Keeping Your Pregnancy Nutrition Beyond Outstanding

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We all know that pregnancy requires more of certain vitamins and minerals due to the rapidly growing life in your womb, and we often hear that ‘eating for two’ is absolutely not necessary – especially if this means the rest of the food is bread or processed foods like Twinkies and whip cream. The baby is certainly asking for extra nutrition, and by adding certain foods like fruits (watermelon and cantaloupe are excellent as they are hydrating and quick to move through the expanding body), spinach and nuts you can provide him with everything he needs to grow into a perfect little baby, ready for the world, while also providing your own body with excellent, high quality nutrition that will help to adjust to the strain that an expanding belly can put on your body. Here are a few excellent supplements you can add to your diet to make sure you are getting what you need so that you can keep up the cycling and yoga classes while building a healthy baby!

5 Healthy Whole Carbohydrates

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Carbohydrates are very important for this time in your life. You will need the energy and nutrients that come packed in with them to grow the little one while also allowing some for yourself. Make sure to get plenty of vegetables, sweet potato, squash of any kind, quinoa, amaranth, millet, and if you want to treat yourself go for brown rice or quinoa pasta, baked sweet potato chips or fries, and sprouted whole grain breads if you are not sensitive to gluten or wheat.

4 Healthy Fats

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Healthy fats are absolutely necessary during pregnancy, as baby’s brain is forming at a rapid rate and needs them for healthy development. You may find healthy fats in avocado, raw nuts and seeds, flaxseed and Udo’s oil and almond and nut milks that you can buy in store or make at home (simply blend 1 cut of soaked nuts and 4 cups of water and then strain the pulp). Eat avocado on salads and in sandwiches, or get creative and make a creamy pudding out of it. Add flaxseed oil to salad dressings instead of olive oil and throw pecans in your smoothies for a healthy boost for you and baby.

3 Fruit

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Fruit is amazingly healthy for a good pregnancy. Providing the body with the pure sun energy stored in fruit is an excellent way to satisfy sweet cravings (which are actually your body asking for fruit) while deeply hydrating your cells and baby’s too. Fruits are very nutrient dense, providing active enzymes, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients. Feel free to have as much fruit as you desire until about 30 minutes before lunch, and always have them on an empty stomach.

2 Green Powder

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Green powders are very nutrient-dense and extremely alkalizing, meaning they help to bind to acidic matter in your body and take it out. If during the first trimester you can barely muster down dry crackers and ginger ale, don’t worry. Just stir it into apple juice and try. If you can’t get over the ‘green’ taste, just wait (like with green juice) until you can take the taste with no nausea, usually in the 2nd trimester.

1 Green Juice

Green juice is the most optimal drink you can have during this time as it is liquid sun energy chock-full of nutrients that will have baby rolling in satisfaction. Make sure the ingredients are organic (preferably local) so you don’t have a dose of pesticides going into your bloodstream. Sometimes in the first trimester, mothers-to-be want anything but vegetables and just thinking about juice makes them nauseous. If you are one of those women, it is important that you listen to your body and wait until the juices are appetizing once again.

Getting everything you need during pregnancy can seem daunting when you read so many articles saying you need x amount of this so your baby doesn’t have birth defects, but if you incorporate lots of greens, fruits, fats and healthy carbohydrates into your diet you should be perfectly fine without having to worry. Listen to cravings and healthify them as much as possible, as if you let go and start eating Twinkies, the cravings will only get more intense and consistent. Supplementing with these 5 foods will help satisfy your worries while only benefiting your body and baby.

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