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Overview of Link Interactive

Founded by “2 guys in a garage” in the 1950s in Utah, Link Interactive has since risen to be one of the top providers for home security in the country. The wireless-based home security monitoring company offers comprehensive packages to customers looking to protect their home from intrusions and stay alert in the case of any type of emergency situation. Link Interactive sets itself apart by being the “build your own home security” company, offering easily customizable bundles for their customers at three different levels. With Link, you can choose the perfect level of monitoring that you want.

Link Interactive does away with the hassle of scheduling a technician to come and install their systems and instead has easy to install systems that anyone can do. You will be protected in no time by Link Interactive’s 24/7 central monitoring system that will alert you and the authorities in the case of a burglary or emergency situation.


  • DIY installation
  • Customizable plans
  • Home automation compatible
  • No landline required to install/wireless only
  • Takeover plans


  • No landline, wireless only
  • Long-term contracts
  • Equipment warranty only 1-2 years
  • Pay equipment costs upfront
  • No Professional installation option available

Product Features

Hands-free Voice Control

If you opt for a Gold or Elite plan, you have access to the hands-free control panel. In the case of the system being breached, you can talk to the emergency operators and they will alert the emergency services.

Pet Sensors

Don’t worry about the motion sensors setting off false alarms. Link’s sensors can be programmed to not detect anything under 40 pounds.

DIY Installation

Instead of waiting for a technician to come and install the system for you, enjoy the easy diy installation process that Link lays out. They claim to be installed in about 30-45 minutes, and their customer service support team is always waiting for you in case of any issues. If you need a little guidance on where and how to place your sensors and cameras, their website goes into detail with several tips and tricks and possible layouts for you.

Takeover Program

Most security systems have long one to three-year minimums on their contracts, but life is unpredictable and sometimes things change. If you have to switch companies for any reason, Link has a takeover program in place to help you with the financial and technological part of switching companies and upgrading your old systems to their new, interactive systems.

Smash and Crash Protection

Some burglars are cheeky and try to smash the control panels as a way to disrupt the monitoring signal. Luckily, Link’s monitors are through a cellular connection and their control panel is equipped with a smash and crash protection. Their emergency operators will be alerted as soon as the system is destroyed.

Product Stats

While Link provides three levels of standard protection, keep in mind that each plan is customizable to whatever fits your needs. Want to add on a panic button to your plan? Link Interactive makes it easy to choose the technology that works perfectly for you.


The Standard bundle is the most affordable option available for Link customers. With this basic protection plan, you can be sure that your home will be guarded by sensors and monitoring the premises. In the case of a breach in the system, Link will notify the authorities and send them to your home. The system is wireless and uses cellular monitoring to keep your home safe. In addition to the monitoring, your home will also be protected by smoke, fire, and Carbon monoxide detectors throughout your home.


The second level of protection is the gold level, which provides all of the same perks as the Standard level, plus home automation. The Gold level is the most popular plan among their customers because of the various home automation features available for use. With their home automation program, you can control everything directly from your phone. These features can improve the security of your home by allowing you to lock doors, monitor the thermostat, see and chat with whoever is at your front door control both the lights and garage doors. You can stay in the know of what’s going on in your home with instant alerts throughout the day.


The Elite plan is a final step above the Gold plan, featuring all of the 24/7 monitoring and home automation tools, plus HD video recording. This feature rounds out your coverage by allowing you to monitor with indoor and outdoor cameras. The cameras offer on-demand monitoring, scheduled and activated video recording for your home. All of these recordings would be available to view on any of your devices.


If you aren’t 100% sure that you’ll like Link’s services, or you want to test the system out before you commit, Link has a 30-day money back guarantee. That means before 30 days is up you can return the system and Link will issue a full refund of all of the equipment costs and monthly fee. After those 30 days are up, you are bound to a contract.

Equipment warranty

The warranty on the products does not come through Link themselves, it is offered through the manufacturers of the equipment. Should you have any issues you can contact the manufacturer and they should be able to assist you free of charge provided that the equipment is still under warranty. Most equipment’s warranty lasts for about 1-2 years.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, Link Interactive is one of our topics because of their easy to understand coverage plans. With only 3 to choose from and clear differences, it makes setting up an account with them stress-free. They also offer all of the standard home automation features which is dominating the market at the moment. In turn, Link is great for their inexpensive and highly customizable bundles that make sure you always feel protected in and outside of your home.

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