Paula Deen’s Top 5 Most Butter-ific Dishes

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There’s no doubt former Food Network star Paula Deen loves her butter. She’s so closely associated with the dairy product that she even launched her own line of “finishing butters.” Now that Deen has been fired from the Food Network for admitting she made racist comments in the past, many of her detractors are saying her forcible leave of absence is no great loss, due to her gratuitously high-calorie recipes. But even though Deen’s television career appears to be over, her saturated recipes live on in our hearts and on our thighs.

5 Gator Taters

One of Deen’s more bizarre recipes, and that’s saying something, this dish puts deep-fried gator tails into baked potatoes and tops the whole thing with Deen’s special “potato sauce.” What makes it butter-licious is how much butter Deen’s recipe calls for in the baked potatoes: it feeds four and requires 1/2 a pound of butter. That means each serving, in addition to the fried gator, has four tablespoons of butter plus potato sauce, which consists of 2 cups of cheese and 1 cup of mayonnaise. Hopefully it’s not just a side dish.

4 Paula’s Double Chocolate Ooey Gooey Butter Cake Ice Cream

Remember that butter cake? When you were reading about it, you were probably thinking that what the cake needed was some ice cream. Deen comes to the rescue again with butter cake ice cream, only this version calls for chocolate cake mix instead of yellow cake mix. All other ingredients, including the two sticks of butter, are the same. Once your cake is baked and cooled, cut it into bite-sized pieces and mix it into chocolate ice cream. And don’t forgot to top your scoop of frozen heart attack with some hot fudge.

3 Peanut Butter Cheese Fudge

Imagine getting a big ol’ spoonful of peanut butter, dipping it in melted Velveeta, and then putting it in your mouth. Sound delicious? Deen has answered your prayers, then, by not only combining these two flavors but merging them into a decadent fudge. Naturally, since it’s a fudge, it has a lot of butter: two sticks of butter, to be precise, along with equal parts peanut butter and cheese. Maybe a more accurate recipe title would be Peanut Butter-Butter-Cheese Fudge.

2 Paula’s Fried Butter Balls

What’s better than butter? Fried butter in ball form, of course. Just take two sticks of butter, and combine them with two ounces of cream cheese—because you can’t eat pure butter: that would be gross. You form the mixture into balls; freeze them; coat them with flour, egg and breadcrumbs; freeze them again; and then work your deep-fry magic. It’s just like a hushpuppy, only not.

1 Gooey Butter Cake

How about some nice butter cake? This is actually one of the staples of American baking, which originated in St. Louis as some sort of epic baking mistake. The typicaly butter cake resembles a pound cake and contains a stick of butter, but what takes Deen’s version to her own level of butter overload is the filling, which contains another stick of butter—for a total of half a pound of butter. As a bonus, it contains a package of cream cheese.

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