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Postmates is a company that delivers restaurant meals and other items locally. Join today and make your own money and schedule now!

I was a single mom working at a local restaurant, part time, waiting tables. I was also enrolled, full time, in college. I was so overwelmed with my plate being so full. I needed to find a new way to make money.

I was sitting with a friend talking about how hard it is to try find a babysitter so that I can go to work and school. She told me that her boyfriend just recently started working for Postmates.

Postmates is a company that delivers restaurant meals and other items locally. Her boyfriend was making his own hours and a good paycheck. So, I quit my job and joined Postmates right away! It was the best decision that I could’ve made for myself and child.

Join Postmates Now!

I recommend you to start working with Postmates. If you do, you will get to make your own work schedule. If the kids aren’t feeling well or you aren’t, you don’t have to work. Everyday you will be getting out of your house and not sitting in front of a computer or stuck in a stuffy office. If need be, you can even bring your children with you on your deliveries.

Being a rideshare driver can be dangerous. If you are a woman, that danger increases. With Postmates, your risk is less since you wont have to share your car with a stranger. To complete your job, just pick up your customers order and deliver it. It’s as easy as that!

With flexible hours, you will have plenty of opportunities to work. If you even get bored or any spare time you can log into the app and find work. You can work full-time or part-time depending on your schedule and life demands.

Join Postmates Now!