Pregnant Teen Wears Designer Clothes Everyday, Teacher’s Concealed Camera Uncovers Difficult Explanation


Fine Clothing

Every day, she’d seen her walk into and out of class quietly. There were very few friends in her life, and she rarely spoke.

But then she wore a jacket so expensive that it could’ve easily cost the whole teacher’s salary. Her teacher kept an eye on her curiously.

When she discovered the girl was pregnant, she was shocked. After realizing what was happening, she could not contact the authorities quickly enough.

Miss Miller


Lisa Miller, however, considered this her dream job. Having spent years in college wondering how teaching life would be, she finally had a chance to experience it first-hand.

In Duluth, Minnesota, three hours away from her hometown, she found a job as a substitute math teacher.

Her enthusiasm to start teaching was undeniable.



Lisa was assigned to a special education high school operated by Duluth’s Boards of Cooperative Educational Services.

With a minor in special education, Lisa couldn’t wait to help these kids who wanted to learn and graduate into society.

She should have known what she was stepping into.

Right On Time


Due to Lisa’s schedule, she could only stay at school until noon.

The possibility of getting a permanent position at another school could be explored.

As soon as she arrived at the high school, she was excited to begin her day. Upon discovering the nature of the school was misrepresented in the job posting, imagine her shock.

Special Needs


There was a mistaken impression that the school was a special education school in the listing.

Among other things, the place was an intensive management school for students expelled from other schools due to disorderly conduct.

Most of the high school kids had been diagnosed with emotional and behavioral disorders, Lisa discovered. That wasn’t what scared her.

The Beginning


Regardless of a child’s mental health, Lisa was happy to teach them.

Nevertheless, the kids at this high school acted like hooligans due to their disorders.

On Lisa’s first day of school, the institution was on lockdown due to a riot. It should have been enough to have seen three police cruisers parked on the lot. Lisa didn’t listen.

The Right Way To Go About It


She was shown around by a teacher who had a short temper and would yell at the kids from the hallway.

Lisa decided to change her approach toward the kids at that point.

They might pay attention in class if she treated them compassionately. Despite not knowing what was about to happen, she worked on perfecting her plan throughout the following months.

60 Days Deep


Two months after Lisa reported to work, the girl who had transferred to Lisa’s school had turned fifteen.

The day was coming when she would graduate from substitute teacher to titled teacher.

While most kids in the schools were loud and constantly seeking attention, this girl kept to herself throughout the math period. She left a long-lasting impression on Lisa.

Out Of Control


As the weeks went by, nothing changed. When the bell rang, the quiet girl would show up to class, sit at her desk, do her assigned tasks, and promptly leave.

A designer jacket appeared on her one day.

Lisa’s deskmate whispered, “Dolce & Gabbana camouflage bomber jacket.”. She gasped in amazement.

Extreme Wealth


Such clothing retailed for $14,000, more than Lisa’s monthly salary. That’s not even the equivalent of two months’ pay.

Her usual calm and collected manner was evident as she watched the girl remove her jacket.

Despite being taunted by popular kids, she enthralled them all. How could she afford such an over-the-top purchase?

Every Day Janes And Joes


Lisa was never one to judge others on their financial status. But even she knew that only every day Janes and Joes attended her school. (

There were no obscenely wealthy parents bringing their children to this place.

Even the teachers, like her, were everyday people. So when the girl stepped into class with a $14,000 jacket, she quickly became the talk of the school. If people only knew what was truly happening behind the scene.

That’s A Lot Of Paychecks


The school thought the bomber jacket was a fluke in the girl’s life, a lucky gift from a relative or family friend.

But the next day, she came in with a Louis Vuitton Reversible Sleeveless Mink Jacket retailing at a staggering $16,700.

The principal had to call her to the office to warn her about wearing the clothing item. Wearing such expensive clothing was dangerous as it could get the girl hurt.

Decked Out


Lisa thought the principal’s intervention would make the girl stop. But it only spurred her to wear even more expensive clothing.

One day she’d show up decked out in limited edition sports clothes, and the next show up looking like a runway model in Milan.

She had all the brands Lisa could think of, from Ralph Lauren and Giorgio Armani to Chanel, Prada, and Burberry. Then one day, things took another turn.

Into The Washrooms


The girl, who Lisa had learned was called Christy, excused herself from an early morning class, speeding between the desks and disappearing into the empty hallway.

Concerned, Lisa rushed after her, seeing the girl slip into the washroom.

Lisa followed her in. She found the girl throwing up on the floor, unable to make it to the washroom stalls or even the sink. What was going on?

Something’s Wrong


“Oh my God,” Lisa hurried to her. “Are you alright?” Christy’s eyes were wet with tears, a trail of thick yellow puke dangling from her chin. “Something’s wrong,” she croaked. “Clearly,” Lisa answered. “Come here,” she placed the back of her hand on the girl’s forehead. It was burning hot. Helping her to the sink, she cleaned her mouth and blouse.

“Is there something you want to tell me?” she asked. “I have been throwing up every morning since last week,” the girl confessed. “I don’t know what’s happening to me.” Lisa stepped back. Morning sickness in females above puberty usually meant one thing. But the teacher had no idea just how deep this rabbit hole went.

Disclaimer: To protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events, places, or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.