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Overview of iSmartSafe

iSmartSafe is a unique home security business that provides the ultimate DIY packages to monitor and protect homes. iSmartSafe is a bit different when it comes to other home security companies, but this could be an advantage for some people. For those looking for top home protection without the long-term contracts or expensive monthly costs, iSmartSafe may be just what you need.

The company was founded in Texas with the goal of bringing home security into the homeowner’s hands. Their products use the technology that you already have and integrate it with their high tech equipment, making monitoring your home seamless. Because of the flexibility of their packages, you can add and remove whatever equipment you’d like at no monthly cost and without signing a contract.


  • No contract signed
  • No monthly fees
  • DIY installation
  • Customizable packages


  • Self-monitoring systems
  • No automatic alerts to emergency services

Product Features

Free mobile app

All of iSmartsafe’s products and cameras are compatible with their free mobile app. The application is both iOS and Android compatible and works with the equipment to self-monitor your home. From the app, you are always able to arm or disarm the system, no matter where you are. It also allows you to do other home automation features such as controlling all of the security settings while on the go.

Indoor Smart Camera

Both the Economy and Premium package come with an iSmartsafe Indoor camera. This camera provides optimum monitoring with 720p HD video, 2-way voice intercommunication, motion detection, night vision scheduled recording and alarm video recording. This camera also syncs with the control panel. This technology allows you to voice communicate with it and quickly works with the motion detectors and sensors to keep you updated.

Outdoor Smart Camera

Just like the indoor camera, this Smart camera has auto video recording, scheduled and manual recording. However, the outdoor camera comes with a few more specs than its indoor friend. Monitor your home with the 1080p resolution, night vision, and motion detection. All of the footage and recordings are available from the mobile application. Don’t worry about the weather affecting your cameras either as the camera is waterproof.

Water Leak Detector

Know whether or not your home is in danger of a water leak which could cause water damage and tons of money. This water leak detector is available as an add-on to any package.

Video Doorbell

Be aware of who is at your door no matter if you’re at home or away. With the iSmartSafe video doorbell- an extra add-on for any package, you will always have high definition footage of who is approaching your home.

Product Stats

iSmartsafe offers five different protection packages, all at no monthly cost and with no required contract. The packages consist of monitoring devices, cameras, sensors, and other higher-level home automation devices depending on the level of the package.

iSmartSafe is a self-monitoring home security service, meaning that you can monitor your home yourself using their free apps. In the case of an alarm triggering, an alert will be sent to your device. Since there is no monitoring service available, each package is a one-time fee of the cost of the equipment bundle.

Basic Package

The Basic Package is one of the two starter packages that iSmartSafe offers. This may be a good choice for a smaller apartment or home. The package comes with:

  • 1 iSmartsafe Alarm Panel
  • 2 door sensors
  • 1 motion detector
  • 2 keychain remotes
  • iSmartSafe window stickers

Luckily, the basic package supports both wireless and cellular service, so that means you’ll have a backup in case of a power outage. If the alarm is breached, you’ll receive either a phone call or a text message alert for up to 6 different phone numbers. This package is also expandable for up to 100 sensors.

Economy Package

The economy package expands upon the basic package and adds in an indoor camera and an HD and night vision camera. Using the iSmartSafe’s free mobile app, you can monitor your home with high definition cameras at any time.

  • iSmartsafe Alarm Panel
  • 1 iSmartsafe indoor camera
  • 2 door cameras
  • 1 motion detector
  • 2 keychain remotes
  • 4 window stickers

Duplex Package

The duplex package is the first tier in iSmartSafe’s Exclusive Packages. This one provides better support for the entryway of your home. With all of the door sensors that come with this package, you are able to be notified when a door, cabinet or a window is opened. The package comes with

  • 1 iSmartSafe Alarm Panel
  • 4 door sensors
  • 2 motion detectors
  • 1 smoke detector
  • 1 wireless siren
  • 2 keychain remotes
  • 4 window stickers

Preferred Package

This package expands upon the duplex package by adding more door sensors so that you have ultimate protection for your entryways. From the mobile app, you are able to monitor everytime a door, window and cabinets are opened in your home.

  • 1 iSmartSafe Alarm Panel
  • 8 door sensors
  • 3 motion detectors
  • 1 smoke detector
  • 1 wireless sensor
  • 2 keychain remotes
  • 4 window stickers

Premium Package

This is the highest level of iSmartSafe packages, it offers full protection for inside and outside of your home. With both an indoor and outdoor smart camera, you can monitor your home with high definition and night vision capable footage.

  • 1 iSmartSafe Alarm Panel
  • 1 iSmartSafe indoor smart camera
  • 1 iSmartsafe outdoor smart camera
  • 6 door sensors
  • 2 motion detectors
  • 1 smoke detector
  • 1 wireless siren
  • 2 keychain remotes
  • 4 window stickers


The great thing about iSmart Safe is their no-contract policy. But in the event that the equipment doesn’t work for you, within 30 days you can return it and receive a full refund of the costs of the package.

Final Verdict

iSmartSafe is a great option the homeowner who wants to protect their home but doesn’t want to commit to long-term, expensive contracts. Instead, the homeowner can take their home security protection into their own hands. This can either be seen as a pro or a con, depending on the person. For some people, self-monitoring may work perfectly for them, especially when it means you don’t have to pay a company to do it for you. But for some people who may be busy and don’t want to worry about doing everything on their own, another company may be a great idea for you. Overall, iSmartSafe’s equipment is up to par with the technology standards of other home security companies. This system is recommended to those who would rather pay upfront costs than a monthly fee.

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