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Airbnb’s mission is to create a world where people can belong through healthy travel that is local, authentic, diverse, inclusive and sustainable. Airbnb uniquely leverages technology to economically empower millions of people around the world to unlock and monetize their spaces, passions, and talents to become hospitality entrepreneurs. The sharing economy depends on Airbnb reviews to keep both hosts and guests happy.

Airbnb’s accommodation marketplace provides access to 5+ million unique places to stay in more than 81,000 cities and 191 countries. Airbnb offers the best vacation home rentals if you are booking last minute or seeking a unique property. In their extensive collection of homes, there are over 2,200 treehouses and nearly 3,000 castles.

As a global leader in vacation home rentals, Airbnb is paving the path between non-hotel accommodations and local governments. At the present time regulations tax, monitor and outlaw personal residences being offered for short-term renting. Jurisdictions were quick to put those regulations in place on behalf of the hotel industry. Airbnb facilitates more than 250 home sharing advocacy groups. The mission of home sharing advocacy groups is to help communities better understand the benefits of social home sharing.

Celebrating 10 years in business also brought its 400 millionth guest checking in to an Airbnb. With over 2 million people sleeping in an Airbnb property every night it’s undeniably clear that the trust economy is booming. Travelers seeking more flexibility than the hotel industry offers have been flocking to Airbnb. While media outlets may have you believe Airbnb horror stories are common they are in fact an incredibly rare phenomenon. Every night success stories of home sharing go untold. Read any SuperHost’s Airbnb reviews to see that happy guests are the norm.


Largest vacation rental inventory
Most employees supporting customer service
24/7 customer service offered in 11 languages
Very traveler focused policies
Millions of Airbnb reviews
Mobile app for booking homes or communicating with host


Guest fees can be up to 20% of subtotal
The largest number of non-professional hosts

Platform Stats

Founded: 2007
Founders: Brian Chesky and Joe Gebbia
Countries in: 191
Properties: 5,000,000+
Headquarters: San Francisco, CA
Number of Employees: 3,100


Search functionality on Airbnb allows you to filter for family-friendly, work collection, and Superhost properties. To become a premium family-friendly listing a home must meet minimum safety and review criteria. Work collection locations have appropriate amenities and more flexible cancelation policies for business travelers. Superhost properties have superior reviews and communication practices that identify them as a more professional level of host.

A global customer service team is standing by 24/7 in 11 different languages to help make things right with rebooking assistance, refunds, and customer service. Airbnb has a $1 million dollar Host Guarantee policy in place to protect both travelers and hosts in the event of unexpected disasters. Safety is a priority at Airbnb. Currently, the platform is giving away free smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to any hosts who request them. Professional hosts are constantly providing amazing experiences to ensure their Airbnb review quality stays high.

Airbnb has taken a very proactive approach to eliminate discrimination on their platform. Non-owner occupied homes, for instance, must allow service animals. Searching for handicap accessible listings, on the whole, is easy. Airbnb does not reveal a guests profile photo until after a reservation is confirmed by the host thus eliminating racial discrimination. Their stated policy prohibits discrimination based on race, ethnicity, national origin, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, sex, gender, gender identity, disability, or serious diseases.

Happy Airbnb Guests

To have a good experience on Airbnb you have to be the type of person who looks for the good in the world. The number one trait of a great Airbnb guest is the ability to go with the flow. Negative things don’t always need to mean a negative expereince. Guests that will enjoy Airbnb properties are not the type of people who assign blame when the weather knocks out power or berate staff when a customer causes issues that affect other customers.

As a hotel guest I have been evacuated in the middle of the night because of a fire alarm. My entire bachelorette party was inconvienienced and lost sleep because a innebrieated person pulled a fire alarm. We saw numerous guests absolutely losing their temper with hotel staff. Those guests should never stay at an Airbnb. Without even discussing it, everyone in my group knew it wasn’t the hotels fault. We obligatorily waited on the sidewalk while the fire department cleared the hotel for re-entry. After we got back into the hotel we went to sleep and moved on with our lives.

Similarly, as an Airbnb host I had a group staying in my home when there was a power outage. The guest informed me of the problem and asked where emergency supplies were just in case it was a long outage. I kept in communication with the guest while I got text updates from the power company. In the end the power was restored within a couple hours. The guests left a glowing review and everyone moved on with their lives.

Travelers who treat others how they would want to be treated will be the happiest Airbnb guests.

Customer Price

Costs determined by the host:
• Nightly price: Nightly rate decided by the host
• Cleaning fee: One-time fee charged by some hosts to cover the cost of cleaning their space
• Extra guest fees: One-time fee charged by some hosts to cover other costs related to using their space

Costs determined by Airbnb:
• Airbnb service fee: Guest service fee charged for all reservations to help Airbnb run smoothly and offer 24/7 customer support

Potential other costs:
• Currency exchange fee
• Value Added Tax (VAT): Tax charged to guests who live in the European Union, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, South Africa, and Japan (charged as JCT).
• Local taxes—Any taxes charged based on the location of the host’s listing
Your payment information is collected when you submit a reservation request. Once the host accepts your request, or if you book a reservation with Instant Book, your payment method will be charged for the entire amount at that time.

Host Income and Fees

Airbnb typically releases your payout about 24 hours after your guest’s scheduled check-in time. The time it takes for the funds to arrive in your account depends on your payout method.

In the event a guest is staying for 28 or more nights, payouts for that reservation are released monthly.

If you’re a new host, we may hold your payouts for 30 days after your first reservation is confirmed. If your first reservation is more than 30 days away, your payout will be released 24 hours after your guest’s scheduled check-in. This will apply to any payouts scheduled to be released during those 30 days.

The host service fee for homes is generally 3% but may be higher for hosts in Italy or hosts who have a Super Strict cancellation policy.

Pick the Best Airbnb

As a traveler, there are numerous types of vacations you could be looking for. You might be looking to stay in a prime location within walking distance to your desired attractions. Maybe you’re looking for a remote secluded location to unplug from society. For you, a pool might be a necessity. Your group could consist of 18 people who all want to stay together. Whatever your vacation goals are, Airbnb will have the perfect home for you. The strategy is important when selecting the best Airbnb for your vacation.

Utilize filters to narrow down rentals that fit your criteria. Remember, you’re not trying to find tons of properties to stay in, you only need one to tick all your boxes. If you have very specific requirements planning in advance will make all the difference. It is standard in the hospitality industry to open your reservation calendar one year in advance. Airbnb, however, allows hosts the option to open their calendar up to two years in advance. Some homes, such as premium homes next to iconic events like the Kentucky Derby only rent themselves out one week per year. Those homes depend on one high-cost booking per year to create an additional income stream.

Price Isn’t Everything

You might assume that renting short-term accommodation is going to be an amazing deal compared to staying in a hotel. While you may find some incredible deals, by far the cheapest properties on Airbnb are home sharing situations. Home sharing is the original concept of the Airbnb business. A person lives in their home, has a spare room and decides to share their home with travelers for extra cash.

Airbnb has evolved and changed to include a large inventory of full-time vacation rental properties. These rentals don’t have full-time occupants, their only inhabitants are renters.

With full-time Airbnb properties, your cost-savings might not be an obvious per-head rate that is cheaper than a hotel. You can get a decent hotel in most cities for about $50 per head after taxes. Whereas you could rent an Airbnb property and end up paying $80 per head. Your actual cost savings could come in the form of fewer meals eaten in restaurants or less money spent on activities because your group is able to enjoy each others company at the rental. Or you might not have any cost savings at all, and your only benefit comes in the form of enhancing your experience.

Cost savings or not, your options on Airbnb are truly limitless. Enjoy your vacation on your terms.

Read Airbnb Reviews

Basing your reservation on the star rating alone is a mistake. Read the Airbnb reviews carefully to determine if a particular property is right for you. The psychology of providing and receiving reviews is extremely tricky in the sharing economy. When reading reviews for large companies like Delta Airlines or Marriott Hotels, those reviews tend to err on the side of negative. People writing those reviews perceive their experience as us versus them, with them being a large, nameless, faceless corporation.

In the sharing economy though, reviews are heavily weighted toward positive. The personal connection between hosts and guests makes is easier to give people the benefit of the doubt or let things slide because bringing it up would be awkward. By reading the text of each properties Airbnb reviews you can pick up on clues to determine if that property is right for you. The host may describe the location as private but in reading the Airbnb reviews you could find out there is actually a separate guest cottage they rent out simultaneously. Many travelers will still leave that home a five-star review and just mention casually how they were surprised there was another group staying so close, even though the listing advertised the property as private.

Simply put, read between the lines of your top choice properties Airbnb reviews. You could avoid a multitude of uncomfortable, awkward, or vacation destroying situations by carefully reading Airbnb reviews.


Final Verdict

Airbnb has the largest inventory of short-term rentals by more than double its closest competitor. With a large corporate staff and traveler friendly policies, you are can trust this platform with your booking. Getting 24/7 support in 11 languages requires a huge staff that only Airbnb is able to provide. The higher fees are helping to maintain an expansive network of staff, systems, and service.

Last minute bookings are easiest on Airbnb. Hosts get immediate notification of your arrival through a phone app. Your chances of securing a last minute booking are additionally increased because you have more than 5 million properties to choose from. Being able to instant book over 2 million properties means not having to wait for a host to respond before heading over to your reserved home. Not only will you likely find a property even on short notice, but you can book a home shaped like a dog, covered in mirrors or themed to replicate a gingerbread house.

While you may pay higher fees and therefore more out of pocket than other platforms, the advantages you get outweigh the cost. Peace of mind and ease of use are essential components for reserving or offering accommodations. Airbnb is our choice for your vacation rental bookings.

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