People Share ‘Final Straw’ Moments That Ended Their Relationship


The Final Straw

Ever been talking to a friend when they say something that really makes you feel like it’s a mark against them? Well, we have too and sometimes it’s just too much.

Sometimes a person in your life says or does something that feels like that final straw moment where you have to cut them off completely. Whether for better or worse, here are some of those moments.

Wrong Spelling


Ever broken up with something only for them to try and win you back and you feel those old emotions starting to come back? Well, not if they spell your name wrong as one poster told us.

“When I broke up with the man that I had been living with for three years for being a cheater. He wrote me a letter to try to win me back. I opened it excitedly, only to find that he spelled my first name wrong.” -Anonymous, New York


The New York Times

We’re glad that this girl ended things. Anyone who doesn’t have consideration for other people needs to open their eyes and change their outlook.

“My ex-boyfriend had been on and off for a while and the final straw was when we were pulling into my gated apartment complex. An elderly woman was in her car ahead of us, attempting to punch numbers into the gate code box. She was obviously having a hard time and the gate wasn’t opening, but my ex started cussing and honking and was so annoyed with her. I knew at that moment that we were over!” -Anonymous, 40, Texas



Here’s a relationship that ended for the best. If anyone ever says anything like this we hope whoever they said it to can find better people to surround themselves with.

“My brother’s wife lost a second sibling and started telling people that she had to quit hoping that one of my brother’s siblings would die so that he knew what she felt like. Who says things like that? When I called her out, she immediately became the victim. I don’t miss her or my brother, he is miserable in that marriage but he loves drama.” -Anonymous, 48, Illinois

Greedy Relatives


This person’s family decided to take advantage of her mother in her old age. Those are family members that they would be better without.

“My mom, who had been the matriarch of my family, had been taken advantage of by a close family member. In 2014, my mom began showing signs of dementia and her health steadily declined. As she deteriorated, this family member secretly persuaded her to sign over power of attorney. The family member then proceeded to open credit cards and loans in my mom’s name and get work done on their house, while my mom’s own roof was falling down around her. By the time my husband and I found out the extent of it, the family member had wiped her out.” -Anonymous, 50, Pennsylvania



Here’s a friend that accepted food, accommodation, and even plane tickets and then decided to be two-faced. That’s definitely “final straw” worthy.

“My best friend from high school moved away after graduation but we maintained our friendship. One summer, I paid for concert tickets, her roundtrip plane ride, food, gas, and more for a trip we had planned. This was all for her to ‘mistakenly’ text me (after I dropped her at the airport) about how I drove her crazy the whole week she visited. I cried during the whole drive home but never spoke to her again.” -Anonymous, 28, North Carolina



Her partner showed her his true side after discriminating against their unborn granddaughter because of her physical appearance. This one has to be more than just a final straw and more like a bale of it.

“When my husband told me that my mixed-race granddaughter would never amount to anything because she was half black. I left him the day after he said it, a full month before she was even born.” -Anonymous, 50, California



Here’s a guy that friend-zoned the poster for years before getting jealous when she moved on. He spread rumors and lies about her new partner.

“I met someone that swept me off my feet, and my guy friend was not happy for me. He became obsessed with destroying my new guy’s character and proceeded to stalk his social media and tell lies about him because they lived in the same city. The final straw was when he made up a huge lie that my guy was cheating on me and that he knew the girls personally. When it came time to ‘produce those receipts’ he backtracked on everything that he said.” -Anonymous, 37, Delaware



This person’s sister decided to overreact and call services on her more “mistreatment” of their mother. But that couldn’t have been further from the truth.

I’d gotten my mother a cell phone, which she lost, unbeknownst to me. When my sister couldn’t get ahold of her, instead of calling me to see if mom was okay, she went directly to our state adult protective services and lied, telling them that I was abusing my mom by not letting her have contact with anyone.” -Anonymous, 59, Washington State

Couldn’t Remember


A friend that can’t remember really important things or events in your life is probably best left at arm’s length. It means they’ll never be there for you when it matters. For this person, it was a deal-breaker.

I had received a life-changing medical diagnosis, and it was quite a shock. My life was completely in chaos and I called him and told him about it. Cue to a few weeks later, I called him to say hello. He asked how I was, I answered, ‘I’m okay, but still upset about the diagnosis.’ He said, ‘What diagnosis?'” -Anonymous, 53, California



Stealing is one thing, but stealing from your partner? That’s on another level of terrible. At least they got rid of them in the end.

“When I found out my wife was stealing money out of my bank account. I had added her to the account because she had closed her own, but later I found out that she had an open account with another bank. The best that I can figure, she stole about $10K, not to mention the $30K+ in credit card debt that she left me with.” -Anonymous, 50ish, Alabama



Finding out your partner is cheating can be soul-crushing. And this man found out in the oddest way. This would definitely be the last straw if there ever had to be one.

“I found birth control pills in my wife’s drawer. I had a vasectomy three years before while we were married.” – Anonymous, 72, Maine

Silent Treatment


The silent treatment is already quite childish, but if you’re gonna do it make sure you have a justified reason for it. This friend certainly didn’t.

“My best friend lost her job, and her MARRIED boyfriend broke up with her. She was mad that I didn’t show up to get drunk with her every night, so she gave me the silent treatment.” – Anonymous, 57, Texas

Getting Sick


When two people get married they normally recite enduring love in both health and sickness. Well, it seems this person definitely didn’t think that should have been the case and as a result, it ended in the final straw.

“When I asked if he would take care of me if I got sick, he said that he didn’t love me that much.” -Anonymous, 59, Washington

Birthday Wishes


Forgetting a birthday is one thing, but acknowledging it without even wishing someone should be a crime, especially if it is your husband.

“One year, a friend called me around 9 p.m. to wish me a happy birthday. When I got off the phone, my husband asked why she called. When I told him, he said, ‘Oh yeah, it’s your birthday,’ and absolutely nothing else.” -Anonymous, 59, Florida