President Trump Officially Bans Transgenders From U.S. Armed Forces

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President Donald Trump made massive news today via his Twitter account when he decided to officially put transgenders on notice. He claimed that there was now an official ban on transgender men and women from entering the United States Armed Forces. This came as shock to many people both currently and formerly of the Armed Forces. The reason is because of how crazy it seems. However, Trump tried to make things seem understandable.


His reason? Economics and distraction. He wrote via his Twitter account:


“victory and cannot be burdened with the tremendous medical costs and disruption that transgender in the military would entail. Thank you.”


As it stands right now, one of the least distracting things in the Armed Forces concerns transgenders. Most of the time, it has to do with upcoming issues…possibly even battling terrorism. However, there is a lot to unpack here. Trump is right and wrong to do this, and we’ll explain why.


Transgenders As A Burden?


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Officially speaking, transgenders have not been any more of a burden than any person of original gender. Both men and women are allowed to serve the country, meaning that it should not matter what gender a person wants to be. Either way, they’ll fit within the territory the need to fit in….which is either of the two recognized genders.


Economically speaking, President Barack Obama wanted to allow anyone wishing to transition a chance to do so. The problem is, this would allow people wishing to transition to do so by using tax payer funds. Currently, tax payers pay for the healthcare of current and former Armed Forces members. Whether that is care from a base hospital or a place like the VA, of which needs a massive overhaul.


This became an issue to people, as many don’t think their money should go to transgender surgeries. Originally, that was not the case….as transitions were not seen as a medically related issue. Some would rate it as cosmetic, similar to plastic surgery. That means there is no need to have it covered by tax payers. Imagine paying for a woman’s breasts to get bigger for example, and that is how it was seen.


So Why Not Just Eliminate The Problem?


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That is the one billion dollar question. All Trump had to do was simply make a ruling that no transition surgeries or care would be covered. This would mean tax payers would take themselves out of the problem. Americans would save their money and not feel like they are funding something they may not agree with. It truly is the best of both worlds at the end of the day.


Then there is the big thought of, are all people who become transgenders mentally unstable. To most of us, it sure seems like that is the case. How could you want to change your entire identity around? While it is a tough one to wrap around, it truly isn’t our business as Americans to tell Americans what they should do.


That is the distinction here for both sides. Americans should not pay for transgenders to have surgeries and hormone therapies, or anything of the sort. However, we should also not tell others what to do.


But What About Mental Health?



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Before one enters the United States Armed Forces, they have to pass a ton of tests. Those involve physical checks and even mental ones. One then has to go into a camp where basic training will take place. Through that, people are pushed to their limit. It is absolutely insane at how much is done here.


If a person passes all checks they need to get in, then why should they not be allowed to enter the Armed Forces too? If mental checks are fine and nothing seems off, then there should be no alarming issues here. Plus, there is no major date proving that transgenders have become a harm overall to their unit at any position anywhere where in the Armed Forces.


The people who simply don’t make it out of basic or get into trouble while working may often times may have a mental instability. However, if the only mental problem where that they thought they were born the wrong gender…that is not a harm to anyone currently serving.


There have been high numbers among trans people when it comes to suicides overall at times. At one point, 40% of all people who felt they were the wrong gender were considering, attempted, or did commit suicide. However, that is usually due to bullying or being unable to make a change due to cost. If neither is a problem entering the Armed Forces, and checks are fine….then there is no issue here. Plus the original number has dropped due to more acceptance.


Transgenders Have Already Been Serving With Very Little Problem For Years


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Despite what may be assumed, transgender men and women have served in the Armed Forces for years now. This means that very few were seen as a problem to have around. If that is the case, then what has been the harm here? This move by President Trump simply does not make sense looking at the current situation. There is no data to support the move at all.


Interestingly, this move does not allow for people already transitioned to serve either. Most think this just has to do with people who are in the middle of a change or want one. That isn’t right. If your friend Fred transitioned to Samantha in 2009, Samantha would have had all surgeries and hormone therapies out of the way for years.


Yet now, despite not costing tax payers anymore money than the average person…Samantha cannot serve our nation. Even if Sam passes all mental and health checks, as well as basic training. That simply does not make any sense whatsoever. Especially for a Patriot who wants to serve their nation by putting their own life on the line to protect everyone here.

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