Man Delivers Pizza To Burning House, Doesn’t Hesitate To Rush In When He Hears Children Inside


The House Was On Fire!

The home was on fire. Roland threw everything to the ground and dashed for the door. He was aware that time was of the essence if he was to save lives. However, he was completely unaware of the size of the family living there.

Then, images of pets began to flash across his mind. There were so many things he had to consider, but they would only become worse.

Nothing Interesting


Roland was a very average man, and nothing special ever happened to him. He followed the same routine every single day, and he truly believed that nothing of interest would ever happen to him.

He spent the majority of the day driving for his job. He spent 8 hours every single day delivering delicious food to families on his motorbike. He loved seeing how happy they looked when they received their food. But he will eventually encounter a terrible predicament.

An Ordinary Life


Roland McAvoy lived a normal life. His father resided in Britain, and he resided with his mother in Little Rock, Arkansas. Roland loved his town, and he frequently reveled in its natural beauty with rocky hills and rivers surrounding the city.

The moment Roland graduated high school, he immediately got a job to help relieve his mother from her financial burdens. He was lucky enough to find a job at a pizza restaurant as a delivery guy. However, he had no notion of what to expect when he was hired for the position.

Small Perks


It wasn’t the best salary, but there were small benefits that Roland appreciated. Seeing families smiling when they received their food warmed Roland’s heart. Customers have occasionally given him more than simply their goodwill.

Roland would occasionally receive a tip which enabled him to buy his mother nice things. Seeing his mother happy was Roland’s favorite thing.

He Cared A Lot

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Roland was an incredibly empathetic person. He would oftentimes feel the pain of others, such as when a child got injured on the playground. He would instantly drop what he was doing to check on them.

Due to his empathetic nature, Roland had a gentle heart and cared a lot. This turned into a burning desire to assist others in whatever way he could. But he had no idea that one day, this tendency would land him in the hospital.

Last Order


Roland was nearly done with work one Thursday evening. The pizza restaurant closes at nine every night, and it was almost time to close. In preparation for serving a hungry customer, Roland was standing by his bike.

One final order came through before closing time. Roland was ecstatic because he knew he would be making one last customer’s evening. He also hoped that they would tip him. He simply had no idea what he was about to enter.

Driving At Night


It was a phone order, and Roland had to make the delivery to a house located in a quiet neighborhood. Roland loved driving around in the evening. The cool air on his arms was refreshing. He was slowly but surely approaching the neighborhood.

As he drove, he couldn’t help but think about the family’s expression when he handed them their food. The thought brought a smile to his face. But he was unaware that things would quickly spiral out of control.

What Was That?


As he approached the house, he spotted an orange light in the distance. Roland knew that it was quite strange for a person to have still Christmas decorations displayed in the middle of July.

Initially, Roland did not give it much thought. However, as the final mile sped by, he quickly discovered what the light was, and it put him in a scenario he had never imagined himself to be in.

The House


Roland was excited to deliver the final meal of the evening and make his way home. If he were lucky, he would get tipped, and then he would be able to spoil his mother to lunch. However, once he arrived, he stumbled upon something that made his heart sink.

The house’s family immediately benefited from all of the empathy he had gathered over the years. This is so that he could recognize the house as the source of the orange glow.

The Fire

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The residence was on fire. Roland put everything down and ran for the entrance. He was aware that if he intended to rescue people, he needed to act immediately. But he had no idea—not the slightest—of how many family members were present.

Then, images of pets rushed through his head. It was impossible for him to think of everything, and things would only become worse.

Children Trapped

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Roland felt the heat from the blaze on his face. He frantically checked the front door, it was unlocked, but the heat made the handle burn his hand. That didn’t stop him, though. What kept him going was one thing and one thing only.

It was the cry for help he had heard when he got there. It sounded like a child trapped inside the house. He knew going into the inferno could have ended his life, but he didn’t care. His only priority was saving whoever was in there.

Getting Them Out

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Roland sprinted into the inferno without a second thought. He found a child close to the front door, he could tell they were frightened, but he grabbed them and pulled them out of the house.

Thankfully, Roland was working alone, and the father of the house was at the top of the stairs getting the rest of the family out. After everyone was out of the house safe, Roland collapsed on the front lawn.

A Trip To The ER

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Soon after everyone was saved, the police, fire brigade, and ambulance arrived to provide aid. Roland and the family were taken to the hospital to make sure they were alright. Roland was checked in for his hand burnt hand and also for all of the smoke he had inhaled.

The entire time, Roland didn’t think of himself. He thought of the family that he had helped, but it didn’t take long to see how they were.

A Visit

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The family had been discharged from the hospital earlier than Roland and decided to visit him while he was still recovering. The father of the family told him how grateful he was. He told Roland that he wanted to thank him once he got out properly.

After two days in the hospital, Roland walked with only hand injuries from the fire. But then he decided to pay the family a visit.

A New Friendship

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Roland met the family in a park near the hospital. There they had a picnic and got to know each other. He was ecstatic that they were all okay. In his mind, that was the most important thing.

Roland could tell this was the beginning of a new friendship. And the father of the family had something special for him. The largest tip he had ever received. The father said, “We expect most delivery guys to deliver our pizzas but never has one ever saved my family’s life.”

In order to protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events or places or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.