Aquasana 10-Year Whole House Water Filter

This is a filter, pre and post filters, a salt-free softener, and a UV chamber coming in one complete system.   To top that off, the company offers a 10-year-limited-warranty.

Aquasana EQ 1000 Whole House Water Filter Pros

  • Effective in removing chlorine, chemicals
  • Kills microorganisms
  • Minimizes scale build up
  • Long filter life (10 years)
  • Cost-effective in long term

Destroys 99.99% of microorganisms

Municipal water filters and chemicals that kill most of the microorganisms living in it.   Most of the time, tap water is already safe to consume.

Well water, meanwhile, travels to your house with all the worms, germs, and viruses in it. A good filter can at best remove some of the bigger sediments and organisms, but a UV light purifier is needed to bring the water to the desired level of safety.

After the filtration process, the water will be free of most visible contaminants and will have become clear. It is now that the UV light purifier comes into effect. It kills more than 99% of viruses and bacteria, including e. Coli.

This is why this Aquasana system is the best one for well water as well as for tap water!

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