Liforme Travel Yoga Mat

For the yogi on-the-go, having a mat that’s both portable and functional is paramount. Enter the Liforme Travel Yoga Mat: a compact companion designed to meet the needs of travelers without compromising on the quality of practice. Dive in to discover why this mat is making waves in the yoga community.

Key Features:

  1. Alignment Markings: Unique to Liforme mats, these helpful markings serve as a guide to ensure proper alignment and positioning during your practice, a boon especially for beginners.
  2. Eco-friendly Materials: Made with biodegradable, non-toxic natural rubber, this mat speaks to the environmentally-conscious yogi.
  3. Lightweight and Portable: As a travel mat, it’s notably lighter and designed for easy portability without sacrificing grip or comfort.
  4. PVC-free: The Lapham Travel Yoga Mat is crafted without the use of PVC, making it an eco-friendlier and healthier choice for your practice.

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  • Travel-friendly Design: Its compact size and lightweight nature make it perfect for packing in your suitcase or backpack, ensuring you never miss a practice, no matter where you are.
  • Ensures Proper Alignment: The alignment markers are an invaluable tool for maintaining the correct posture and positioning throughout your session.
  • Sustainable Choice: From its materials to its production process, Liforme’s commitment to sustainability shines through in this mat.
  • Superior Grip: Despite being a travel variant, this mat offers the same excellent traction Liforme is known for, ensuring a stable practice on various surfaces.


The Liforme Travel Yoga Mat seamlessly combines portability with functionality. Whether you’re practicing in a hotel room, on a beach, or atop a mountain, this mat ensures you’re aligned, stable, and eco-conscious. For the travelling yogi, it’s not just a mat, but a trusted companion on every journey and adventure.

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Liforme Travel Yoga
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