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For the most part, all pet owners will agree that while they love their animal family members, most pets can’t help but shed their fur all over the place. And no matter how much you try to clean it up, it can get on everything. Thankfully, robot vacuum cleaners have changed the game and are now helping households take care of their pet hair problem. They can work their magic on a daily basis, and we no longer have to lift a finger. But even though these robots can pick up dirt and debris, there are some robot vacuums that can pick up pet hair better than others. Say hello to the bObsweep Bob PetHair robot vacuum cleaner and mop.

As opposed to its classic version, the bObsweep Bob PetHair robotic vacuum cleaner and mop has been built to take on daily pet hair cleanup. It’s larger in size and has stronger suction power so it can pick up even the thinnest fur follicle that’s embedded in your carpets. Its dustbin is also much bigger than the average robot vacuum cleaner’s, so it will be able to do its job for longer periods of time before you need to actually empty it out.

Learn more about this home appliance below.


  • Eye-catching design
  • HEPA filter
  • Touch Up mode gets your place clean in 15 minutes.


  • Larger size makes it difficult to clean in certain areas
  • Not the best with navigation
  • Tiny wheels make it difficult to carry full bins of dirt.

Product Stats

Bobsweep Pethair Robot Vacuum cleaning pet food mess


Brand: bObsweep

Model: bObsweep Bob PetHair Robot Vacuum Cleaner and Mop

Diameter: 13.7 inches

Height: 3.94 inches

Weight: 7.72 lbs.

Vacuum Cleaning Path Width: 9.5 inches

Filter: HEPA filtration

Dustbin: 1.1 liter

Digital Boundaries: Yes

Remote Control: Yes

What Comes in the Box:

  • bObsweep Bob PetHair
  • Charging station and charging adapter (110V/240V compatible)
  • X-AMPlified lithium-ion 2200 mAh battery (installed)
  • Remote control
  • Mop attachment and two microfiber mopping cloths
  • Two side brushes
  • Additional blue main brush
  • Two additional HEPA filters
  • Blindfold and bumper stickers
  • Maintenance tools (screws and Phillips-head screwdriver)
  • Cleaning tool
  • Owner’s manual and quick start guide
  • Warranty card


The bObsweep Bob PetHair robot vacuum cleaner and mop is the go-to for anyone who has a furry friend at home. While there are many models that claim to do this, this particular model actually does the job well. Let’s start with the basics. Once you bring this robot vacuum home, you’ll see it includes a number of components and tools to ensure that the cleaner will always work efficiently. You can learn the basics of setting up the bObsweep Bob PetHair robot vacuum cleaner and mop here.

Once it’s set up and charged for a few hours, this robot vacuum is ready to go. Because it has four-times boosted TurboLift, the bObsweep Bob PetHair robot has great suction power. It will be able to pick up any of the debris and dust on your floors and carpets, and you won’t have to worry about it when you use it for the stairs. It has edge sensors so the robot stops, goes elsewhere and avoids falling off a ledge. While it doesn’t have mapping technology and kind of looks like it cleans at random, this model carries high-sensitivity dirt sensors that are able to find dirty surfaces. It also has blOck Plus, which will allow you to set up to two boundaries so that it won’t accidentally just roll into your kitchen.

You can also help the bObsweep Bob PetHair robot vacuum cleaner and mop by using the remote that comes in the package. With the remote, you can maneuver your bObsweep so it can target the areas you want to clean up. You can also use the remote to set it to “auto,” which will allow the robot vacuum to use its onboard sensors to find the messes. If you can’t be at home during cleanings, no problem. You can schedule out your daily cleanings and ensure that you can come home to a pet hair-free zone—at least till your puppy or cat starts to shed again. It can run between 80-90 minutes, depending on the cleaning mode it’s on. However, once its battery level reaches 15 percent, the vacuum cleaner automatically searches for its charging dock to refuel for the next cleaning.

One thing most people don’t enjoy about robot vacuums is the fact that you still need to clean it. While you need to have a maintenance routine for your bObsweep, you won’t necessarily need to empty out the bin all the time. Unless your pet sheds tons of fur, the 1.1-liter bin can hold lots of dirt, debris and dander. However, you need to be aware of the fact that the bObsweep PetHair robot vacuum cleaner and mop does have smaller wheels, so once your bin gets too heavy, it might slow down your machine a bit.

In addition to sweeping and vacuuming, the bObsweep Bob PetHair robot vacuum cleaner and mop also can mop up your floors. There is a cloth-like attachment that you can pop on, and it will clean up any messes on your hardwoods or tiles. It also has a UV light that gets rid of bacteria and also sterilizes your floors. And keeping things more sanitized, there’s also a HEPA filtration system in the robot to remove mold, allergens and dust mites.

Sure, the bObsweep Bob PetHair robot vacuum cleaner and mop is a bit bigger than other models. However, for pet owners, the benefits of this machine outweigh the robot’s bulkiness.


Regardless of which retailer you choose to go with, bObsweep offers its own one-year limited manufacturer’s warranty for the robot vacuum. It also has a thirty-day money back guarantee, five-year subsidized repair and a lifetime of after-sale customer service. But in order to opt into this, you need to make sure to register your product on the bObsweep website. If that’s not enough insurance for you, you can also purchase the company’s other warranty plans. Find out more about these plans as well as the warranties other retailers offer below.


Replacement Plan

  • Allows you to swap your old Bob for a replacement one up to two times
  • Coverage lasts two years after you bought the robot vacuum and the plan
  • There is a replacement fee that covers shipping.

Repair Plan

  • Takes care of the shipping costs if you ever need to send your PetHair for repair
  • Covers consumable parts that are used for repairs
  • Coverage lasts 12 months from the time you bought the plan and the vacuum
  • Adds an extra six to 12 months to battery’s warranty

Refurbishment Plan

  • Receive consumable parts (i.e., brushes) on a quarterly basis for the maintenance of your robot vacuum
  • There are no shipping costs.
  • Coverage lasts for 12 months after purchase.

Master Plan

  • Combines all three plans (Replacement, Refurbishment and Repair) into one full warranty
  • There is a replacement fee that covers shipping.


  • Offers one- or two-year coverage plans
  • Covers normal wear-and-tear, in-home repairs and power surge coverage
  • Zero deductible
  • File claims online

Best Buy

  • Two-year or four-year coverage plans
  • Covers normal wear-and-tear, in-home repairs and power surge coverage
  • Anyone you give the product to will be able to use the c0verage plan.

Final Verdict

The bObsweep Bob PetHair robot vacuum and mop is a versatile floor cleaner that any household can use every day. Despite its larger size, it is perfect for any pet owner or homes where there is an excessive amount of hair or fibers that are shed. Not only can you control the vacuum’s direction, but you can also let it run on its own with the scheduling feature. And with the numerous coverage plans that one can opt into, this robot vacuum is set to be in your life for many years to come.

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