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Couchsurfing is a service that connects members to a global community of travelers. Use Couchsurfing to find a place to stay or share your home and hometown with travelers. You have friends all over the world, you just haven’t met them yet. Open your mind, open your home, open the world with Couchsurfing. Become part of the community where you leave Couchsurfing reviews for hosts and travelers who depend on building relationships instead of bank accounts.

Couchsurfing isn’t just a website in truth it’s a community. More than 200,000 cities have home share spaces available. The Couchsurfing platform connects on the whole over 14 million members. The unique vision of Couchsurfing emanates from hosts, in essence, being links to the local community. Travelers aren’t booking places purely based on a particularly high-resolution photograph. Guests are simultaneously looking for unique experiences and connections with other human beings around the globe.

New members become registered as ‘maybe accepting guests’ by default. This is done in hope that surfers will return the favor and also become a host. Couchsurfing has created over 6 million human to human home shares. Hosts are able to offer private rooms, public rooms, shared rooms as well as shared beds.

Oh, the most important part about Couchsurfing, it’s free! Monetization of the website appears to be happening in two ways. Firstly it is creating income via advertisements. Secondly, it creates revenue based on Couchsurfers paying an optional $60 fee to have their identity confirmed. This site operates on trust. The altruistic personalities attracted to this community have found it to be life-changing.


Free place to sleep
Personalized connection to a community
Meet new friends around the world


Safety is a major concern
Response time from hosts is slow
Quality of properties is not on par with paid locations

Platform Stats

Founded: 2004
Founders: Casey Fenton, Daniel Hoffer, Sebastien Le Tuan, Leonardo Bassani da Silveira
Countries in: 193
Properties: Unknown
Headquarters: San Francisco, California
Number of Employees: estimating under 30


Search functionality on Couchsurfing is unlike any other platform. Search results reveal the full names of hosts and travelers before any agreement is reached. You can filter hosts by age, gender, language spoken and interests. Notably, you can filter by hosts that have kids living at home. The room offerings are a bit shocking to a new user. The website gives an example of a public room as potentially a living room. Sleeping arrangements of a shared room and shared bed have no examples given. Host write an explanation of what the sleeping arrangements mean in their own words.

The website boasts over 14 million users. Surfers should leave hosts a reference after their stay has concluded. References are what builds the trust community. You are only given two options for references: Would Stay Again or Would Not Stay Again. Additionally, a narrative description of your experience with the host is expected. Searching for hosts that are verified or have previous references show much faster booking request response times than a typical user.

Couchsurfing is surprisingly the oldest home sharing platform we could find. They recently became a certified B corporation. A certified B corporation balances purpose and profit. Certified companies have a legal responsibility to consider their workers, customers, suppliers, community, and the environment. Less than 3,000 companies have put ethics above profits by becoming certified.

Happy Couchsurfing Guests

You will reduce your stress if you communicate early and cast a wide net. At the core, you are writing to hosts asking them to let you stay in their home for free. There are limitless reasons why a particular host wouldn’t or couldn’t accommodate your request. It’s tempting to scroll through profiles and land on what feels like your perfect match. Everything they say on their profile speaks directly to who you are. You can imagine yourself being best friends with them, therefore you only message them. Their home looks amazing, their vibe is totally your wavelength, and their Couchsurfing reviews are all amazing. Unfortunately the week of your trip that beyond perfect host is on a business trip and won’t be home to allow your to stay. You’re back to square one.

Shotgun effect. When you first decide on your dates and location you should reach out to everyone who is even potentially a candidate. Keep some minimum standards like location and references. Your three best search filters are: have references, accepting guests, and last login date in the last week. Messaging someone doesn’t mean you’re obligated to stay, just as they are not obligated to host everyone who messages them.

Waiting until the last minute to look for potential Couchsurfing opportunities is the most common mistake. Hosts open their homes out of altruism, which doesn’t always mean they are logging into Couchsurfing multiple times a day. Plan ahead by connecting with a genuine interest in getting to know them and letting them know you. A frantic message begging someone to let you stay the night is much more likely to be ignored or turned down.

Customer Price

Hospitality on Couchsurfing is free. A host should never ask a guest to pay for their lodging, and a guest should not offer. They do recommend that a guest show their appreciation by cooking a meal, taking the host out, bringing a small gift or offering some other gesture.

Just because money isn’t being exchanged in fact doesn’t mean there isn’t a cost. One Couchsurfer described it as, “free of charge, unless you count being incessantly sociable as payment.” Numerous reviews basically said socializing with their counterpart was forced and lacked genuine interest. Removing money from the equation leaves you with a voluntary exchange that may or may not have value for the host. As a guest, it is advisable to seek out hosts with clear motivations for hosting. Most hosts are simply seeking to expand friendship circles globally.

Host Income and Fees

Hosts should only offer what they are to offer freely and say what those things are clearly in the Couch Information in their profile. If there are some things that can’t be offered unless the Courchsurfers agree to share the cost, this should be discussed between the host and the surfer (and should never be a requirement for hosting).

The real value of hosting above all comes from connection. Real life experience is a point often overlooked by our technology-obsessed culture. Inviting a stranger into your home is undoubtedly against social norms. Although, it is important to realize collaborations can never be created without vulnerability. Couchsurfers pay in gratitude and acceptance.

Pick the Best Couchsurfing Host

Truth be told, there are definitely hosts that are better than others. Certain family dynamics, work schedules, financial situations, and overall demeanor make for less desirable hosts. The concept behind Couchsurfing reviews is the same as all trust based economies. A single profile can be both a traveler and a host. Since no money is being exchanged it’s the travelers that have a strong sense of community and paying it forward who make great altruistic hosts.

Whether you’re a single male traveling alone, a single female, an adult traveling with a child, or an adult attempting to stay in a home that a child lives in, tread carefully. You are probably a wonderful person with no ill intentions, but that isn’t true of everyone in this world. Putting yourself in a position where an accusation could be made about inappropriate behavior is a risk. There are numerous occasions of mixed genders and parents mingling with non-parents, and it all works out. But there are cases when it definitely has not worked out. One person perceives a behavior as consensual and the other feels violated. There have been drug-induced crimes against women using the Couchsurfing platform.

Crimes and horrible experiences are rare. The reason to be on high alert is because of the lack of incentive to be professional. Every other website has a financial incentive for hosts to behave legally and reasonably. On Couchsurfing the motivation behind a host inviting strangers into their home matters. Consider your shotgun messaging a vetting process for your own piece of mind. Above all, a host who is opening their home for noble reasons and community building will want to have conversations with you. Previous hosts or travelers will write Couchsurfing reviews to give more context to their motivations.

Motivation Matters

There are three standard profiles a traveler should put at the top of their Couchsurfing list.

  1. Hosts Who Want to Show Something Off –
    People who have a real passion for something want to show it off to anyone who will listen. A host may have perfected their wood carving skills and will just talk your ear off about chisel sizes and angles. Maybe the host is an expert video game player looking for real-life challengers. Some hosts have amazing collections that are a little quirky but perfectly harmless.
  2. Hosts Who Also Depend on Couchsurfing to Travel –
    Middle-class folks love to travel too. But affording your daily living expenses and having enough left over to travel can be tough. Profiles that have references from both hosts and travelers are invested in Couchsurfing as a community.
  3. Hosts Who Are Independently Wealthy –
    Believe it or not, money does not buy friends. Hosting someone for free gives that person a sense of accomplishment and words of praise they might not be getting in other areas of their life. By opening their home they gain instant friendships from people who come in with positive feelings toward them.

Final Verdict

Couchsurfing has created the largest free based travel community. At its core, Couchsurfing is more like a social platform than a vacation home rental platform. Users are prompted to write about what they can teach and share with the host community. The ideal Couchsurfing experience is described as deja surfing. A deja surf is when a host travels to the home of a surfer that previously stayed on their couch. The relationships on Couchsurfing are intended to be mutually beneficial.

While the typical Couchsurfer is a group of 2 or solo traveler, the site does allow searches for groups up to 15 travelers. A clear theme of safety is woven into nearly every page of the website. Numerous news stories and blogs discuss instances of women raped by their Couchsurfing host. The company deletes profiles of hosts upon reports of sexual misconduct. The concept of no money changing hands is very idealistic. In traditional vacation rentals, there is a clear motive of why the host is opening their home. On Couchsurfing, no such clear motive exists. Use caution and careful screening to protect yourself.

Users of Couchsurfing believe people are basically good. In this day in age, it is hard to strike a balance between connecting and protecting yourself. Involving millions of people in any idea is bound to attract some psychopaths. But we have a hard time referring to a platform that has even a small potential to end in violence against women.

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