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Raid your fridge without losing your cool with the LG Insta-View Door-in-Door refrigerator. This high tech refrigerator delivers convenience with serious energy savings. All while keeping your food as fresh as possible. It’s the best refrigerator for anyone who wants a fridge that comes with all the bells and whistles…and then some.

Want to see what’s inside your refrigerator? You don’t even have to open the doors to check with this family friendly fridge. LG helps you keep your food cool with Insta-View technology. Knock twice on the refrigerator door and one door turns from tinted to see-through. You’ll be able to see inside to check the contents of your fridge for about 10 seconds before the door turns dark again. The days of standing in front of your fridge with the doors wide open are gone. With the LG Insta-View Door-in-Door refrigerator you won’t have to raid your fridge to check how low you are on groceries.

What happens when you spot something you want through the Insta-View window? Just press the button on the door handle and the refrigerator door shelves open while the rest of the fridge stays closed. You can grab what you want without letting cold air escape from the entire fridge. Your monthly electric bill will thank you.

Another cool feature? Connect your fridge to an app where you can control the temperature, diagnose refrigerator repair issues, or switch to energy savings mode. Set your fridge to the best refrigerator temperature from your phone! This fridge also has a fresh air filter built in. That expired yogurt hidden in the back of your fridge won’t wreak havoc on the freshness of your other food.

The LG Insta-View Door-in-Door fridge is the best refrigerator for large families and big kitchens. It’s got enough storage to easily fit an entire weeks worth of groceries for the whole family. This fridge also features a door alarm and a tall water and ice dispenser. The water dispenser is tall enough and wide enough to fill a standard sized pitcher.

Don’t worry about ever running out of ice either. The ice maker on this high tech refrigerator is capable of making up to 4.5 pounds of ice on high gear. If you’re kitchen is party central you need a refrigerator with the best ice maker.


  • Spacious storage in the fridge and freezer
  • Easy to use digital controls on the front door
  • Ability to control settings from an app on your phone
  • Adjustable refrigerator shelves
  • Built in air freshener
  • Temperature controlled drawer
  • Adjustable freezer shelves
  • Insta-View technology
  • Counter depth compliant
  • Power savings setting


  • Temperatures on the doors don’t stay as cool as the rest of the fridge
  • Best for larger kitchen


Product Stats

best high tech refrigerator

LG Appliances

Brand: LG

Model: LMXC23796M

Refrigerator Type: Insta-View Door-in-Door

Door Style: French door

Freezer Style: Bottom freezer

Color: Stainless Steel

Dimensions: 70.25 x 35.75 x 30

Height: 70.25 inches

Width: 35.75 inches

Depth without handle: 30 inches

Total capacity: 22.5 cubic feet

Refrigerator capacity: 22.5 cubic feet

Freezer capacity: 6.4 cubic feet

Product Weight: 371 pounds

Ice Maker: Yes

Lighting Type: LED

App Compatible: Yes

Works with: Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant

Counter Depth: Yes

Fingerprint resistant: Yes

Through the Door Dispenser: Water and Ice

Ice Maker: Yes

Convertible Refrigerator/Freezer zone: Yes

Dual Evaporation: Yes

Door Alarm: Yes

Sabbath Mode: Yes

Temperature Control Type: Electronic

Defrost Type: Manual

Frost Free: No

Water Filtration: Yes

Wireless Connectivity: Wifi

Energy Star Certified: Yes

Adjustable Refrigerator Shelves: 3

Fixed Refrigerator Shelves: 5

Refrigerator Door Drawers: 1

Dairy Center: Yes

Gallon Door Storage: Yes

Humidity Controlled Crisper: Yes

Deli Meat Drawer: Yes

Spill Safe Shelves: Yes

Freezer Door Type: Pull out drawer

Freezer Interior Light: Yes

Daily Ice Production: 3.8 pounds (can make up to 4.5 pounds on high gear)

Other Notable Features:

  • LG Slim SpacePlus
  • Insta-View Door-in-Door technology
  • Smart Cooling Plus to keep food fresh
  • Fresh built in air freshener
  • 3 tiered organizing system for freezer
  • Smudge and scratch resistant stainless steel exterior
  • Smart Diagnosis helps the service center diagnose refrigerator repair issues from your phone


The LG Insta-View Door-in-Door refrigerator is a beautiful appliance. It comes in scratch and finger-proof-resistant stainless steal to keep it sparkling in your kitchen even when it’s getting a lot of use. The high tech window on the french doors stay tinted (unless you knock), to keep messy interiors under wraps. If you do want to check how much milk you’ve got left without opening the door first, just knock twice and the tinted window will turn clear for you. Wait 10 seconds and it goes dark again.

Aside from the super convenient Insta-View window this fridge also has a Cold Saver panel to prevent cold air from escaping when the doors open. Feeling thirsty? You’ll  find a tall water and ice dispenser on the left side of the french door capable of fitting a 16 ounce pint glass. Close to the water dispenser is an LED display that shows you the temperature of the fridge and freezer, condition of the water filter, and what setting your dispenser is set to.

Want to change the settings? You can reset them with an app on your phone. If you forget to set your fridge to the best refrigerator temperature, you can just reset it from work! This convenient refrigerator also features a built in air freshener to mask any unwanted odors. Just because you can’t smell that old food hiding in the back of the fridge doesn’t mean it’s not there! Make sure you’re storing food properly and disposing food that could go bad before it expires. Here’s a guide to storing your food safely.

Price and Availability

This high tech fridge is by far the most expensive refrigerator on our list of best refrigerators you can buy (link to overview article). Most retailer are selling the LG Insta-View Door-in-Door refrigerator for around $3,199. While that price tag sounds steep it’s important to consider all of the factors that make this fridge worth the cost in the long run.

You’re paying for convenience, smart technology, maximum storage, and energy savings. The best refrigerator will last you over a decade. When you think about how long you’ll have this necessary kitchen appliance, paying more for convenient features that might save you some major headaches down the line could be worth it. Not sure what to do when you need a refrigerator repair? Check the app that connects to this fridge to help troubleshoot and send info directly to customer support. Now that’s worth it.

Warranty and Returns

Best Buy

Price: $3,199.99

Financing Options: 

6 months, 12 months, and 18 months financing options for best buy card members only

Warranty Features:

  • In home service repairs
  • Customer support from the Geek Squad
  • $200 food spoilage reimbursement
  • Cover normal wear and tear repairs
  • Extended coverage for major parts
  • Power surge repair
  • Free reinstallation: if you’re refrigerator needs to be shipped out to be repaired they’ll reinstall it for free when it’s fixed

Warranty Options:

3 Year Warranty

The Home Depot

Price: $3,177.77

Financing Options: None

Warranty Features:

  • No deductibles or hidden fees
  • $300 food spoilage reimbursement
  • In home service for repairs
  • 50% reimbursement for on preventative maintenance parts
  • 50% reimbursement on cosmetic parts (nobs, shelves, etc)
  • Fix it fast guarantee: If it’s not fixed within a week you’ll receive a $50 credit

Warranty Options:

3 year and 5 year warranty options available. Warranty price adjusts to appliance cost. Warranty estimates are available at checkout and adjusted based on price match and discounts applied.

Appliance Factory

Price: $3,197.70

Financing Options: None

Warranty Features:

Details available with purchase

Warranty Options:

2 and 4 Year Warranty Options

Final Verdict

There aren’t a lot of refrigerator models that can compete with the LG Insta-View Door-in-Door model. It’s sleek, attractive design looks stylish in any kitchen but it’s the high tech features that seal the deal. This refrigerator is designed to for anyone who wants a beautiful, modern fridge with a smart, functional design.

It’s the best refrigerator for large families and shared spaces with big kitchens. Perfect for your home or office. With adjustable, spill proof shelves and a smudge-proof, scratch-free stainless steel exterior you can put your fridge to work and worry about cleaning up later. The kitchen is usually the hub of a home. Not having to see tiny fingerprints all over your fridge is a breath of fresh air for parents and neat freaks alike.

You’ll also love entertaining with this fridge. The ice maker is capable of spitting out up to 4.5 pounds of ice cubes! Never run out of ice for those summer margaritas again. And don’t forget about the convenient, energy saving, Insta-View window. Knock twice and you can view the contents of your fridge without ever opening the door. Now that’s a cool fridge.


Check out the five common mistakes to avoid when buying a refrigerator! You’ll save yourself time and money. Not to mention a serious headache from forgetting to take all the right measurements in your kitchen.

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