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BeenVerified Background Check Review

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BeenVerified is an online background check service that specializes in gathering public information for their clients. The company’s goal is to provide the public with information that was previously an extremely arduous task to gather. Searching data like personal information, criminal background and arrest records is something that people may want to do to learn more about the people in their lives. It can offer peace of mind or keep you and your family protected from potential threats. BeenVerified tries to make this process easier by being the middleman.

The website is an easy-to-use platform that allows users to search people, phone lookups, address lookups and email lookups. In addition to the comprehensive set of information presented, there is a top-rated mobile app that allows you to do basic searches on the go. BeenVerified strives to make searching for information a simple, stress-free and fast process.

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  • Mobile app available
  • Inexpensive plans available if you choose a three- or six-month package
  • No tiered plans; all information available with a subscription
  • Fast results in minutes


  • Some inaccurate or incomplete data reported
  • Extra fee for court runner option

Product Stats

BeenVerified has a pretty standard business model when it comes to digging deep to find the information you need. They offer the standard background checks that pull up all of the information you’re looking for. Here is the type of data that BeenVerified can look up for you.

  • Criminal record
  • Arrest records
  • Online photos
  • Social media profiles
  • Educational background
  • Licenses, deeds and other court records

With their simple search tool, you can find all of the information you’re looking up for you or another person. BeenVerified boasts the ability to search deep into their database of public records to find information at the local, state and federal level.

How to Find the Information

BeenVerified has a pretty simple process. You type in the name, city and state of the person you’re looking up, and then you’ll be taken through a series of notices and questions. BeenVerified is good at ensuring the privacy of their users. Even if the service is to uncover information on others, they still ensure that your search history will never be shared. Another notice that BeenVerified goes through is the dos and don’ts, which explain the rules of using the sites.

beenverified dos and donts chart

The Fair Credit Reporting Act plainly lays out the ways that an individual can use the information that BeenVerified shows. You aren’t allowed to use it to make an employment decision of any kind nor any type of credit decision. BeenVerified is useful for learning more about someone in your life, learning more about the neighbors and making sure people are who they say they are.

After a few notices and questions, BeenVerified generates the requested report. But don’t be alarmed, the reports are not free. Before you can the see background check you have you have to choose between different payment plans.

The more months you opt into, the cheaper it becomes. So if you’re planning on doing multiple searches then it would be better to opt into one of the monthly packages. Once you opt into the plan, you can then do an unlimited amount of searches.

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Product Features

Notification of Changes

As apart of the BeenVerified subscription you can be sure that the information you obtain is accurate and up to date. BeenVerified will notify you when any information on the people you’ve searched has changed. Sometimes people’s records get cleaned or people gain new licenses or have been charged for something. Or, in the event that a report had incorrect information, you will be notified when that changes as well.

Phone, Email and Address Lookup

BeenVerified offers four types of ways to look people up. The first way is the standard People Search which asks for the name and location. On top of that, you can search someone through their phone number, email, and address. This becomes useful when you want to identify who is calling or emailing you and look up statistics about a specific area.

Court Runner

If you need information from a court that has not yet been digitized, BeenVerified offers a live court runner that will go and search for the information for you. This is a feature that most background check companies do not usually offer. However, this court runner comes at an additional $20 per report regardless of whether or not you are a member.

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While BeenVerified’s payments are nonrefundable, you can be sure that if there are any issues, you can call their customer support hotline. In the event that the person who you are looking up doesn’t have a criminal record, you will not be able to request a refund.

In the event that you come across some discrepancies in any of the information listed, you can email the site and they will work with you.



At first glance, BeenVerified seems like many other background check services. They offer access to all of the public records you can think of and charge relatively the same for their memberships. However, if you are choosing between some of the top 5 companies, you would be sure to find a few unique features that BeenVerified has. Some of the highlights are the live court runner, the website’s user-friendly aspects, and the ability to make searches on the go with the mobile app (available for both iOS and Android).

Overall, BeenVerified is a good option for people who want to cut out the middleman and are planning on making multiple searches over a course of time.

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