President Trump’s Transgender Ban From Military Over Border Wall Budget?

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Yesterday, President Donald Trump made a huge announcement in that transgender men and women would not be allowed to serve the armed forces. This was in any capacity, not just overseas or as a Navy Seal Team 6 Member. This meant even low jobs at bases and even random cop and fire department roles in areas for the armed forces were not allowed for transgender people.


In 2016, the ban on transgenders from serving was officially lifted under then President Barack Obama. They simply had to prove they were stable under their new gender for at least 18 months before joining. However, there had been a number of men and women who made their transition before going into the armed forces. Some made their transition even after serving however.


A case was done before 2016 that showed around 4,000 transgender men and women were serving in some capacity at the time. This was a big number, but it proved that things were clearly not going badly for years. The President attempted to claim economics were the problem. However, money reports proved that both Cialis and Viagra had more money going into it than anything for transgenders. Yes, tax-payers are paying for men to get medicine for their lower regions.


What’s more, much of the transgender money was going to veterans not current members of the armed forces. The economics of things were not a problem, neither was the supposed burden or distraction. So why did this happen? Also, since Donald Trump aimed in his run for President to take care of the LGBTQ community….why would he then make such a ruling? If the data is not enough, why did this move happen?


The Wall


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We all know about Trump’s obsession with making sure that the wall at the Mexican border goes up. This is in spite of various forms of data, which proved that it will not help in stopping illegal immigration. At least to the degree that Trump claims it will, the wall will not be a success. With that said, many have soured on the wall in recent months already. However, the main reason for some hating the idea was the economics of the plan.


In order to make sure this wall goes up, there is a lot of expense to it. Most assume that it is just about paying for the materials and workers for the wall. That is not accurate. Yes, these things do need to be paid for of course. However, due to the fact that our border currently runs through mountains and even residential areas….we cannot possibly do an even border. This means we’ll be putting the wall too far in to Mexican land, which is of course illegal.


On the flip-side, we go too far in. This would force people to move from their homes in order to stay as part of the United States. Literally, neighborhoods would be ripped apart and people will be forced from land they paid for and own rightfully. All of this for a wall. In order to satisfy ethics and obvious codes of law, the U.S. would need to pay them out for this. It would be similar to businesses buying homes so they can place their business in that area.


Combined with materials and workers only, you will see a price of somewhere near $20 billion. Adding everything else into play, you could be seeing billions more. You may be asking, what does the wall have to do with transgender men and women serving in the armed forces.


Payment For Wall Is Expensive


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According to a report out of Politico, President Trump was hoping to create more money in the defense budget. You’ll notice he has added a lot of money to this area. This was in hopes to build the wall on tax-payer funds. Yes, the wall he claimed Mexico will be paying for, you will actually pay for. Don’t act like you’re surprised. How did all of this happen?


Cash-flow was needed, and he noticed there was a lot of money being spent on transgenders. House Republicans did not like the budget being planned out, which included funding for the wall. A stand-off occurred, mostly over cutting funding for transition surgeries for men and women wishing to switch gender. The Pentagon-funded reassignment surgeries were not well-liked by Republicans already.


This led to the idea that there could be a ban on paying for these. But a stand-off reportedly occurred. This led to a possibility that the entire bill could be tanked, losing funding for the wall entirely. Moderate Republicans felt it would be wrong to take this funding away, while Hardline Republicans felt it was needed. Alabama Representative Robert Aderholt told Politico regarding gender reassignment being paid for by tax-payers, saying:


“There are several members of the conference who feel this really needs to be addressed. This isn’t about the transgender issue; it’s about the taxpayer dollars going to pay for the surgery out of the defense budget.”


How Did We Get To An Entire Transgender Ban Over This?


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Even Hardline Republicans did not realize what Trump had planned out. They simply did not believe surgical procedures should be paid for, which a lot of people agreed with. However, very few wanted a complete ban of transgender people from the armed forces. In fact, it came as a surprise.


You’ll find that Trump said “after I spoke to my generals.” He may have done so, but he certainly did not grasp what they were saying. The announcement to ban transgender men and women from serving “in any capacity” blindsided even military leaders as well as the law-makers.


The House never asked for a complete transgender ban at all, only to block funding for surgeries in an effort to cut cost. Plus, it does go beyond the tax payer right to pay for reassignment surgeries. One Senior House Republican Aide reportedly told Politico:


“This is like someone told the White House to light a candle on the table and the WH set the whole table on fire.”


The worst part about this whole thing is that, in the end, it made no economic sense. A House GOP aide told Business Insider that since the overall bill contained essential national security funding at about $800 billion, the Pentagon-funded sex change surgery would never have tanked the bill to begin with.

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