A Practical Guide to Planning a RV Road Trip

Many people dream of taking an epic RV road trip at some point of their lives: The broken backpacker exploring the Australian outback, the family of four making their way through the French Provence, or the retired couple cruising over American highways. The idea of freedom and sleeping wherever and whenever you want, seems utterly intriguing to a wide range of folks. Are you one of them?

Taken that you’re continuing to read this article, I assume you are. And that’s absolutely awesome! There are however a few things you should know, before embarking on the first RV road trip of your life.

Every trip bears the potential to become an incredible experience. But making RV road trip magic happen, requires a wee bit of preparation and a whole lot of patience, with yourself, and your companions (should you have any).

Know Your Budget

Renting an RV in America can be an expensive treat. For rental cost (100$/day),  gas (30$/day) and the money spent on parking (40$/day), you can expect a monthly total of up to 2k. This of course, depends on the length of your rental period, the vehicle of your choice and how many miles you’re actually driving each day.

This might sound a lot at first, but considering that you’ll save money on flights, accommodation and food – as you’ll be prepping most meals in your mobile kitchen instead of eating out, you can actually be saving money. Especially when traveling with kids.

And let’s not forget, that an RV road trip is oh so much more fun!

RV Road Trip Guide

Plan Your Journey

Therefore, the trip should be planned carefully in advance. Pick the destinations you’re wanting to cross off your list, and you might want to check out our West Coasts Top 5 Under-the-Radar Family Road Trip Destinations

Check driving distances, and where you could have a stop-over. We recommend the use of Roadtrippers.com – a great tool that will help you to find spots to visit, stop-overs and RV parks.

Never just take off without a plan. Make sure you are aware of the following:

  • Budget: How much you can allocate for RV rental, gas, accommodation, food and fun?
  • Food: Are you cooking yourself or eating out?
  • Route: Where are you planning to go?
  • Stops: What do you want to see along the way?
  • RV Parks: Where are you going to stay over-night?