Pregnant Teen Banned From Graduation Until They See The Baby’s Father


A Big Year Ahead

It was an exciting but daunting time in Michelle’s life. She was in her final year of high school, and she had just found out that she was pregnant.

Luckily, she had the support of everyone around her, although it was something she knew her parents would take some time to get used to.

Little did Michelle know that she would be facing the biggest challenge in her life.

An Overachiever

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Michelle Denson was a straight-A student at North Dallas High School. She was a bit of an overachiever and made both of her parents very proud.

Apart from getting good grades, she was also the head cheerleader of their school’s football team.

It was on that very sports field that Michelle would meet her boyfriend.

The Typical Popular Girl

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Michelle was always described as a pretty girl by her peers. She had long blond hair and an athletic body. She was the envy of every girl in the school because she was so popular.

However, Michelle was no mean girl. Sincerity and kindness were natural to her, and she tried to help anyone where she could.

She didn’t know that she, too, would need all the help she could get from her peers.

Proud Parents 

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Michelle’s parents were very proud of her achievements, and she also served as a role model for her younger sister and brother.

Michelle sometimes felt the pressure of trying to keep her grades up and being the head cheerleader. Plus, she helped out a lot at home while her parents both worked.

Everything would soon reach a critical point with the news that she would receive.

A Busy Life

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Although Michelle had a very hectic and busy life, she still made time for her boyfriend of four months, Richard.

He had just started college, and they had a mutual friend circle. Their favorite things to do on weekends were hanging out at the mall and having lunch at the local diner.

Michelle saw a future with Richard, and she confessed to her friends that they were in love.

The Perfect Couple

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Richard would always surprise Michelle with little gifts and sweet gestures. She loved how romantic he was. He’d always bring gifts to the school, and sometimes she’d be a little embarrassed by his grand gestures.

Her friends had become playfully jealous of her because she was being spoiled by her boyfriend all the time.

They could only wish their boyfriends could do the same for them.

Feeling Sick

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One summer morning, Michelle stumbled out of bed, clutching her stomach. She felt really ill and ran to her bathroom. She began throwing up as she held her stomach, trying to think what she could’ve eaten that made her feel so sick.

She sat for a few minutes. Would she make it to go to school today? She had to.

They had important cheerleading practice today, she couldn’t miss that.

An Aching Pain

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She was in agony as she sat in class. She felt a strange pain, and the nausea was still there. She thought of going to the school nurse but decided against it.

All through cheerleading practice, she felt a nagging pain sensation in the pit of her stomach.

She resolved to go to the school nurse after practice, but it would not yield the results she had expected.

The School Nurse

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Sitting on the nurse’s bed, Michelle didn’t feel nervous. She just wanted the nurse to give her something to take the nausea away.

The nurse inspected her and then asked a very strange question, “When was your last period?” Michelle couldn’t remember, she knew she was expecting it but come to think of it, she was quite late. “You need to take a pregnancy test.”

Michelle couldn’t believe what the nurse was asking her to do.

A Mad Dash

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She raced to the pharmacy. She stared at the many tests, not knowing what to purchase. Her nerves were shot, and she was sweating profusely.

She grabbed two tests off of the shelf and paid at the counter. She got a strange look from the lady, and it made her blush instantly.

She needed to get home to do these tests. Her life depended on it.

Taking The Test

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She ran up the stairs and closed her bedroom door. If the test was positive, her whole life would be turned upside down.

She waited for five minutes on her bed, thinking about what was going to happen to her future.

Then her phone beeped. It was time to check the results. Michelle’s heart was racing widely.

Not The Results She Was Hoping For

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She looked at the tests in disbelief. Both of them were positive. How was she going to navigate her last year of school, being a cheerleader and being pregnant?

She wanted to be a mother for sure, but not now. Michelle lay on her bed, crying all the tears that could manage to fall from her eyes.

She was beyond devastated. She felt like her life was over.

The Honest Truth

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She needed to tell her mom. They had a good, honest relationship, and Michelle knew she could tell her anything. Most importantly, she needed to tell Richard. He was the father, after all.

Michelle called her mom up to her bedroom. She couldn’t believe that this was happening to her.

As they sat on her bed, Michelle burst out crying again. She didn’t know what to say.


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Her mom was beyond shocked. She trusted Michelle with Richard, but she knew eventually, something would happen once they were alone. It was what teenagers did.

But without passing judgment, she held her daughter and told her everything was going to be fine.

She would have all the support in the world, and the baby would grow up in a stable environment.

Telling Everybody Else

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Michelle was so relieved that her mother was such an understanding and helpful person. But there was still her father, and she didn’t know how he was going to react to the news.

Her mom assured her that he would be upset at first, but he’d get over it eventually. Michelle still had to tell all her friends and Richard.

She wasn’t sure what they would think of her. After all, she was supposed to be a role model.

Planning Ahead

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She felt like a failure and didn’t want the whole school to look down on her. Her mom suggested they all go to the school together to speak to the teacher.

They needed to know how her pregnancy was going to affect the rest of her schooling year, and they needed to plan around it.

She would also need to stop cheerleading at some point.

Baby Daddy

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Telling Richard was the hard part. He had just started college, and she wasn’t sure how it was going to affect them.

He was shocked, to say the least, but vowed to stand by her. He cared about her deeply. His only concern was his strict conservative parents.

Michelle hadn’t met them yet, and they had no idea how they were going to break the news to them.

The School Office

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Michelle was very nervous waiting for the teacher in the office. She had never had reason to be in there before as she was seen as a “good girl.” She never imagined sitting in there with a  pregnant belly.

The teacher was surprised at how supportive Michelle’s parents were.

She didn’t expect the level of maturity from Michelle, and she was impressed. 

Making Arrangements

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They came to an arrangement, and all that was left for Michelle to do was to tell her friends her unexpected news.

They knew she and Richard were in love, but she had not told them that she had taken things to the next level with him.

And now she was expecting his baby. They would be shocked.

Spreading The News

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Michelle braced herself. She requested they meet up after school at their favorite lunch spot at the mall. 

When she eventually told them, their mouths hung open in surprise and shock. They couldn’t believe that the good girl lead cheerleader was pregnant. But they were supportive and excited about the new arrival to their circle.

They couldn’t wait to play dress up with the baby.

The Growing Secret

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As the months went by, Michelle could no longer hide her growing stomach. It seems everyone in the school now knew that she was pregnant.

There were times when she felt some embarrassment and other times when she just showed off her stomach with pride.

She didn’t care anymore, it was part of her, and it wasn’t going anywhere.

Year End

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The school year was also coming to an end soon, and she would have to deal with a prom and graduation outfit.

Luckily, her aunt Janey was a seamstress, and she had been working on her outfits for a month already.

She probably has to add more fabric since she put on a little bit of weight.

Excitement In The Air


With prom and graduation being right around the corner, everyone was busy in one way or another.

The girls were planning their looks while the boys were trying to convince the girls of their dreams to be their dates.

There were posters plastered across the school announcing the dates. And Michelle was starting to feel the pressure.

So Much To Do

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The prom was a day before the graduation ceremony, and they were less than a month away.

Michelle was running out of time, and what felt like a dream day a few months ago was starting to feel like a great burden.

Her stomach was huge, so she had to get the dress fitted more frequently, and she was permanently tired, which didn’t help when she had to run around the whole time.

The Tux


But there was one thing Michelle didn’t have to worry about, her date. Richard had asked to be her date months ago, and he had been planning since.

He was trying one tux after another, in an attempt to find the one that would be a perfect match to her dress.

And he seemed to be very excited about it.

A Special Dress

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Michelle, on the other hand, couldn’t wait to show him what she would look like in the dress that was specially made to accommodate her growing belly. 

It was an exhilarating experience that had Michelle wishing they could claim the titles of Prom King and Queen.

But she knew it was a long shot, especially since he was no longer attending the school.

Prom Night


On the night of the prom, Michelle arrived with Richard by her side, and for the first time since she found out she was pregnant, it felt like she had achieved something.

So she enjoyed every single moment the night had to offer, knowing that she would be done with high school the very next day.

But things wouldn’t be as easy as she hoped.

Drastic Changes


At that moment, all Michelle could think about was what the future had in store for her and the father of her child.

With the school year coming to a close and a baby due in a few months, her life was bound to change. But what changes would take place? Would Richard stay with her when it’s all said and done?

Will they be the family she had always wanted? Will anything stop them in their tracks?

A Disturbing Phone Call

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When Michelle woke up the next morning, she was in for one massive surprise. She walked into the kitchen and found her mom on the phone with the principal.

He was busy telling Mrs. Denson that Michelle wouldn’t be allowed to participate in the graduation ceremony. And she was clearly furious with him. But Michelle didn’t understand.

Why wasn’t she allowed to attend?



Michelle and her family were outraged. Michelle was one of the best students in the school, and she studied hard to earn the right to stand on that stage. But this man was denying her that.

That was unacceptable, and the Densons wouldn’t just accept it. They would fight for Michelle’s rights.

And they would make sure she got the graduation she deserved.

Raising Hell


They made their way to the school, intent on raising the roof if their daughter did not attend her graduation ceremony. But they had no idea who they were going up against.

Mr. Green wasn’t just an ordinary school principal who was set in his old ways.

He was a very conservative man who didn’t believe that teenage girls should show off their mistakes.

Standing His Ground

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Mr. Green was standing firm. He didn’t want Michelle to attend based on the “state she was in.” Mrs. Denson took offense to that statement and vowed to go to the school board to raise her complaints. 

It was clear that Michelle was being discriminated against, and it wasn’t fair.

Sure, she slipped up, but one mistake couldn’t void years of hard work.

A Screaming Match

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A screaming match between Michelle’s mother and the principal ensued. And the poor girl didn’t know where to hide. So she just stood up and left the office, needing to break away from the trouble she caused.

With tears streaming down her cheeks, she called Richard and told him what was going on.

He was livid, but it was what he did that changed everything.

True To His Word


Richard promised he would solve the issue and hung up. But Michelle wasn’t too sure that he could. Mr. Green seemed pretty determined, and she was sure he wouldn’t let an outsider interfere.

So she just leaned against the car and prayed for a miracle. But the next thing she saw left her speechless.

Richard was at the school, and he was running toward the office.

Excuse Me?

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Michelle ran after him, calling his name, but he didn’t look her way.

He was too preoccupied with getting to his destination to pay attention to what was happening around him, so Michelle followed.

When he burst into the office, Mr. Green stopped and turned to Richard. “Son, what are you doing here?” he asked, shocking everyone in the room.



“Please, stop this madness,” Richard said, sitting his father down. “If you want to punish her for getting pregnant, you’ll have to punish me too.”

Richard placed a protective arm around Michelle and said, “she’s carrying my baby.” Mr. Green looked at his son in confusion.

This was the girlfriend he was bragging about but never introduced to his parents.

Time To Explain


Everyone was staring at Richard, surprised to learn that Mr. Green was actually his father. But it was Mr. Green’s actions that forced him to speak up.

“We’ve known for a few months, but we were too afraid to tell you because we didn’t know how you’d react,”

Richard eventually said. He could tell his father was furious, and he had no idea how that would end.

First Question


Mr. Green turned to Michelle’s parents and asked them if they supported the decision.

Michelle thought her mom would speak up, but it was her dad who decided to speak his mind.

“Our daughter had never given us a reason not to support her. If she wants this, we’ll be there every step of the way.”

Second Question


He then turned to his son and asked if he was serious about the situation.

To which Richard replied that he was. He had even gotten a job and an apartment so he could take care of Michelle and the baby.

It might’ve been a mistake, but he was willing to take responsibility for his actions, and he would make sure that Michelle’s dreams could come true.

One Condition


Seeing how serious his son was, Mr. Green apologized, and everyone calmed themselves. But Mr. Green wasn’t done. He still had one last thing he needed his son to do. 

“If that’s what you want, then so be it. But you better get married before that baby’s born.

It might’ve been made out of wedlock, but it doesn’t have to be born that way.”



That night, Michelle walked onto the stage and graduated with honors. Richard was in the stands, cheering her on every step of the way. But she was nervous.

She had hardly known him for a year, yet their lives were about to be turned around.

His father expected them to get married and move in together, which was going much further than she’d thought about until then.

The First Step


A few weeks later, Michelle was walking down the aisle, just as her new father-in-law wanted it.

And she was delighted to find that once they said, “I do,” Mr. Green welcomed her with open arms.

But that wasn’t the most astonishing moment of that day. When Michelle stood at the altar, she finally knew that Richard was the right man for her.

New Home


After that, she moved into the two-bedroom apartment Richard had gotten for them. It was close enough to the college, so they could walk there.

But also near her parent’s house because they would be looking after the baby while the couple was off studying.

It was difficult to adjust at first, but Michelle wanted it to work, and she knew if she was as dedicated to this as she was to her studies, everything would be fine.

The Big Day

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On the 21st of April 2018, Michelle welcomed her son Caleb into the world. And when she held him in her arms for the first time, she knew that everything she had gone through to get to that point was worth it.

Richard was an amazing husband, and he would be an even better dad.

And with the help of their families, both of them would end up having the lives they’d dreamed of.

Next Big Step


A few months later, Michelle joined Richard in their first year as college students. Richard was studying engineering, but Michelle was aiming for her life-long dream job.

She has enrolled in medicine, and she hopes to join the field of pediatrics when she’s done. But until then, she’ll try to balance her studies and her unexpected little family.

In order to protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events or places or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.