Neighbor Is Fed Up With Boy’s Lemonade Stand, But Cops Flood The Street With A Plan

Setting up a lemonade stand and selling the refreshing ice-cold beverage to people who pass by during the summer is a tradition.

Age-Old Tradition

Setting up a lemonade stand and selling the refreshing ice-cold beverage to people who pass by during the summer is a tradition that many children have partaken in.

It’s a great way for young kids to interact with their neighbors, make friends and gain some knowledge about business. But someone was about to ruin everything.

Sweet Intentions

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For this 8-year-old boy in Missouri. All he had wanted for his birthday was a lemonade stand so that he could save enough money to buy his mother a new air-conditioner for her car.

She loved the idea but urged him to use any money he earned for a more meaningful idea that was closer to his heart, and so he instead donated it to a church missionary group.

Up And Running

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As soon as his lemonade stand was finally set up, he got busy selling 50 cent cups of freshly squeezed lemonade. His business was going well and everyone enjoyed the lemonade.

But one Friday afternoon an angry-looking man approached Jacob and demanded to know whether he had a permit or not.

Irate Man

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Gina’s mother approached the man and sent Jacob inside. She asked him if he worked for the city. He did not, but he wanted to know who he would go to if he got sick. As she dealt with the irate man, where she resided, the man said a temporary food permit is needed for anyone who is selling food.

The cost for 1-3 days is $50.


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He insisted that Jacob needed a permit to sell lemonade from his stand even though he wasn’t a city employee. The man warned Gina that he’d have them shut down. Meanwhile, another person had joined the man and they both started to get confrontational over the issue.

Not sure what she should do or whether the man was even telling the truth, Gina turned to Facebook and posted about the issue to see if anyone could help her out. What happens next is incredible.

Mobilizing The Community

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People saw her post and shared it with their friends and family. Before long the community had mobilized behind Jacob and his mother. The next day Jacob woke up to a bunch of people in the street outside of his house.

At first, he thought there was an emergency but then he realized that all the people were actually customers coming to buy lemonade from him! But what about the permit?

Calling In Support

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Not only had the entire fire department come with their ladder engines, so had the county sheriff, local police, metro security, EMTs, and ambulances. All the emergency responders in the area had come out in full force to support him!

Before they left, they even gave Jacob a seal of approval and a temporary permit. How much money would Jacob donate?

A Lot Of Lemonaid

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By the end of the summer, he had raised $350 which he donated to his church.

Perhaps more importantly, he learned that he had a lot of support behind him.