People Afraid When Hurt Animal Turns Head


Glowing Eyes

Jordan heard a strange noise that pierced through the silence of the night. The hairs all over his body stood on end. His mind went blank as he tried to figure out where the sound had been coming from. He had been petrified but he still made his way towards the sound. Not knowing might be even more terrifying than finding out. 

He noticed that something had been moving in the shadows once he reached the edge of the property. He instinctively ran back to the house when he saw that the thing had turned its head and with its glowing eyes stared right at him. A howl followed in the distance, not unlike the one from before. It was at that moment that he realized what he was looking at and quickly made his way back to it.

Howls Of Anguish

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He ran towards the creature as his heart was climbing out of his chest. How had he even thought about doing something so reckless? But the howl did not sound like a threat, more like something that came from a creature who desperately needed help. He had recognized it somehow.

He could see the animals shape. It was struggling. His instincts told him that he needed to get closer to help it, but could he trust it.

Nerves Of Steel

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He slowly made his way towards the struggle. He heard twigs rustling close by. The animals howls have turned into a yelping noise, it had definitely been in pain. (

His nerves were getting to him. What if this had been some sort of tactic to lure him into a trap. But he could not believe his eyes once he could decipher what the strange shape had been.   

Calling For Help.

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He gave a terrible gasp when he could see it fully. He looked around him for an answer. How could this have happened?

He was in shock. It was looking up into his eyes, begging him to help it. He checked his phone knowing that the logical thing to do is call someone who might be able to assist.


Youtube – J Utah

Jordan Ramsey had an awful day. After a project that he had been working on came across a couple of hiccups, he had to work an additional 4 hours.

And to make matters worse, he experienced car difficulties once he finally finished his work. Jordan had been stuck at the office. 

Wrong Turn

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His wife had been angry with him. They just moved out to Orlando and it had been the third time that week that he was working late.

There had also been an accident on the way that he usually takes home. He got lost by taking a detour and realized the error that he made.  

Lights In The Distance

Youtube – Mike in Canada

He was alone somewhere in a forest, on a dark road that he didn’t know. The car started making noises that he couldn’t explain before it suddenly died. Thats when he saw that on top of everything going wrong, he also did not have any signal.

He decided to walk through the forest back to the main road, in the middle of the night. At one point he come to a dirt road with lights somewhere in the distance when the howling started. It caught him off guard and changed the course of his evening.  

No Response

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At first the animals elusiveness gave him a scare. It was mishapen and disturbing at first sight. However frightening he is gratefull that he went back to check on whatever made that noise.

He saw houses close by, and it had been in a grassy area outside what he assumed was someones yard where he found it. But no one had come to assist after he called out many times.

No Signal

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He finally caught a glimpse of it, when a sliver of light fell on its face. It hadn’t been a beast from the depths of hell, that has come to claim his soul.

It was just a poor dog badly injured in desperate need of help. He checked his phone frantically, knowing full well that there was no signal. What was he going to do? He tried every angle, looking high and low and finally got one bar.

In His Lap

Clever Hiker

He successfully got through to the authorities in that area. They patched him through to animal services and asked him to wait for them.

He sat in the dark with the dogs head in his lap. Having to helplessly listen to its cries and anguish. There had been nothing that he could do but wait.

Help Arrived

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When help arrived, the people from Orange County Animal Services were as shocked as him when they saw the animal. They thanked Jordan for his kindness in staying behind to help it. According to them, if he hadn’t called, it might not have survived the night. 

After explaining his situation, they helped him arrange a tow truck for his vehicle. He felt deeply connected to the animal now and invested in its fate. With their help, Jordan finally got some answers about what had happened to it. 

A Dog

Passion 4 Pits – Lisa Otto

Far from a scary monster, the frightening-looking animal Jordan Ramsey encountered that night was just a dog. She was a pit bull, badly emaciated, and suffering from such severe injuries that half her face was missing. 

The injuries had made her seem like some kind of freakish animal. In reality, she was just the victim of terrible abuse. According to animal services, this kind of thing was sadly all too common. 

Helping Her

Facebook – khalessithepitbull – Lisa Otto

With the help of an animal rescue foundation and many generous people who heard the story and helped with donations, there was now hope. The sweet dog was named “Khaleesi,” and a plan was put together to help her.

Khaleesi was in dire need of facial reconstruction surgery and medical attention. The extent of the abuse she had suffered over time was heartbreaking. If Jordan had not come across her that night, she would surely not have survived.


Facebook – Hays Towne Hospital

Due to the severe nature of Khaleesi’s injuries, she could not walk properly. The damage to her jaws and face, aside from giving her a bizarre appearance, impacted her ability to eat and breathe. 

Luckily, with the help of all the people involved, and a lot of time and love, her prognosis is good. She will, however, require many months of surgery and care to get there. 


Passion 4 Pits Rescue – Lisa Otto

Given her dire situation when she was found, Khaleesi’s story has a silver lining. Not only was she found in time and placed with the right people to help her, but there is also a long-term plan for her future. 

The organization,  Passion 4 Pits Rescue, is hopeful that she will be eligible for adoption once she is fully recovered. In time, Khaleesi will have a forever home with a loving family and finally be given the care and love she deserves. 

In order to protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events or places or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.