ADT Security Review

Overview of ADT 

ADT is one of the biggest home security monitoring companies in the United States and Canada. The company is one of the longest-running home security providers with over 140 years of service under their belt. ADT has packages for both homes and businesses and offers a variety of packages available to their customers. ADT offers four main plans ranging from basic coverage to home automation and video featured coverage plans. You can choose from wired-landline only plans and from wireless plans as well-there are options.

With ADT- Protect Your Home you’ll have the comfort of using a company that has a good track record and is proven to provide quality protection for many years.


  • Same day or next-day service
  • Smart home and Amazon Alexa integration
  • Competitive prices
  • Both wired and wireless connections


  • Long-term contracts
  • No self-installation option available

Product Features

ADT Pulse App and Home Automation

The ADT Pulse App is a convenient feature offered for the tech-savvy individuals who like to have control of everything wherever they are. Through the Pulse app, you can gain control of your home wherever you are. No need to worry if you forgot to arm your home before you left, with the Pulse App you can do it in no time. Other home automation features include locking and unlocking smart doors, and checking out the live video feed of your home if you have the plan with the video surveillance.

Pet- Friendly Sensors

ADT is equipped with cutting-edge wireless and motion sensors to place throughout your home to protect it. In the event that you have pets, you don’t have to worry about false alarms setting off your sensors. ADT’s sensors can be programmed to detect an animal that is under 50 lbs.  

Flood, Fire and Leak Detection

On top of all of the state of the art video monitoring, ADT also provides flood, fire and leak detection in their sensors. Your home will be protected not only from intrusion but you will also be in the know from whatever danger your home is in. ADT cares about your safety not just when you’re gone.

The smoke, carbon monoxide, flood and panic buttons are all available as add-ons for your ADT packages.

Where to buy

The best way to get set up with ADT is to go to their website where you can compare plans and prices. The website is very user-friendly and straightforward which should make it pretty simple to get started. In the case that you need customer assistance, ADT is available for a call at their customer hotline. The schedules vary by time zone.

Quality service plan

ADT offers Quality service protection for every plan except the Basic Security plan. In the case of a faulty emergency service call or a problem with your equipment, you will be protected from any additional costs under this plan. The plan is offered as a few extra dollars a month.

Product Stats

Unlike a lot of home security companies nowadays, ADT still offers wired monitoring as an option. Protect Your Home has 5 different plans available in either wired or wireless ADT monitoring.

Basic Security

The first level of plans starts off at the Basic Security level with all of the standard protection specs. The package includes a security system, a control panel, wireless sensors, motion sensors and a wireless remote for the control panel. ADT provides a full equipment package with their latest up to date technology. The packages include all of the above equipment plus a backup battery for an emergency situation with the monitoring system.

While the plan is inexpensive compared to other standard packages, it is only available to customers with a landline installed in their home. Unfortunately, wireless monitoring is not available for this plan and is instead offered at higher levels of packages.

Basic Security + Equipment Services

The next level in Protect Your Home monitoring is the Basic Security plus equipment services plan. This plan is a small step above the Basic Security plan but offers ADT’s equipment service protection plan. This plan is also only available to customers with a landline connection.

Basic Security + Wireless Connect

This package comes with the standard panel, base system, wireless and motion sensors and wireless remote but is available through a wireless connection. This plan is a good starting option if you don’t have a landline connection in your home, although it is almost double the price of the basic security plan. The equipment service plan is also available with this plan.

ADT Pulse Monitoring

For next-level coverage, the ADT Pulse Monitoring plan combines all of the features of the Basic Security Plan plus home automation optimization. This means that anywhere you are, you have access to the ADT monitoring system. If you’re already keen on home automation, then integrating your ADT pulse monitoring will be seamless. The great part about this plan is the ability to arm and disarm your system from your smartphone, in addition to tons of other features.

ADT Pulse Monitoring + Video

The highest level of protection offered by ADT is the Pulse Monitoring + Video Surveillance plan. It is very similar to the Pulse Monitoring plan but it includes an indoor video camera and access to it at any time.

Final Verdict

ADT seems to offer comprehensive packages for their home security customers. With over five different plans the company seems to aim to be flexible, but where they may fall short is how similar the plans can be. Some plans have only a small difference between the two, so this may cause a bit of confusion. ADT scores huge points in their home automation and technology offered. Overall, ADT is strongly recommended as an option for someone looking for good packages and plenty of features to offer. We do recommend looking up the local reviews of the company’s customer service in your specific area so you can get feedback, as it seems to vary much depending on the region.

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