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When you need a convenient online background check option, you may feel a little overwhelmed about how many online background check companies there are to choose from. If you’re looking for a simple, easy-to-use option to do a background check, don’t overlook ID True. Read our full ID True review to see if this is the online background check service for you.


Overview of ID True

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ID True is an online background check service company that can run reports on you or an acquaintance. The online company boasts a simple interface, fast results and top-notch customer support. ID True has access to public records that include arrest records and criminal history, current and former addresses and other public record searches. Whether you’re checking out an acquaintance or checking on yourself, ID True claims to find the information you need.

ID True offers two types of memberships on an easy-to-use interface. The two options both offer an unlimited amount of background searches to their users, meaning that you have access to as much information as you need. The company produces the records by aggregating millions of public records that are free and accessible online. The reason why you should pay ID True to do it for you instead is so you don’t have to do all of the strenuous legwork that it takes to hunt down files. Think of ID True as a middleman to make the background search process as simple as possible.



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ID True has several pros to consider when you are comparing it to other online background check companies. In this section of our ID True review, we’ll highlight some of the most important pros:

  • Fast results: Some online background check companies can take several minutes to pull up a complete report. In contrast, ID True will give you results in seconds.
  • Name directory: Any online background search is easier with a name directory. Luckily, ID True has a great one you can use.
  • Straight-to-the-pointWhen you’re wanting to get background checks taken care of, you want things to stay simple. With ID True, you don’t have to worry about sorting through options you don’t need.
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Unfortunately, most online background companies also have their cons. Here are some to be aware of as you read through our ID True review:

  • No one-time reports available: Unfortunately, ID True only offers membership. If you just want to do a one-time search, you’ll have to sign up for a membership.
  • Only two search types: Unlike some online background search companies, ID True doesn’t offer several different types of searches. You’ll only have two to choose from.


Product Features

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ID True has several great features. We’ll go over the most important ones in this portion of our ID True review.

Straight to the Point

One of ID True’s most impressive features is the fact that it offers a no-nonsense approach to obtaining public records. For people who simply aren’t interested in frills and extra add-ons, ID True is an attractive choice. Simplicity goes a long way in ID True’s case.

For example, whenever you type in information to run a background check on any other site, it may take clicking through five different disclaimers and notices to get to the information you’re seeking. With ID True, there are no hidden disclaimers and no frustrating and time-consuming landing pages. ID True is straight to the point when it comes to the data they provide. The website interface is also easy to use, and the results are fast. This is an advantage that ID True has because the most common complaint from online background check companies is slow service speed.

Fair Price Breakdown

Keeping in line with their simplistic approach, ID True’s pricing breakdown is also fairly concise and easy to understand. You have two choices, a one-month or three-month membership, and there are not tiered service plans. Every plan has the same amount of access available.


Product Stats

Background check with ID True

ID True is one company among hundreds of other background check services, and essentially, they offer the same thing. However, you will notice something slightly different with ID True. First, ID True’s website is straight to the point, with no frills, fancy slogans or text to lure you in. No, ID True is about one thing and one thing only: background checks. That’s it.

That being said, the information they do provide is reported to be accurate and up to most other background check companies’ standards.

Unlike most other companies, ID True only offers two different search types. The first is the standard public records search, and the second is a reverse phone lookup. When you have a membership with ID True, those are the two options to find the information you need.

Records Search

The public records search, which can be found on ID True’s landing page, gives you everything you would expect a background check to give you. The results are accurate and up to date. In fact, ID True updates their databases every day. The public record search includes personal information plus details about the person’s past like landlord evictions, marriage and divorce records, social media account information and possible relatives or associates. These types of background checks may be of interest to people who are online dating, looking for family members, trying to locate old coworkers or checking out the neighbors in their area.

ID True makes sure its customers know the legal circumstances around running a report on an individual that is compliant with the FCRA laws.

Reverse Phone Lookup

The other way to search for information is by using a reverse phone lookup. ID True combs through millions of phone numbers to find the owner of the phone number. You can track down those strange calls you may be receiving. Through the reverse phone lookup, you can find out names, social media profiles and photos from other important contact information.

How ID True Works

ID True doesn’t try to lure you in with any type of misleading information with their services. Their services are available after you opt into their monthly membership plan that includes unlimited access to all of their services. Unlike most background check services, ID True doesn’t offer a one-time report or a trial. Instead, you can choose between their one-month or three-month plan.

Please note that all plans will automatically renew if you do not call and cancel your membership before the billing cycle ends. That being said, if you will need to run multiple reports over a period of time, the three-month membership will save you money per month. Also, because it doesn’t offer a one-time fee, ID True is only worth it for people who want to run multiple checks. If you only want one, ID True may not be worth a membership fee.


As mentioned above, if you choose to opt out of ID True’s service, you can call to cancel your membership. In case of any type of issue with the site’s service, you can call 1-800-443-2205. ID True boasts a one-minute waiting time.


ID True Review Conclusion

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After our full ID True review, we feel like this company is a great option for people who are looking for a simple way to look up information on the people in their lives. The site’s advantage is their no-nonsense approach to background checks, and this is great in a world where sites are cluttered with information.

But, in the same vein, ID True’s strength can also be its weakness. If you are hoping for more features offered for the same or a similar amount of money, then it may be a good idea to go with another company. Overall, if you need a reliable company that has comprehensive unlimited background checks with fair pricing, then ID True is a great option. To learn more, visit ID True’s website.

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