Pat Sajak Kicks Out Rude Contestant Unaware Of Who He Really Is


Wheel Of Fortune

Wheel Of Fortune is a show we’ve all heard about at least once in our lives.

For those who don’t know, it’s a game show in which contestants answer questions with the hope of making a ton of money by getting them right.

It sounds like a ball, doesn’t it? But there are some people who get a little out of hand, and it’s up to the hosts to put them back in their place.



Even though the show is well-known, such incidents aren’t very common. But there was one incident that pushed Pat Sajak to his limits.

And that incident came with an unexpected twist that shocked everyone who saw it.

What happened on the show that night? And how did Pat Sajak deal with the contestant that caused the problem?

One Contestant


That night kicked off like any other. The cameras were focused on the contestants, the bright lights shining down on the stage, and the questions flowing.

But one of the contestants decided that he didn’t want to follow the rules set forth by the show.

He was constantly making edgy remarks, and that left quite a few audience members shocked.

Host On Edge


Pat Sajak was on edge with each remark the contestant made. He knew he had to do something before his audience got upset. But what could he do?

Would he ask the man to nip his behavior in the bud? Would he have him removed from the stage?

Or would he just keep pretending that nothing had happened?

Incredible Knowledge


Even though the contestant kept making those remarks, the man was incredibly intelligent. He answered every single question correctly, and the money count just kept going up.

Because of that, Pat knew what kind of responses he’d get if he kicked the man off the show.

It would make it look like the entire thing was just a scam, and they couldn’t afford that.

Certain Remarks


But with each question the man was asked, his bravery intensified. He became bolder, and his comments were bordering on the edge of acceptability.

The situation was starting to get out of hand. It could be seen on the faces of every single member of the audience.

If Pat didn’t act, his reputation would be in ruins.

Completely Unacceptable


Then the man said something that crossed the line, and the hosts knew they couldn’t keep him on the stage any longer. The problem was that he was winning.

He had already gathered approximately $30,000, and they had no idea how he would react if he lost that money because of his behavior.

Would he understand the circumstances? Or would he act out even more?

Needing To Act


At that point, it didn’t really matter. Pat knew he needed to act, and the only thing he could do was have the man removed from the show.

If he didn’t, it would only get worse.

But what was the best way to go about it? Should he ask nicely? Or should he go in the direction the producers would want him to go in?

Family Show


It was a family show, after all. Pat couldn’t afford to let the man say something that shouldn’t be said in front of the younger viewers.

There was only one way to go about it, and Pat knew it. He needed the security guards, and he needed them fast.

What he didn’t know was that he would be in for a surprise.

Tough Decision


The decision Pat made was a tough one. He knew that it didn’t matter what road he decided to take. This incident would have a negative effect on the show.

But what else could he do? It wasn’t like he could lose viewers because someone was behaving inappropriately.

He was sure there were people out there that would understand that.

Removed From The Show


With that thought in mind, Pat had the contestant removed from the show. The security had arrived off-screen, and once Pat saw them, he made the announcement.

He apologized for the man’s behavior before inviting the security guards onto the stage.

They grabbed the man, but as they were escorting him off, he did something completely unexpected.

One Final Comment


As the contestant was walking out, he made the host one final offer.

“Let’s have a wrestling match,” the man said. Pat was intrigued.

“What did you have in mind?” Pat asked. “If I win, I continue to play. If you win, I’ll leave without a fight.” It was an offer Pat simply couldn’t refuse.

Can’t Refuse


It seemed like the man had gotten the hint, and Pat was very interested in the fun this offer could produce.

So he agreed. At least that way, he could prove that it had nothing to do with the money.

The men faced off in front of the cameras, and pretty soon, the game was on.

Game On


Pat thought he stood a chance against the man. But this contestant had some secrets that would be revealed sooner rather than later.

Pat moved in behind the man, hoping to do the famous wrestling body slam.

But instead, it turned into a rather funny choke hold as the man was taller than he was.

What He Didn’t Know


What Pat didn’t know was that the man was actually a professional wrestler. Amongst all the things he did, wrestling was one of the things he was incredibly good at.

But he was still trying to play fair, and before long, the crowd was starting to pick sides. Some were siding with Pat, whereas others were siding with Richard. Would he let the host win?

Winning The Crowd Over


With each move the pair made, the crowd was being won over. Richard was winning the crowd, and that was exactly what he needed at that point in time.

For him to continue the show, there were two things he needed. The support and sympathy of the viewers. And the support of the host, who had been trying to get rid of him.

Messing Around Some More


Richard was enjoying the little scuffle, and it was clear that everyone else was enjoying it too. They liked how the show was being drawn out.

And even though Pat was concerned in the beginning, he could tell that the man was just putting up a nice act. Pat knew exactly what the man was doing. And he appreciated the gesture.

Making The Match Look Even


Even though the man was a professional wrestler, he acted like the match was even. He willingly allowed Pat to toss him around and even slapped his hand on the ground to make it sound worse than it was.

It was incredibly fun, but Pat knew how it would end. The ultimate result was inevitable.

Pat’s On Top


The two men were rolling around on the ground and laughing to their heart’s content. Many times during their match, Pat was on top, which gave him a sense of power.

But there were many times when he was also at the bottom, and he felt intimidated. It was clear that Richard knew his stuff. And in a real fight, Pat wouldn’t stand a chance.

Richard Takes Over


When Richard took over, it was almost as if his instincts took over. He exerted more pressure on Pat’s body, and his body slams were just a little bit harder.

But they had already been going at it for ten minutes, and Pat was sure the match would come to an end any time soon. And that was when he received the final blow.

The Final Move


Richard moved in behind Pat and put him into a chokehold he couldn’t escape from if he wanted to. But that didn’t mean that Pat didn’t try.

He fought his best fight, but in the end, he knew that the only way he’d be able to escape was if he gave up. Could he live with the admission of defeat?

Tapping Out


Whether he could live with it or not didn’t matter. If Pat didn’t give up, he’d pass out on the stage. So he tapped Richard’s arm, and he did it in such a way that the entire crowd could see it.

Richard let Pat go and celebrated his victory. But would the game show host be a man of his word? Would he allow Richard to continue?

Admitting Defeat


Pat admitted defeat after that, and he commended the man for handling the situation the way he did. He just hoped that Richard would understand where he was coming from and keep his comments to a minimum.

But that was all Pat could do. And in the end, he kept his promise by letting the man continue his game.

The Game Continues


Once the commotion settled, the game continued. Questions were asked and answered, and there were a few minor changes in the man’s behavior that made everyone happy.

What were those changes? And would the man end up walking away with the money he had hoped to win? The audience would have to wait and see.

The Remarks Had Stopped


The first of the changes in the man’s behavior was the fact that his comments and remarks had stopped. After being allowed back on the show, he kept his mouth shut and answered the questions in a very professional manner.

But that wasn’t all he did. The man was about to blow everyone away and leave quite a few people scratching their heads.

Showing His True Colors


Richard’s true colors were starting to shine through, and it was becoming clear that the remarks were merely his ego getting the better of him.

The man was smart, but that was hidden beneath layers of disruptiveness, and once those layers were peeled back, his true nature could shine through. And what a nature it was.

The Smartest Man On The Show


It soon became clear that Richard was one of the smartest people who had ever been on the show. He answered each question correctly, and he did it without a hint of hesitation.

But we all know the questions get harder as the money rises. Would he be able to make it to the end? Or would the last questions lead to his downfall?

The Amount Kept Climbing


The questions flew past, and so did the answers. The money Richard could win was climbing higher and higher.

It had gotten to the point where even Pat had to comment on the man’s intelligence, and he had absolutely nothing bad to say about it.

But would it last? They were entering the final rounds, and the questions were about to get a lot more difficult.

Breaking Records


Richard had broken one record after another, and for a moment there, everyone was sure he’d walk away with the cash.

But then something happened that had everyone at the edge of their seats. It was the last question, and everyone was anxious to see what the result would be. Would he succeed? Or would he walk away with nothing?

Reaching The End


The closer Richard got to the end, the more excited the crowd became. They were cheering him on and shouting answers his way.

In a way, it had a very positive effect on him. Everyone could tell that he was enjoying the attention and that it kept him in his place. But would that last?

The Crowd Was Going Wild


When Richard answered the second last question and that new amount popped up on the board, the crowd went wild.

They were standing up, clapping, and cheering him on. It looked like they wanted him to win, and at that point, the odds were quite high. But there was one question left, and it could make or break everything.

He Was Winning Them Over


The nice thing was that Richard managed to change the crowd’s opinion of him. When the show first began, they were on neutral ground. But when he started making those comments, the crowd started disliking him.

But at that point, they were loving him, and it showed. Would that change? Would he make one final comment?

The Comments Were Forgotten


It seemed like the comments were all but forgotten. However, that could change in a matter of seconds. If he made one wrong move or said something that wasn’t what the crowd wanted to hear, he would have a mob on his hands.

How would he deal with the situation now that he had reached the end?

A Fan Favorite


At that point, Richard was a fan favorite, though. He had managed to do what many people failed to do. He had garnered more attention from the crowd than any other contestant ever could.

But as that last question came, everything changed. Pat asked the question, and the crowd went quiet. Did Richard know the answer?

The Final Question


Pat dragged the question out, and when he was done, Richard’s demeanor changed completely. He went from being cool and calm to being stiff and nervous.

Sweat was beading on his brow, and his fingers were knotted with tension. The crowd was so quiet you could hear a pin drop. What was going to happen next?

Nerves Were Shot


It wasn’t just Richard that was nervous, though. Even though he was tense and quiet, there were others who were also feeling the pressure.

Pat could feel the tension that was filling the room. And the crowd seemed to be just as nervous as Richard was. And with each moment that passed, the tension grew.

Everyone Was On Edge


Richard remained quiet for a few minutes, and that was doing absolutely nothing to ease the tension. The longer he waited to answer, the more nerve-wracking it became.

Everyone was on the edge of their seats. All they wanted to know was whether he could answer the question or not. Would he be walking away with the money?

He Was Dragging It Out


After a while of silence, some of the audience members were starting to wonder if he was purposefully dragging this out.

Was he trying to build the tension? Was this all a part of his act? Nobody knew for sure, but they couldn’t stand the uncertainty anymore. Did he actually know the answer or not?

Did He Know The Answer?


That was the one thing everyone wanted to know. He had answered every other question with ease and determination. But with this one, there was a lot of uncertainty.

Nobody could really read the man, so nobody knew what was going on in that intelligent mind of his. But then Richard did something that confused them even more.

Asking For Advice


Richard turned to the crowd and asked them for their advice regarding the answer. Surprisingly, none of them shouted an answer.

Why was that? Was it because they were far too wound up to respond? Or was it because none of them actually knew what the answer was? Was the question really that hard to answer?

Nerve-Inducing Question


Richard had to admit that it was a nerve-inducing question. It was something that not everyone knew, but he thought he had the answer.

He was just trying to wind everyone up because he knew that that was how game shows operate. The more anxious the viewers became, the more viewers they would ultimately get.

He Finally Answered


Seeing that the crowd was exactly where he wanted to have them, Richard answered the question. His answer was a simple one, and because of that, many people would believe that it was wrong.

Were those people right? Did Richard really answer the question correctly?

Was He Right?


Everyone stayed quiet as they waited for Pat to answer their question. But the host was playing the same game the contestant played.

He was dragging his response out to the extent. He slowly pulled the answer from its envelope before turning to face the crowd. He opened the card with an emotionless face that had the audience members leaning closer.

Big Winner


“Ladies and Gentlemen…” Pat said before taking a long pause. “We have a winner.” A gust of air rushed out of Richard’s lungs as the words pierced the fog clouding his mind.

The crowd erupted in cheers as the winning amount flashed on the screen. Richard had won over $70,000. One of the highest amounts the show had paid out at the time.

A Memorable Episode


For Richard, his time on the show ended up earning him more money than he ever imagined. For the crowd, it was an episode worth remembering. And for Pat, it was one heck of a good time.

It became a memorable part of the show’s history, and there were some people who would never forget what happened that day.

In order to protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events or places or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.