Cop Blocks EMT With His Car, Learns Valuable Lesson


Blue And Red Lights

They had a job to do, and that was to get everyone to safety. The blinding blue and red lights did nothing to deter the onlookers, who had slowed down because of their curiosity.

But the bright lights weren’t what was grabbing everyone’s attention. It was a heated argument between the police officer and the EMT.

Squeezing Past


The road was narrow, but there was even less space for the cars to pass because of the five police cruisers and the ambulance. The traffic was to be redirected to squeeze past the accident scene.

The EMTs were hard at work, with one securing an injured civilian while another, Troy, tried to find a way out. He scowled at the cop car blocking the exit.

“Move Your Car”


Troy noticed his partner was readying to secure the injured civilian to the stretcher. He needed the cop to move his car quickly, but he was surprised to be met by the cop’s scowl.

He muttered under his breath as he looked at the number plate before shouting out a name of a younger cop standing nearby. He called for him to move his car, but the order seemed to fall on deaf ears.

Get A Move On


Troy couldn’t believe what he was seeing. How could anyone refuse to move for an ambulance, let alone a cop? The Sergeant grew angry and decided to move the cruiser himself, but the vehicle was locked.

Troy’s attention was grabbed by his partner, who was frantically waving for him to get in the ambulance. He turned to the Sergeant and said, “We need to get a move on.” He called to the subordinate again, but he ignored the order again.

Searching For Solutions


Troy was growing more panicked by the minute, which was very unlike him, considering his profession. It was challenging to remain calm when the ones blocking their path were those who had sworn to serve and protect.

His mind raced with how to rectify the situation, his eyes darting all over the place to try and find something that would help. That’s when he spotted the tow truck.

Tow Truck Driver


Troy turned to the Sergeant and said, “We could ask him for help.” The Sergeant looked to where he was pointing and saw the driver taking a drink of water. He didn’t hesitate to run towards the truck.

Once the driver noticed the Sergeant, he explained that he had been called as an extra. “Do you need help with anything?” he asked. The Sergeant nodded and pointed to the locked car blocking the road. “You can move that out of the way,” he said.

A New Plan

The Drive

However, he knew the towing would come with a cost. He asked the driver how much he would charge to move the vehicle. Troy couldn’t help but smile along with the Sergeant when the driver gave his answer.

Troy rushed back to the ambulance and explained everything to his partner when he gave him a questioning look. They started the engine and waited for their new plan to take action.

Flip Of The Lever

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They watched as the tow truck driver hooked the long cable up to the car. He walked back to the truck and flipped the lever.

The motor whirred to life, and the cable was pulled taught. There was a creaking noise as the front of the cruiser was lifted from the road, and it wasn’t long before the vehicle was pulled onto the grass. There was a yell, and Try watched the young cop start to run.

Angry Demands 

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Troy and his partner drove past and had to hear the rest of what happened from the Sergeant.

The young cop had gone red in the face from the anger that bubbled from within. He kept shouting that the tow truck driver must return his car but he simply brushed the demands off.

One Hundred Dollars


The driver told him that the only way he was getting his car back was if he paid the drop rate. “How much is that?” the young cop asked. “One hundred dollars,” the driver replied. The cop was seething at this point and looked at the Sergeant, hoping he would help.

His boss stood his ground and told him that if any vehicles blocked the path of emergency services, it was legal to have that car removed. The young cop’s anger flared again. This wasn’t the end.



“I’ll give you forty. That’s it.” The burly driver leaned against the truck and shook his head. “Nope. Drop fee is a hundred.” “Fifty.” “A hundred. 

It will be more if I pull it away.” The headstrong man let out an angry but defeated sigh and pulled out his wallet.



He peeled off four 20s from his fold and shoved them in the driver’s hand. When the tires hit the ground, and the hook came off, the young man jumped in his car and squealed away, still boiling with anger. 

The Sergeant finally let go and let out a long, hard laugh. Apparently, this lesson had been long-coming.

Only A Few Weeks

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Apparently, the new guy had only been on the job for a couple of weeks. He was like most rookies – an inflated sense of ego and cock-of-the-walk attitude with everyone. 

This guy was a bit worse and acted like he ran the place. There was also another hilarious thing that was kept a secret.

The Law


The grounds (and “law”) they had used for moving the car were actually false. There was no law at all. 

The young, cocky buck didn’t need to spend a hundred. However, as far as his boss was concerned, it was worth the lesson that cops are not exempt from the rules. As for Troy…

One Team

The Guardian

They were able to get to the hospital, and the injured people in the accident got the care they needed. 

He and his partner also got a good, long laugh. It let out the day’s stress and reminded them everyone was one big team, even the people you didn’t expect.

The Sergeant


Troy’s life moved on as usual, but things would only get more interesting for the police sergeant that had helped him show that rookie cop who was boss. It seems that he would pay for his little prank, and it would be at the hands of the person he’d wronged.

The officer went on his life, as usual, all while the rookie cop was plotting something. And the key to it all would be the sergeant’s car.

Sergeant Spencer Oswell


Sergeant Spencer Oswell had been a part of the police force for over 20 years. He rose to the rank of sergeant quickly and stayed there. But looking back, he was nostalgic about his glory days.

He remembered all of his firsts while he was a rookie cop. His first patrol car was particularly special. But he had no idea what was in store for him.

His First Car

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You’d think that most officers would love a new car. An upgrade was always appreciated, but if Oswell could choose, he’d give up his shiny cruiser for his first patrol car. 

There was a special bond he made with “her.”

A Lot Of Memories

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Oswell remembered a lot about his old car. He knew that most officers wouldn’t remember the old models. They were before their time. But he saw it in his dreams and thought about it more often than he ever let on.

But as he was daydreaming about his old car, there was a plot against him. The rookie cop was busy scheming, and it all had to do with that old patrol car.

A Good Mentor


Oswell was always seen as a kind of mentor for the other officers. He was always hard on them, but it was normally for a good reason. If some young hothead had to be put in his place, Oswell normally did it.

But even though most people admired him for that. One rookie cop in particular who’d been scorned one too many times decided that he would take action.

Getting A Phone Call


Just a week after the incident with the EMTs, Oswell was notified by his colleagues that an important call had just come in. There was apparently a suspicious car that had been parked in front of the police station.

He would take the helm and investigate this. What was going on? Unfortunately, he had no idea that the entire precinct was in on the prank.

Checking It Out

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Oswell walked out of his office and took the elevator down to the ground fall. It was a hot day, and he didn’t like leaving the comfort of his office, but it was his job. He had to figure out what was going on.

He left the police station and walked through the parking lot to where the mysterious vehicle was left unattended. His mind raced with possibilities. He just hoped he wouldn’t have to call in the bomb squad.

A Ghost From The Past


Oswell couldn’t believe what he saw when he rounded the corner. It was like he was staring at a ghost from the past. He saw his old cruiser, the very first one he had ever owned. But that was impossible, wasn’t it?

He approached the car with morbid curiosity and examined it closely. That’s when he noticed something very strange.

Who Set Him Up?

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Oswell was extremely suspicious. Something was very wrong, and someone was responsible for it. He thought of all the people that would want to do this to him. Then his mind flashed to what he had done to the rookie cop from the other day.

It had to have been him as he turned around. He saw the same man standing behind him, with a wide grin on his face.

Looking Into The Cruiser


What kind of joke was this? He looked back at the cruiser and peered inside. It matched everything from his old vehicle. But that’s what stumped him the most when he scrutinized every inch of the vehicle.

The interior was the same. The paint job was the same. By all rights, this could have been his car, but he knew that was impossible.

There Was A Slip-Up


There was one glaring detail that didn’t sit quite well with Oswell. It was the paint job. He could tell it was a recently touched-up. This wasn’t his original car. That was impossible. So who decided to recreate it one-to-one?

What kind of angle was the rookie cop getting at? But he’d find out just a second later.

The Rookie Cop


Oswell turned back to the rookie cop who was standing behind in with a smug look on his face. “What’s this about? How and why would you go through all of this effort just to get back at me?” He stammered.

The rookie cop slowly closed the distance between them. His smile was as broad as ever. He then put a hand on his shoulder and opened his mouth.

The Truth

YouTube – Polk County

“Well, I pitched the idea to all of the other officers. We all see you as a mentor and want to do something extra special for you. One of the older officers informed me that you missed your old patrol car.” The rookie cop explained to Oswell with pride in his voice.

Oswell was touched by this. He couldn’t believe what the precinct had done for him. He felt guilty being so suspicious.

His Breaking Point


Oswell had reached his breaking point. He was known for never showing emotion, especially in the face of danger. But he couldn’t hide the cocktail of emotions he was feeling at that moment. His eyes glistened with wet tears, and his voice broke.

“Thank you, thank you so much. I know I can be hard on you guys, but it’s only because I care so much.” He said as he hugged the rookie cop.

Taking Her For A Spin


Just a few minutes later, Oswell found himself behind the wheel of the cruiser. It was like he was back as a rookie cop on his first patrol. He couldn’t help himself as he revved the engine. This was a special car for a special man.

He’d never forget what they had done for him. The precinct was his second family, and they would always look out for each other.

In order to protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events or places or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.