heart rate, your sleep patterns, and even know the difference between the number of calories burnt in a yoga class and those burnt in a Spin class.

To get the ideal fitness tracker for your needs, check to see if it’s for men or women. Men and women have different sized wrists, step patterns, and ways of burning calories.

Here are the 5 best fitness trackers and what you need to know if you want to use this fitness tool.

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Withings/Nokia Activity Tracker
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