High Sierra AT7 Carry-on Wheeled Backpack Review

The High Sierra AT7 Carry-On Wheeled Backpack is a no frills and affordable option for anyone looking for a simple piece of luggage that has a good amount of space. The overall aesthetic, design, and features are lower than the other brands in our Top5 review, but this is also reflected by High Sierra having the cheapest prices. This could be a fine option for budget conscious travelers who are happy with a basic design.

Overview of the High Sierra AT7 Carry-on Wheeled Backpack

high sierra at7

High Sierra is known for its affordable prices and wide selection. While many of the High Sierra products will not be as high quality or as cleverly designed as many other brands, they will typically be among the simplest and cheapest options. High Sierra is a large brand that can typically be found in big box stores such as Target.

The High Sierra AT7 Wheeled Carry-On Backpack comes with a spacious carry-on sized main bag. The main bag has a retractable handle and wheels. On the rear of the main bag, there are 2 backpack straps that can be unzipped and pulled out to convert it into a backpack. This way, the luggage can be rolled, carried by the handles, or worn as a backpack.

There is also a detachable daypack that can be zipped onto the front of the main bag, or strapped over the retractable handle and stacked on top of the main bag.


  • Price. At $117 (current price on Amazon), the High Sierra AT7 is the second cheapest in our Top5 review, second only to the High Sierra AT3.
  • Space. The main carry on has more space than several of the other brands in our review and is more suitable for longer trips compared to the Osprey Ozone or Eagle Creek Doubleback. The daypack is very basic, but has more space than the Eagle Creek Doubleback daypack.


  • Aesthetic. At first glance, the AT7 looks cheaper than the other brands. It has a very basic and outdated look.
  • Features. When it comes to features beyond just a basic carry on luggage, High Sierra is lacking when it comes to items such as additional pockets, chest straps, hip belts, etc.
  • Quality. The materials including exterior, interior lining, zippers, straps, and pockets are the lowest quality in our review. With the exception of the retractable handle and wheel base, the AT7 provides a functional, but somewhat lacking level of quality. The upside is that this is reflected in the price as High Sierra is the most affordable brand.

High Sierra AT7 Carry-on Wheeled Backpack Features

Now lets take a closer look at the features of the High Sierra AT7 including the main bag, retractable handle, backpack straps, wheels/base, and the detachable daypack.

Product Stats/Specs

The Main Carry-On Bag

  • Exterior. The material is thick and durable. Its not as modern or sleek as the other brands, but its enough to get the job done. The sides of the main bag have a semi-solid lining on the inside which adds stability and protection. This is especially useful if you plan on checking the main bag, as it will hold up better to airline handling. The downside of this is additional bulk and weight.

high sierra at7. main bag exterior

  • Handles.  There are 3 handles on the exterior of the AT7. There is one thick, sturdy handle on the top, and another plastic cross bar handle on the bottom. The plastic crossbar also acts as a kick stand when the luggage is standing which is great for balance. There is also one more side handle.

high sierra at7. main bag interior

  • Interior. The interior has 2 luggage straps to help secure interior items. There is also a mesh pocket along the inside of the main opening that is perfect for laundry or other loose items. The lining is decent but not as high quality as the other brands in this review.
  • Space. The interior space of the main bag is more than the Osprey Ozone and Eagle Creek Doubleback, but not quite as much as the Hypath 2-in-1. There is enough space for most people to bring enough for trips of a week or more.

Retractable Handle

high sierra at7. retractable handle 2 high sierra at7. main bag top handle

  • Solid Top Design. The top of the handle has a plastic lining beneath it which is great for stability and luggage protection.
  • Double Pole Design. The AT7 uses a dual pole design. This is great for added strength, and gives a solid base to stack the detachable daypack over. The only potential drawback is the added weight of the second pole as opposed to a single pole design.

Backpack Straps

high sierra at7. main bag straps

  • Easy to Setup. A zipper along the top of the rear of the main bag can be unzipped to reveal two backpack straps. These straps can then be pulled out and clipped into the bottom of the bag so that it can be worn as a backpack.
  • Very Basic. The straps are very simple and the plastic clips on the bottom seem a bit cheap. If a heavy weight was carried for long distances, the straps and clips may have a hard time holding up.
  • No Belt or Chest Strap. A hip belt and chest strap would be nice additions for added stability and comfort. Also, with no hip belt or padding, there is no separation between the wheels. The wheels tend to get dirty after rolling the luggage, so no hip belt means there is a risk of getting the back of your clothes dirty when wearing as a backpack.


high sierra at7. daypack front high sierra at7 dayapck inside high sierra at7 dayapck straps high sierra at7 dayapck straps

  • Space. The space is pretty limited.
  • Pockets. The main interior is just one big opening. There is no laptop sleeve or any other interior pockets or pouches for organization.
  • Design. The front pouch has an interior foam lining that makes it somewhat solid. This adds some protection for any fragile items stored in the front.
  • Aesthetics. Like the main bag, it is a very simple look that seems to be outdated.
  • Quality. The zippers and buckles are cheap. However, this is reflected in the price.
  • Attachment Strap. There is only one thin strap across the back of the daypack meant to be able to slide the daypack over the retractable handle so the 2 bags can be stacked. A second strap, or a wider strap, would be nice as the single thin strap is not very stable.


  • Wheels. The wheels are very basic. They appear to be able to hold up just fine, but larger wheels with more clearance would be better.
  • Base. The base is very solid and has a plastic cross bar for added stability. It seems to be able to take a beating and is higher quality than many of the other features on the AT7.

High Sierra AT7 Carry-on Wheeled Backpack Review Conclusion

The High Sierra AT7 Carry-On Wheeled Backpack is a good option for budget conscious travelers. Its current price on Amazon of $117 is the second cheapest on our Top5 list.

The design and quality is very basic and “no frills”. The interior space of the main bag is larger than several other options, but the daypack is very limited in functionality given that there are no additional pockets on the interior.

Overall, it is a workable option if you need to stay under $120 for your luggage.



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