President Trump Scolds Senate Republicans Who Pulled Out Of Healthcare Bill

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President Donald Trump did not seem very happy recently when it came to the Republican Senators who backed out of the new American Health Care Act. The bill based by the House of Representatives landed on the Senate door weeks ago, with many realizing that changes were desperately needed to make the bill palatable. Most felt the House bill was bad, but when it got to the Senate it would manage to improve.


Republicans have the majority in both Legislative areas, meaning the bill would be easily moved if all agree in just their party. The AHCA is set to replace the Affordable Care Act, better known as Obamacare. Most politicians agree that Obamacare should be removed or amended, even Democrats want change. Premiums are high, and their constituents want change.


However, change is not always good. This is what led Senators to back out of voting to send the healthcare bill through. So what happened and why is this bill so bad that some Republican Senators don’t want to vote it through?


The Trump Promise


Donald Trump promised the people who voted for him that a new healthcare bill would be put together. What Trump did not realize was what it would take to make that happen. He along with Steve Bannon have tried to almost bully this through the House and Senate just to get something done, but this isn’t a Trump business he can do that with. Politicians want what they feel is best for the people.


The House Freedom Caucus was the main hold-up originally, with their add-ons being the very reason why a bill was moved out of the House to the Senate to begin with. Now the Senate isn’t agreeing. So President Trump let his views be known. According to Reuters, Trump told the 49 Senators who came to the White House:


“Any senator who votes against starting debate is really telling America that you’re fine with Obamacare. For seven years you promised the American people you would repeal Obamacare. People are hurting and frankly inaction is not an option.”


The President isn’t wrong about this, as Republicans have been pushing for something to happen. Ted Cruz echoed the President as well, saying:


“We have to honor our promise. For seven years Republicans have told the voters, if you elect us, we’ll repeal Obamacare. I think we will look like fools if we can’t deliver on that promise.”


Now nothing has, but for good reason. The bill isn’t complete and that has been the driving force of why so many hated the bill across the nation.


Trump also put his position on the line in this, as his promise to repeal and replace Obamacare is coming. The problem is, he can repeal all day long but a new bill to replace is needed first and he has to rely on others to get that done. This has made Trump uneasy, and it can be seen in his comments since coming into office months ago.


The Real Problem At Heart


Mitch McConnell, Republican Majority Leader in the Senate, said that he plans to go ahead with voting on this new bill next week. Despite the fact that he has lost three Senators, and can only lose two to even tie it up, he feels this is a good plan. The real problem at heart is not that the Senators don’t like the bill, but the reasons for it.


First and foremost, the Senate plan to get a repeal taken care of that will take effect in two years. This is so Congress can have time to develop a replacement. However, one would imagine that you would need a replacement before you actually repealed the current plan, right? On top of this, if the American people are hurting now, would you not want a new plan to go into place this year and not a few years from now?


Republican Senators Susan Collins of Maine, Lisa Murkowski of Alaska and Shelley Moore Capito of West Virginia all agree that this plan is not smart by Congress and Mr. McConnell. Capito spoke to reporters Wednesday morning, saying “it’s changing so quickly,” in regards to a vote. She went on to say:


“I think we’re probably going to air what our differences are again. The president has taken a lot of time to try to call us all individually. I don’t think anyone’s mind is going to get changed sitting right there, but it gives us a chance to frame it where we have our differences.”



What Must Happen Now?


It appears that Democrats have reached across the isle and have claimed, yet again, they want to work with Republicans on this bill. The Senate Democrats know something new is needed, but they don’t want to get something bad sent out to the American people either. Republican Senator Lindsey Graham was quoted in saying, “I’d like to have a bill that people actually liked.” This is saying a lot, as it’s clear there is an issue. If everyone worked together, a bipartisan bill would pass well.


They at least have to work on one program soon. In fact, funding for Children’s Health Insurance Program known as CHIP will expire on September 30th and will require re-authorization. This talk is something that must happen now. This program is part of the Medicaid department and helps the poor and disabled. Everything that will go down for this will require both parties play ball. It will take at least 60 votes to pass this, and it could be a small test to see how each interact before talking about an entirely new insurance system for Americans.


Trump actually suggested this past Tuesday that Republicans should simply wait Obamacare out and let insurance markets fail before actually working with the Democrats. This is not the best idea as even more Americans will be hurting by the plan. Republican Senator Lamar Alexander, the head of the Senate Committee on Health, Labor and Pensions, doesn’t want to do this.


He claimed that the Senate will begin holding meetings on the issue in the next few weeks. This is a good sign, but it’s hard to tell where these talks will go.


What Trump Must Combat


The Congressional Budget Office claimed in their findings that the new healthcare idea of simply repealing Obamacare without replacing it would affect more than 32 million people. Leaving that many people uninsured is insanity. This is, by far, worse than what Obamacare is doing now. Even the new policy in play is not liked by the CBO, as they claim even that will leave 22 million uninsured. On top of this, some key voters for Trump, the older American crowd, would be affected drastically by the new bill as it places age as time where people should be charged more for healthcare.


This means the same coverage, from the same company, would cost a 24 year old less than a 54 year old. President Trump must combat this in order to secure votes in 2020, but also not get hatred even more than he already has from Americans.


They have also removed ten essential benefits from their bill, which allowed for maternal care and leave. This also affected prescriptions, mental health, and more. While it is claimed these things will be involved in insurance, it would be at higher packages. It means insurances can force people to pay more than they do now for the same healthcare. So while some packages are lower, making a few million happier, the bulk of people who actually need higher care will be paying out more.


What You Should Know


A lot will need to be changed up, but there is hope that this can happen. Many feel that tweaks of Obamacare and the removal of a few unneeded things might end up helping people more. Right now, the bill is not attractive due to all the problems it holds. However, this is one glaring problem.


What you should know is pretty simple, insurance companies would be getting filthy rich while your wallet just gets filthy from the flies in it. The American Health Care Act is simply not worth the push, and Senators realized this after going through meetings. While a lot in the bill may be attractive, it seems that it helps the rich more than middle class and poor people.


Since the 1 to 10% of rich or upper-class people aren’t the ones in need most for premiums to fall, it seems obvious a new bill shouldn’t make things harder on the people under them financially than it already is. It appears some people want a change so badly that they don’t care what comes into lay. Sometimes, just because it is new, it doesn’t mean that it is better.

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