Pitbull’s Persistent Behavior Raises Concerns: Veterinarian Discovers Surprising Explanation


A Jumpy Canine

The dog was anxious, he kept pawing at the ground trying to jump on the bed. But he couldn’t get up. He barked quietly, but she didn’t stir.

The little girl was fast asleep and she had no idea what was happening. Everybody in the house was fast asleep.

Would anybody wake up to check on the sleeping child?

New Friends


Mimi’s eyes sparkled with delight as she toddled around the living room, her small hands brushing against the furry coat of a young Pitbull pup. She begged her mother for a puppy.

Luna, a gift from her mother Laura Crocket on her second birthday, wagged her tail energetically, already forging a bond that would grow into an unbreakable connection.

What was so special about Luna?

Fun Filled Days


Mimi’s childhood was a kaleidoscope of laughter, scraped knees, and a loyal companion named Luna. Her mother, an artist, ensured that she always enjoyed the beauty of nature in Illinois.

From the moment Laura brought the spirited pit bull into their home, the bond between the two was unbreakable. Laura’s husband Peter worked away and was rarely home.

They knew that their lives were going to be filled with adventure.

Out On The Town


Mimi’s life was a whirlwind of joy and adventure, all centered around her loyal companion, Luna. The majestic Pitbull had been a gift from her mother, Laura Crocket, on Mimi’s second birthday, and from that day forward, their bond grew stronger with each passing moment. 

Now, at the tender age of six, Mimi and Luna were inseparable, embarking on countless escapades together.

Laura had to constantly search for them in the nearby park.

The Best Dog


Luna became Mimi’s guardian, a furry sentinel watching over her as she explored the world. It seemed as though Mimi knew how to communicate with her furry pal.

Together, they navigated the neighborhood, chased butterflies in the park, and even dabbled in local dog competitions, where Luna’s agility and Mimi’s infectious joy charmed the crowds.

They were well known in the area.

Peas In A Pod


As the years passed, Mimi and Luna became inseparable. They explored the world together, from the serene park near their home to the bustling city streets. A few neighbors were worried that Luna was a vicious dog breed and wouldn’t be safe for her, but Luna proved them wrong.

Luna’s loyalty mirrored Mimi’s unwavering love for her canine companion. They even became a dynamic duo at local dog competitions, winning hearts with their synchronized performances.

Luna was not just any dog.

Enjoying The Outdoors


They explored the park, entered local dog competitions, and created memories that would last a lifetime. Mimi’s eyes sparkled with excitement, and Luna’s tail wagged with boundless enthusiasm.

Life was perfect until something strange happened. Laura, however, noticed an unexpected development – Luna had started sharing the bed with Mimi.

This puzzled Laura, for she had a strict rule against dogs on the bed.

What To Do


A shadow loomed over this idyllic partnership. Laura, a stern woman with a heart that melted for her daughter, had one rule – no dogs on the bed. It was a rule Laura held onto tightly, one that seemed to clash with Luna’s insistence on being close to Mimi. 

Every night, Luna would whimper at the bedroom door, pleading to join Mimi on her bed.

And every night, despite Laura’s stern reprimands and shooing, Luna would find a way back onto that forbidden territory.

The Rules


Laura Crocket, a firm and caring mother, observed their camaraderie with a smile. However, she couldn’t ignore the fact that Luna had become a fixture in Mimi’s life, especially when she noticed the pair snuggled up together on Mimi’s bed at night. 

Laura, a stickler for rules, didn’t appreciate dogs on the bed, fearing it would disrupt Mimi’s sleep.

She also didn’t want mud on her sheets.

She’s Still There


One evening, after an exhausting day at work, Laura entered Mimi’s room to find her daughter curled up beside Luna, both peacefully dreaming away. She didn’t want germs spreading on her bed, and it irritated her.

Laura sighed, realizing she needed to address the issue. She sat on the edge of the bed, gently waking Mimi.

How would the little girl respond?

Leave Her Mom


“Mimi, sweetheart, dogs shouldn’t be on the bed. It’s not healthy,” Laura said, her voice laced with concern. Mimi’s eyes fluttered open, and she looked up at her mother with a puzzled expression. “But Luna keeps me warm, Mommy. She’s my best friend.” 

Laura smiled, understanding the deep connection between her daughter and the loyal Pitbull.

“I know, honey, but we need to find a way for Luna to sleep comfortably without disturbing you.”

An Attached Dog


Days turned into weeks, and Laura pondered on how to keep Luna off the bed without hurting Mimi’s feelings. She was exhausted because no matter what she did, Luna would bark nonstop.

She tried introducing Luna to a cozy dog bed on the floor, but the pup would inevitably find her way back to Mimi’s side by morning.

The dog bed was just not good enough for little Luna.

The Talk


One evening, as the sun dipped below the horizon, casting a warm glow across the room, Laura sat down with Mimi for a heart-to-heart talk. “Sweetie, we need to teach Luna a new habit. How about we create a special place just for her, where she can sleep comfortably and you two can still be close?”

Laura showed her daughter a new dog house she bought for Luna. It was huge for a dog, but they treated Luna like one of their children.

Would Mimi go along with the plan?

Together To Sleep


Mimi’s eyes lit up with excitement, and together they crafted a cozy corner for Luna, complete with a soft bed and Mimi’s favorite blanket. They thought Luna would cry sleeping outside on the patio

With love and patience, they trained Luna to appreciate her new sleeping space. It wasn’t long before Luna embraced the change, content to rest in her designated area.

She seemed to like her new dog house.

It’s Just A Game


As Laura watched her daughter and Luna adapt to the new routine, she marveled at the resilience of their bond. The girl and dog played inside the new dog house. Seeing Mimi so happy made Luna more comfortable.

With a sigh of relief, she realized that some challenges could be overcome with understanding, communication, and a little creativity. Luna’s wagging tail and Mimi’s peaceful sleep became a testament to a harmonious compromise.

But for how long would it last?

A Good Dog


Luna was a good girl the whole week. But Laura knew she was playing a dangerous game by feeding Luna dog treats outside her dog house to make her sleep there every night. But it was worth it.

And so, under the moonlit sky, Laura Crocket marveled at the sight of Luna peacefully resting in her designated spot, wondering how she had ever doubted that a simple change could strengthen the bonds of love.

Was the over-cautious mother doing the right thing?

Luna Is Back


One evening, as Laura entered the room, she found Luna nestled beside Mimi, their connection evident in the way Luna’s eyes followed every move the little girl made. “Not again Luna!” Laura said.

Laura sighed, gently shooing Luna off the bed. Luna whimpered and, despite Laura’s attempts, leaped back up, pressing close to Mimi.

Did she forget her training already?

She Loves Me Mom


Perplexed, Laura asked Mimi about Luna’s behavior. Mimi looked up with innocent eyes and said, “Luna’s protecting me, Mommy. She doesn’t want to leave me alone.” 

Laura, torn between enforcing rules and understanding the depth of their bond, softened her stance but remained wary of this peculiar attachment.

She kept an eye on the dog and her daughter.

Learning To Behave


Days passed, and Laura observed Luna’s unwavering vigilance over Mimi. The dog house stood outside collecting dust, Luna refused to sleep in it anymore. But Mimi still tried to get her to play in it.

However, a growing concern nagged at her. One evening, while Luna licked Mimi’s stomach, Laura noticed a red mark that seemed like a bruise. Panic gripped her heart. Was Luna the cause?

Laura hesitated but decided to investigate.

Something More


After successfully evicting Luna from the bed, Laura noticed a red mark on Mimi’s stomach. Panic surged through her as she wondered if Luna was to blame. 

Luna, however, approached Mimi with a gentleness that contradicted Laura’s suspicions. The pit bull licked the mark and whimpered as if trying to communicate something beyond the realm of human understanding.

How did Mimi get hurt so badly?

What Happened


Approaching Mimi cautiously, she asked, “Sweetheart, how did you get this mark on your stomach?” Mimi looked down, her face serious, “Luna didn’t do it, Mommy. She’s just trying to help it go away.” 

Laura’s worry deepened as she examined the mark more closely, realizing it was more than a bruise.

Luna continued to whimper, sensing the distress in the air. If the dog didn’t do it, then who did?

A Strange Mark


Desperation clung to Laura’s voice as she questioned Mimi further.

“Did something happen? Did you fall?” Mimi hesitated before whispering, “I don’t remember. Luna found it and started licking it. It hurts, Mommy.” 

Laura’s heart sank, torn between comforting her daughter and unraveling the mystery behind the unexplained mark.

An Innocent Child


Concern etched on her face; Laura queried Mimi about the peculiar behavior of Luna. Mimi, with the innocence of a child, explained, “Luna is protecting me, Mommy. She knows when I’m not feeling well.”

Laura dismissed it as a child’s fanciful imagination until the next morning. Luna’s premonition seemed more profound when Laura discovered that the mark on Mimi’s stomach wasn’t Luna’s doing; it was a red bruise.

Fear clutched at Laura’s heart as she contemplated the implications of this mysterious injury.

A Professional Opinion


Determined to uncover the truth, Laura decided to consult a doctor. As they awaited the appointment, Luna stayed by Mimi’s side, a protective guardian with sorrowful eyes. 

The suspense in the air grew thicker, as the answers to Mimi’s mysterious bruise remained hidden, waiting to be unveiled in the doctor’s office.

The doctor was shocked and immediately took the child to the X-ray department.

Mimi Is Sick


Determined to unravel the mystery, Laura rushed Mimi to the doctor.

A battery of tests ensued, revealing a diagnosis that sent shockwaves through Laura’s world – Mimi had a rare blood disease, anemia that caused her to bruise easily. 

The doctor explained that Luna’s attentiveness and insistence on staying close to Mimi had, unknowingly, been a crucial factor in identifying the warning signs.

The Dog Spotted It


As the weight of the diagnosis settled on Laura’s shoulders, gratitude eclipsed her initial concerns about dogs on the bed.

She changed her mind and realized that Luna was there when she couldn’t be.

Luna, the seemingly disobedient pit bull, had emerged as an unsung hero in Mimi’s life, an intuitive protector who sensed the fragility within the child.

A Caring Animal


In the weeks that followed, Luna’s presence became even more vital. She stayed by Mimi’s side during treatment, her warm body providing comfort during the challenging days. 

Luna, once a playful companion, now assumed the role of a devoted guardian angel.

Laura even trained her to push a small trolley with water and food for Mimi.

The Dog Saved Her


As Mimi fought against the illness, Luna became a symbol of resilience and unwavering loyalty.

Laura installed a home safety camera to check up on her daughter while she was at work or with the babysitter.

The forbidden bed became a sanctuary where Luna and Mimi found solace in each other’s company, a silent agreement between a girl and her extraordinary pit bull.

A Healing Process


Luna was not a typical Pitbull, she displayed kindness and patience like that of a human. In the face of adversity, Luna’s love proved to be the balm that soothed Mimi’s pain. 

Together, they navigated the unpredictable terrain of illness, forging a bond that transcended the boundaries of human understanding.

Through it all Luna was by Mimi’s side.

One Big Family


After a few weeks, Mimi’s condition improved. Laura moved her dog house indoors and it made things easier for cleaning time.

Luna slept there and with Mimi too.

And in the quiet moments of the night, when Luna rested on the forbidden bed, it became a sacred space where the magic of unconditional love and healing unfolded, saving the day in the most unexpected way.