High Sierra AT3 Carry-On Wheeled Backpack Review

The High Sierra AT3 Carry-On Wheeled Backpack is a basic 2-in-1 design, similar to the AT7, but with a different aesthetic. The design and functionality are very basic, and the appearance is a bit outdated. If you’re looking for a simple no frills option, the AT3 might work, but there are other options for the same price that far exceed the AT3 in quality and functionality.

Overview of the High Sierra AT3 Carry-On Wheeled Backpack

high sierra at3

The AT3 is a wheeled carry-on with a detachable daypack. The main carry on bag has 2 backpack straps on the back so that it can also be worn as a backpack. The daypack can be zipped onto the front of the main bag, or stacked on top of the main bag by sliding over the retractable handle.

High Sierra is known for making affordable luggage and backpacks. They can be found in most big box stores such as Target or Walmart. In the case of the AT3, the quality and functionality is limited, but this is reflected in the price as its also among the most affordable options.


  • Main Bag Space. The main carry on maximizes space while still being within most airline size restrictions.


  • Aesthetic. The AT3 appearance is a bit outdated and has “walmart” look.
  • Quality. The zippers are questionable. Overall the durability and quality is just decent.
  • Daypack. The daypack is very limited. There is no laptop sleeve, no interior pockets, limited space, very basic backpack straps, and tiny side mesh pockets that are too small for a water bottle. This is the lowest rated daypack in the Top5 review.

High Sierra AT3 Carry-On Wheeled Backpack Features

Now lets take a closer look at the features offered by High Sierra AT3 including the main carry-on bag, retractable handle, backpack straps, and the detachable daypack.

Main Stats and Specs

The Main Carry-On Bag

high sierra at3 carry-on wheeled backpack side

  • Exterior. The outer material is thick and heavy. It seems to be able to take a beating. There is an easy access pocket on the outside for loose items that need to be able to be grabbed quickly. The version shown in this review has a bit of green color, which is a nice accent for some. There is also an all black version.

high sierra at3 carry-on wheeled backpack main bag exterior

  • Handles. There are 3 handles on the exterior of the AT3. There is a strong top handle as well as a side handle. The third handle is a plastic cross bag along the bottom. This also acts as a kick stand for added stability when the bag is standing up. A 4th handle on the remaining side would be nice, but not a big deal.

high sierra at3 carry-on wheeled backpack interior

  • Interior. There are 2 straps on the inside to help secure luggage. The AT3 is the only option in the review that does not have a mesh pocket along the inside of the main opening. This would be nice to have for laundry or other loose items.
  • Space. The AT3 maximizes the amount of space on the interior while still staying within airline carry-on dimension requirements. The AT3 is among the leaders in our review for amount of carrying space in the main carry on bag.

Retractable Handle

  • Double Pole Design. The AT3 uses a dual pole design on the telescoping handle. This is nice for added stability and makes the daypack more secure when it is stacked on top of the main bag by sliding it over the retractable handle.
  • Solid with Nice Appearance. The handle is nicely designed and feels very solid. It is very smooth when going in and out and seems to be very durable.

Backpack Straps

high sierra at3 carry-on wheeled backpack rear high sierra at3 carry-on wheeled backpack base

  • Easy to Setup. There is a panel on the back of the main bag that can be unzipped and folded down to reveal two backpack straps. The straps are already attached to the bottom of the bag so its avery quick and easy setup. The panel attaches to the bottom of the bag with a piece of velcro.
  • Very Basic Straps. The straps are very simple with no frills. They are fine for transporting the main bag as a backpack for short distances, but if heavier loads will be carried for long periods of time, the straps are uncomfortable since they have a very simple shape and very little padding.
  • No Hip Belt or Chest Strap. There is no built in hip belt of chest strap on the AT3. This would be a nice addition as it adds much more comfort and stability. With no hip belt, the wheels are fully exposed. The wheels tend to get dirty when rolling over the ground, then can rub against your clothes while wearing it as a backpack. In addition to comfort, a hip belt would add protection from the dirty wheels.


high sierra at3 carry-on wheeled backpack base

  • Wheels. The wheels are simple but functional. They roll smoothly and seem to be able to last a long time.
  • Base. The base is solid and has a plastic crossbar that acts as a kick stand for balance as well as a bottom handle. Many of the other features on the AT3 are of a lower quality, but the wheels and base seem to be solid.


high sierra at3 carry-on wheeled backpack daypack high sierra at3 carry-on wheeled backpack daypack inside

  • Top Pocket. There is a small zippered pocket on the top which is great for storing smaller loose items that need quick access.
  • Zippers. The zippers are functional but seem cheap and are not very smooth. Seems like they would cause problems over time.
  • Aesthetics. The outside appearance is very simple and basic and seems a bit outdated.
  • Straps. The backpack straps on the daypack are also very basic and not great for comfort or durability.

high sierra at3 carry-on wheeled backpack daypack interior high sierra at3 carry-on wheeled backpack mesh pockets

  • Interior. The main interior is extremely basic with no organization pockets or pouches and most importantly, no laptop sleeve.
  • Side Mesh Pockets. The side pockets are very timy. They are not big enough to hold a water bottle and have very limited space.
  • Functionality. The AT3 has the worst daypack overall due to a very basic design with no laptop sleeve, limited pockets, and low storage capacity.

High Sierra AT3 Carry-On Wheeled Backpack Review Conclusion

The High Sierra AT3 Carry-On Wheeled Backpack offers a very basic design for an affordable price. At the time of this review it is being offered on Amazon for $129, which is the same price as the Hypath 2-in-1. For the price, most would likely prefer the Hypath due to better aesthetic, improved functionality, increased storage space, and higher quality.

However, the AT3 is still a decent option if you are wanting something simple that offers a rolling carry-on that can be converted into a backpack, as well as a detachable daypack.




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