Ninja Coffee Bar Glass Carafe System Review

Spending data from The Consumerist shows that Americans are spending over $20 a week on drinks from their favorite coffee shops. That’s $1,092 a year!

You could buy one of the most luxurious espresso machines in the world and still pay it off in under a year for that high price. Or you could kick your expensive coffee habits and invest in a multi-functional dual coffee and espresso machine instead.

The Ninja Coffee Bar Glass Carafe System is under $200 and capable of making all your favorite coffee drinks in the comfort of your own home.

Overview of the Ninja Coffee Bar Glass Carafe System

Considering buying a combination coffee and espresso machine? The Ninja Coffee Bar Glass Carafe System is one of the best dual coffee and espresso machines you can buy. It’s affordable and high tech.

Cool Looking

The Ninja Coffee Bar Glass Carafe System is incredibly cool looking. You’ll feel like a mad coffee scientist using this next-generation machine.

Craving a single cup of coffee made from your favorite pods? A double espresso? Or maybe you can’t decide between a delicious flat white and a whole pot of dark roast coffee?

The Ninja Coffee Bar Glass Carafe System does it all so you don’t have to compromise.

Endless Drink Choices

Classic, rich, over-ice, specialty espresso drinks, extra strong. It’s capable of brewing the perfect amount of coffee for a standard-size cup, extra large cup, travel mug and a 10-cup coffee carafe.

You have endless choices with this dual coffee and espresso machine.

You can even froth milk hot or cold. Iced cappuccinos might just be your new favorite drink next summer!

High Quality Materials

The Ninja Coffee Bar Glass Carafe System is made from high-quality glass that’s thermally insulated so that your hot drinks stay hot and your cold drinks stay cold.

Smart Technology

It also comes with smart one-touch technology to extract the exact amount of water needed from the reservoir every time.

If you want an affordable coffee and espresso machine with tons of cool features, the Ninja Coffee Bar Glass Carafe System is one of the best you can buy.


  • Single cup or 10-cup pot capabilities
  • Coffee and espresso brew options
  • Built-in milk frother with hot or cold options
  • Drip-stop function helps eliminate messes
  • Easy-to-use dial controls and push buttons to control your brew
  • Affordable
  • High-quality materials


  • Bulky; needs a lot of counter space and/or storage space for all the parts
  • No self-cleaning functions
  • No built-in grinder

Product Stats

ninja coffee bar glass carafe system best coffee maker

Manufacturer: Ninja

Product Dimensions: 12 x 9 x 15 inches

Weight: 9.8 pounds

Shipping Weight: 13.85 pounds

Item Model Number: CF091

Materials: Plastic, stainless steel

Capacity Volume: 50 ounces

Wattage Output: 1400 watts

Cup Capacity: 10

Coffee Type Used: Ground coffee

Coffee Filter Type: Permanent screen filter

Mount Type: Free standing

Care and Cleaning: Hand wash, spot, or wipe clean

Power Source: Electric

Includes: Removable water reservoir, recipe book, instructional manual, glass carafe, manual frother, coffee scoop, reusable filter

Ninja Coffee Bar Glass Carafe System Features

Ninja Coffee bar glass carafe system

With the Ninja Coffee Bar Glass Carafe System, you won’t have to ever settle for a boring, repetitive brew again. This awesome combination coffee and espresso machine brews classic, rich, signature, cafe forte and over-ice coffee or espresso in a variety of sizes. It comes with a 10-cup glass carafe, built-in steam wand, 20 recipe inspiration guide, a permanent filter and a removable water reservoir. The brewing options are endless.

This dual coffee and espresso machine is also one of the most affordable, especially considering all of its different functions. You have total control over the strength of your coffee, size of your coffee and the option of icing any drinks you want. Even a cappuccino! Now that’s convenient.

Pod-Free Single Serve

Most single serve coffee and espresso machines like Nespresso and Keurig require you to use special pods specific to their brand. But the Ninja Coffee Bar Glass Carafe System allows you to make single serve coffee with fresh coffee grounds instead.

The ability to use coffee grounds instead of pods means you can choose your favorite beans and grind them right before brewing for fresh coffee or espresso every single time.

Glass Carafe and Intelligent Warming Plate

The glass carafe system comes with six different brew size options. You have the option of brewing for a standard size mug, an XL cup, a standard size travel mug, an XL multi serve travel mug, a half carafe, or a full carafe capable of filling 10 individual mugs.

You’ll also love the intelligent warming plate. It automatically adjusts its height to accommodate whatever size brew you choose. After 2 hours, the warming plate shuts off automatically to prevent burning any leftover coffee or espresso.

Thermal Flavor Extraction Technology

You’ll feel like a pro using the Ninja Coffee Bar Glass Carafe System, even if you’re an espresso or coffee brewing rookie. This machine does all the work for you with thermal flavor extraction technology.

You can choose to amp up the flavor richness profile or tone it down with the touch of the button. You can select the strength of coffee, espresso, and hot or cold specialty drinks.

Auto IQ One Touch Intelligence

Here’s another convenient feature that helps you make delicious coffee drinks every time you brew.

The auto IQ one touch intelligence extracts the perfect amount of water and pulls espresso shots for the right length of time to get the best flavor and to match the flavor and strength you pre selected.

The smart coop feature measures the coffee grounds for you so you don’t have to do any guess work here either.

When it’s time to clean your espresso machine an indicator cleaning light will come on automatically.

Built in Frother

The built-in milk frother is capable of making light or thick foam for hot or cold drinks. Simply add more air to adjust how thick you want your foam.

The only downside to the built in frother is that it doesn’t the steam milk for you. If you want warm foam or warm milk for latees and cappuccinos, you’ll have microwave the foam for a few seconds after frothing.


The Ninja Coffee Bar Glass Carafe System comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty that includes the cost of replacement parts and labor. If you want to ensure your combination coffee and espresso machine for longer than a year, consider an extended warranty from one of these popular retailers:


Warranty Features:

  • Power surge protection: fully covers your appliance for cost of parts and labor due to mechanical and electrical surges
  • Provides nationwide protection support
  • Replaces the appliance or reimburses for the full cost if it can’t be repaired
  • SquareTrade protection plans available

Warranty Options:

  • 4-year kitchen appliance protection plan
  • 3-year major home appliance protection plan

* Price of warranty is dependent on appliance cost and discounts applied

Best Buy

Warranty Features:

  • Product replacement: If it stops working, they’ll send you a brand new one.
  • Covers normal wear and tear, including materials and labor costs and repairs due to dust and internal heating
  • Power surge repair: covers full equipment failure for electrical repairs
  • Fully transferable: If you don’t use your warranty, transfer it to another person or appliance.
  • Convenient claims support

Warranty Options:

  • 2-year protection plan available


Warranty Features: 

  • Fast repairs and replacements
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Fully refundable within 30 days
  • If it can’t be repaired, you’ll get a new machine or a full reimbursement.

Warranty Options:

3-year and 4-year warranty plans

Home Depot

Warranty Features: 

  • 24/7 customer support
  • No hidden deductibles or fees
  • Covers the cost of parts and labor for normal wear and tear and electrical surges
  • Fully transferable to another person or appliance

Warranty Options:

2-year protection plan available

Final Verdict

The Ninja Coffee Bar Glass Carafe System is ideal for anyone who loves having endless brewing options. It’s one of the best dual coffee and espresso machines for large families or office spaces with many people (with different drink preferences) coming and going often.

It’s capable of brewing espresso, coffee, and a variety of specialty drinks either hot or cold with just the touch of the button. The auto IQ one touch and smart scoop technology turns even a novice coffee or espresso brewing into a pro.

The one downside to this coffee and espresso machine is that it doesn’t steam milk to warm it up. Instead it feature a built in frother that foam milk cold. You’ll have to pop your foam in the microwave for a few seconds to warm it up for hot drinks before serving.

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