Why You Should Fall in Love with a Pit Bull

It’s 2018 and unfortunately pit bulls still tend to get a bad rap in the dog world. News outlets often choose to run story after story of pit bull attacks which contribute to the overall fear of this breed of dog. We think this is a true shame, because anyone who has spent any time around pit bulls knows that they are some of the most loving dogs ever.

According to Pit Bull info, in 2017 alone, at least 12 different breeds were involved in fatal dog attacks confirming that serious dog-related incidents are not a breed-specific issue. In fact, all of the myths about pit bulls being aggressive, having the most powerful bite and being innately dangerous are not true. For starters, “pit bulls” are comprised of several different breeds of dogs that are classified as “pit bull” but in reality are of a similar breed. In the USA, there are an estimated 18,000,000 pit bull- type dogs and they are the 3rd most common breed to be adopted from the shelter, meaning that there are many pits with loving homes.

Pit bulls are loving and caring animals that deserve respect, and we’re going to show you five reasons why you should (and will) fall in love with this incredible breed.

5.) They’re the Cuddliest Creatures Ever

Ask any pit bull owner and they will tell you that being cuddle by one of these little guys is the best feeling in the world. Pit bulls are an extremely affectionate breed and will snuggle up with you for hours if you let them. They just want to be loved and cuddled like any other dog does.

These mushy babies will make you feel extremely loved and will bring joy into your life, easily.