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CheckPeople is an online background check search engine that gives results in an instant and offers several levels of customized services. The website is designed to give you information on people ranging from criminal record history, sex offender registry info and other comprehensive public records.

CheckPeople was formed by an experienced team of internet business owners and operators. Their idea was to create an easy-to-use service that will compile a list of public records in a few minutes. From time to time we all need information on different people for different reasons, and CheckPeople boasts offering all of those data points to its users.

Simply enter in the name of the person you’re searching, and CheckPeople begins to actively collect all of the public records and compile them into a comprehensive report for the user. After a series of security questions and verification, CheckPeople creates a downloadable report. Once the report is made, you pay $1 for the report and unlimited access to the site for the next five days. After that, you have the option to continue your subscription for $44.95 monthly. If not, you can cancel your subscription for free before that.


  • Easy to use; you simply enter in the name and the site compiles everything for you.
  • Affordable access for at least five days
  • If you know the full name and city then you can find the person you’re looking for even if they have a common name.
  • Secure access to the information


  • Once you enter in the information, the site takes about 3-5 minutes to load; this could be seen as a bit long.
  • In order to cancel, you must call the company and wait; there is no button online that will cancel for you.
  • The customer service hotline to cancel is only open between 9am-6pm EST, which may be inconvenient for some.

Product Stats

CheckPeople offers several types of searches for their users. They start with a basic information search, like phone numbers and addresses, and go all the way up to the sex offender registry. You can get the full scope of what you’re searching for in three easy steps.

Background Check

CheckPeople uses their data search tools to sift through public records and public information to compile a complete criminal background check. Depending on the individual and their history, the background check may include a number of things. Public records may include any official court documents relating to the person.

CheckPeople has access to documents at the county, state, municipal and federal levels. Some of the information provided may be current and past criminal cases, bankruptcy filings, current and past lawsuits, birth and death records and many other types of data.

People Search

If you’re more interested in finding out personal information about a person, you can use the people lookup tool as well. The people search tool provides a detailed list of public information. Whether you’re looking to get in contact with someone or looking for information on their background, CheckPeople provides advanced information about whoever you’re looking for.

Reverse Phone Lookup

Not recognizing a number that keeps calling you? With reverse phone lookup, you can type in a number and find the full name, address history and other information of the caller.

Arrest Records

CheckPeople provides detailed arrest record information from the county, state and federal police levels. Expect to see information on any drug and alcohol-related charges, business violations, violent crimes or even traffic-related incidents. The arrest records, however, do not always mean they were convicted of the crime.

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Product Features

Unlimited Searches

CheckPeople uniquely offers unlimited searches, meaning you don’t get charged for each search. Unlike many other search engines, you can access a multitude of information for many people for up to five days for only $1. After that, it’s $44.95 monthly for unlimited access to the site. If you’re someone who uses these search engines regularly, then this could be a good option for you.

Social Media Data

CheckPeople also searches for any existing social media accounts on the internet, from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many other social media platforms. If the person’s social accounts are open, you can view their profiles to get a better understanding of who they are.

DeepWeb Search

In addition to the standard information found on a background check, CheckPeople also does a thorough deep web search. A deep web search can find advanced information that cannot be found through a simple Google search. This could include any hidden social media accounts, current websites, images and other types of content that could be available on the deep web. With this feature, you can have a better peace of mind when it comes to the person’s history.


Because CheckPeople is a subscription website, you have the option to cancel your account before the five-day trial period is over. If you do not cancel before the five days are up, you will be billed a $44.95 monthly fee that will give you unlimited access to the website’s search data.

Let’s say the search you’ve done doesn’t produce the results that you had hoped for, like a blank criminal history. In these cases, CheckPeople does not offer refunds for this. In this case, the fee is nonrefundable.


CheckPeople’s main selling point is their easy-to-use platform. The site’s advantage is the ability to compile several types of data into one document and simplify an otherwise-tedious process. Besides that, CheckPeople’s information doesn’t go into the highest amount of detail. Their business model makes doing a one-time search a bit inconvenient. If you just want to search for one person’s information, you have to sign up for a trial period essentially, instead of just paying a one-time fee. On top of that, in order to cancel it before the short five-day period is over, you have to call a number during a restricted amount of time to cancel. This could sway some users away who aren’t looking to opt into anything.

Besides the minor drawbacks, CheckPeople is still a great option for finding the information you’re looking for.


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