Paging Dr. Malkovich: 5 Celebrity Heroes

Being a celebrity means you are rich and famous, but it also means you’re constantly under public scrutiny. Being John Malkovich however, simply means you are real-life hero.

Spending time in Toronto for a play, the actor who famously out-crazied Nic Cage in Con Air (we love you Cyrus the Virus!) was taking a smoke break when he noticed a citizen in need and immediately sprung into action. The victim, a 77-year-old tourist who had fallen and cut his throat on some scaffolding, was bleeding severely when the famed actor came to his rescue, using his scarf to stem the blood flow until an ambulance arrived minutes later.

Surprisingly, Malkovich isn’t the only celebrity to wind up on TMZ for doing something that’s actually admirable.

5 Gwyneth Paltrow

Somewhat of an anti-hero, Paltrow actually saved a woman’s life by also almost killing her. Back in 2001, when Paltrow nearly ran down a woman in the streets of Manhattan with her Mercedes SUV, the actress braked at the last second and avoided tragedy. The kicker, it was September 11, and the chance encounter made the woman miss the train that she normally took to her job at the World Trade Center. She narrowly avoided being in the towers during the attacks. Too bad Gwyneth couldn’t also almost run over everyone who had to witness her music career.

4 Brad Pitt

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While his exceptionally pretty hair makes it a bit hard to buy Brad Pitt as the action hero of the zombie-apocalypse film World War Z, it turns out the actor played real-life hero to an extra in trouble on the set of that very movie. While a massive, 700-person scene was being shot, the leading man noticed a woman had fallen and was in danger of being trampled. Pitt immediately ran to her aid and reportedly even carried her to safety. More like World War Swoon, am I right?

3 Kate Winslet

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Back in 2011, the actress of Titanic fame became just as renowned in her personal life, when she managed to save the life of the elderly mother of billionaire Richard Branson. When a fourteen-bedroom house on one of the Virgin mogul’s private islands mysteriously caught fire, the actress, who was a guest at the home, took it upon herself to carry Branson’s 90-year-old mother out of the burning building. Apparently she can pull an old woman to safety, but she couldn’t make any room for a freezing Leo DiCaprio on that floating door.

2 Harrison Ford

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He’s not only heroic on the big screen, Harrison Ford is actually a two-time hero in reality as well. The famed Star Wars actor has rescued hikers on two separate occasions; back in 2001, Ford joined a search party to help locate a missing boy scout on his Wyoming property and was eventually the one who found him, and he also once saved a stranded female hiker and flew her to the hospital in his helicopter (officially making life for her future husband impossible, because once Indiana Jones comes to your rescue, no average shlub can measure up).

1 Heidi Klum

When she noticed three struggling swimmers on a Hawaii beach, supermodel Heidi Klum turned into a real-life Baywatch beauty and came to their rescue. The people she pulled to safety were actually her own son and two nannies, but that doesn’t make her actions any less commendable. Really, all it means is that the young man she pulled to shore wasn’t living out some kind of unimaginably amazing fantasy, but instead was probably just really embarrassed.

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