Dinnerly Meal Kit Delivery Review

Dinnerly Meal Kit Delivery is the best budget-friendly meal kit delivery service. In addition, Dinnerly touts itself as “the most affordable meal delivery service.”

Dinnerly Meal Kits are always 50% off, which means customers pay an average of just $4.99 per serving. That’s cheaper than the cost of a full meal at McDonald’s!

This budget-minded meal delivery kit also takes busy schedules into account. Each recipe features just six different ingredients and takes no more than 30 minutes to whip up.

The 5 Best Meal Kit Delivery Services in 2020

Dinnerly Pros

  • Easy and quick recipes: What’s the point of a meal kit if it doesn’t make your life easier? These recipes are simple to make.
  • Kid-friendly meal options: Sometimes pleasing the youngest eaters can be difficult. Dinnerly gives you plenty of easy-to-make, kid-friendly recipes your littles will love.
  • Most affordable: If you want to try a meal delivery kit but you’re worried about this cost, this might be the best one for you. Dinnerly offers the most affordable meal delivery service.

Dinnerly Cons

  • Focus is not on organic ingredients: Some meal kit delivery options focus on giving you the best, high-quality ingredients. Because Dinnerly is focused on saving you money, you’re less likely to get the highest-quality products.
  • Little organization: Some meal kit delivery service options organize the food by meal or item type. Dinnerly doesn’t offer that kind of organization to save you time in meal prep.
  • Missing ingredients: Some Dinnerly customers report that there are often missing ingredients in meal kit boxes

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