Man Spots Paper Girl Enter House Every Day On Her Route Until Officer Checks Her Basket


He Watched

The old man watched with bated breath as the little girl knocked on the man’s door. This was the fourth day in a row. Did the young girl know the strange man that kept inviting her into his home?

At first, he assumed the entire situation was innocent, but as he watched the front door shut behind the girl, his stomach dropped. What was the grown man doing with the little girl? His gut told him that something horrible was going on.

The Girl


Allen was tending to his front garden when he first noticed the young girl. She had officially replaced the previous paper boy. Every morning, she would pitch up with her small, yellow backpack and deliver papers.

The old man smiled. It was always nice to see a fresh new face in the neighborhood. He went about his day, not thinking much about the girl. Little did he know that she was in grave danger.

Her Routine


For the first few weeks, Allen saw the young girl around. She showed up every morning at 7, placing papers on people’s front porches. She always passed his house as he was watering his plants. He made sure to wave at her every morning.

But one day, her routine changed, and she began showing up an hour early. Allen assumed that it had something to do with school. How was he supposed to know that something strange was happening behind closed doors?

Everything Changed


At first, the older man shrugged it off. He didn’t think that anything weird was going on. But that all changed one morning. As he was standing in his garden, watering his plants, he spotted the little girl.

With a basket in her hand, she made her way to a house across the street. He expected her to place a paper on the front porch, but instead, she knocked on the door. He frowned. Why was she knocking on the young bachelor’s door?

He Opened The Door


He placed his hose pipe down and walked to the edge of his yard. With his hands on his hips, he watched the younger man open his front door for the little girl.

Allen couldn’t believe his eyes when the man stepped aside and let the girl slip past him, into his house. What on earth was going on? Did the little girl even know the man? Was that why she was showing up earlier than before? It didn’t sit right with him.

He Didn’t Want To Think About It


The younger man poked his head out of his front door and looked around. He was checking to see if anyone had noticed the girl slipping into his home.

She couldn’t be older than eight, Allen thought. He didn’t even want to think about what the young man could be doing with a little girl. He didn’t notice Allen watching before he quickly stepped back inside, closing the door behind them.

He Waited


Allen’s heart dropped. He wiped his sweaty hands on his jeans before turning around. He didn’t know what to do as he walked back into the safety of his home. He wanted to go knock on the door, but what if he was wrong?

Instead, he decided to sit by his window and watch. He sat there for over an hour before the door finally opened again. What on earth was the young man doing for over an hour with the little girl? Allen feared for the worst.

Allen And Ruth Monroe


Born and raised in Jackson, Mississippi, Allen Monroe lived a quiet life. He had been retired for a few years and loved living in his quiet little neighborhood with his best friend and wife, Ruth.

Over the years, they had fallen into a routine. Every morning, Allen woke up at 05:30 and started his day with a warm cup of tea. While Ruth preferred to sleep in, he liked to water the garden before it got too hot outside.

A Young Girl


He was watering the garden early one morning when he first noticed the little girl walking through their neighborhood. She had recently taken over for the previous paper boy, and she was there every day. The first few weeks ran smoothly for the little girl.

Allen greeted her every morning, thanking her as she brought him the paper. She was very young. Allen couldn’t believe that her parents let her leave the house on her own. But before long, he noticed something deeply troubling about the girl.

Every Day


For the first few weeks, the little girl pitched up in their neighborhood at 7 a.m. every single day. After about half an hour, she would leave again. For the entire time that she was there, Allen could see her from his front garden.

It was nice to see a new face in their neighborhood. The old man liked to keep an eye on the little girl, considering that she was all on her own. But he had no idea that one of his neighbors had also noticed the little girl.

An Hour Earlier


But one day, something changed. It was a casual Wednesday morning, and Allen had just finished his usual cup of tea. He was in his garden, beginning to wet the plants when he spotted her.

He thought it was strange that she’d arrived an hour earlier than usual, but he assumed that it had something to do with school. He didn’t think much of it until something very strange happened.

Not What He Expected


Holding a basket in her hand, the girl quickly and confidently walked down the street. Allen went about his business, watching her absentmindedly from the corner of his eye.

But he snapped his head in her direction when she stopped in front of the house across the street. He expected her to place a paper on the porch, but instead, she walked up to the front door and knocked. Allen frowned, confused by the simple action.

She Went Inside


Why was the little girl knocking on that door in particular? Allen knew who lived there. It was a young bachelor named Tommy, and he lived all by himself. Did she know him? Allen sure hoped so!

He stood motionless, watching as the front door swung open. As soon as it did, the little girl walked into the house. But then, something weird happened.

No One Was Watching


Allen dropped the hosepipe on the grass as he walked to the edge of his yard. He then watched as Tommy poked his head out of the front door. He glanced down the street, making sure that no one was watching.

He didn’t notice the older man staring from across the street. Once he made sure that the coast was clear, he went back inside and shut the door behind him. Allen’s stomach dropped.

A Gut Feeling


He stood frozen in his tracks as he stared at the man’s front door. He was confused, wondering if his eyes were playing tricks on him. What was the little girl doing visiting an adult man on her own?

He didn’t know what to do next. Was he supposed to go over there and see what was going on? What if he misjudged the situation? He didn’t know what to do, but his gut told him that the little girl was in trouble.

He Watched


After a few minutes, Allen decided that it was best to head back inside. He wanted to keep an eye on the young man’s house. He told himself that if the little girl didn’t come back out in an hour, he would walk over there and see for himself what was going on.

Allen watched from his kitchen window, his stomach bubbling with uncertainty as he waited. He prayed that the girl was alright.

After An Hour


After enough time passed, Allen got up from his seat and reached for his coat. The girl hadn’t left the man’s house yet, and he was going to go over there. But as Allen opened his front door, he saw Tommy’s door swing open too.

The girl stepped out on her own, her backpack on her back, but her hands were empty. A second later, Tommy appeared behind her. He handed her the basket from earlier as she skipped off. But as she did, Tommy spotted Allen. He narrowed his eyes at the old man before stepping back inside, shutting the door behind him.

Did Her Parents Know


Something about the situation did not sit right with Allen. Why was the little girl hanging around the grown man’s house? Did her parents know about this? He couldn’t help but wonder.

As he went about his day, he tried not to think about it too much. He mentioned it to Ruth, and she too thought the situation was sketchy. She was worried for the little girl’s safety, but did she have to be?

It Happened Again


Allen was beside himself when the same thing happened the next day. Once again, the girl showed up with the little basket in her hand and knocked on Tommy’s door. Allen watched with disappointed eyes as the door opened for her once again.

He wished he could get in contact with the girl’s parents and tell them about the strange situation. They were probably completely unaware of what their daughter was getting up to.

Wit’s End


The pattern continued. Soon, the days turned into weeks, and then the weeks turned into an entire month. That’s right, every single morning, without fail, she pitched up at Tommy’s house with her backpack and the little basket.

Allen was at his wit’s end as he watched from afar. He wanted to storm over there and confront the young man, but he knew that it wasn’t his place. Besides, what if he was wrong? He’d make a fool of himself!

Her Advice


Once again, Allen decided to speak to Ruth about the situation. He shared his thoughts and concerns, and she listened intently. She agreed that the situation seemed fishy and that they had to do something about it.

She advised Allen to speak to the girl once she was on her own. That way, he wouldn’t have to confront the man until he had the full story.

The Next Morning

Allen agreed with his wife. It was best to speak to the little girl first. The next morning, Allen woke up extra early. He was eager to get it out of the way.

After enjoying his cup of morning tea, he left the house and began watering the plants. He waited, checking his watch every few minutes. When 6 a.m. finally rolled around, he spotted the girl. He was about to walk up to her when Tommy’s door swung open. This time, he waited by the door for the girl to approach.

He Had To Wait


The old man’s heart sank. He’d have to wait until she left his house before he could speak to her. He remained in the garden, his eyes hardly leaving the young man’s door. He was waiting for the girl to leave.

He was trying to look out for her. What if Tommy was dangerous? Clearly, no one else was looking out for her.

Just Like Before


Allen’s eyes grew wide when the door finally opened, and just like every day before, the little girl came skipping out. The old man watched, waiting for the door to shut behind her before he approached.

Walking across the street, he quickly made his way over to her. She smiled when she noticed him. “Hello sir,” She said sweetly. He had to protect her at all costs.



He got down on one knee beside the girl. When he asked for her name, she said it was Kayla. She knew who he was, she saw him in his garden every morning, and she didn’t seem at all worried that he was speaking to her.

“Kayla, do you know the man that lives in that house? I see you there every day.” He pointed in the direction of the young man’s house.

Were They Friends?


“Yes, I know him. His name is Tommy!” She giggled, swinging her basket back and forth. He wanted to ask how she knew Tommy, but he didn’t want to scare the little girl off.

“I see, and is Tommy one of your friends?” He smiled, his eyes locking onto the basket. It was closed, but he found himself wondering what was inside of it.

Three Words


“No, Tommy isn’t one of my friends,” Kayla shrugged her shoulders. The old man looked back at Tommy’s house, a shiver running down his spine. But if Tommy wasn’t her friend, then how did she know him?

But before he could ask any more questions, she said three simple words that unraveled the entire mystery.

An Explanation


“Tommy’s my brother,” She shrugged casually, “He moved out a few months ago. My mom and dad said that I could have breakfast at his house in the mornings, that way I can go to school as soon as I’m finished giving out the papers.”

Allen let out a massive sigh of relief. All along, he had been misjudging the situation.

The Full Story


It turned out that Kalya was bringing breakfast from her parents’ house every morning, that’s what the basket was for. She would eat with Tommy, deliver her papers, and then head for the school bus in their neighborhood.

She lived one neighborhood over, and the walk to Tommy’s house only took a few minutes each morning.

Put To Rest


Allen’s fears were finally put to rest. All along, he had been staring from a distance, completely unaware of what was really happening across the street. He was relieved to learn that he was wrong.

As the same routine followed for the next few months, Allen made sure to wave at Tommy and Kayla every single morning as she pitched up to his house. All was well in their little neighborhood.

Disclaimer: To protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events, places, or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.