These Outrageous Bridesmaids Dresses From Back In The Day Show How Times Have Changed

People's taste in clothing has changed a lot over the years and even more so over the past decades. Bridesmaids have always had it difficult.


People’s taste in clothing has changed a lot over the year,s and even more so over the past few decades.

Bridesmaids have always had a raw deal when it comes to what they have to wear. In prior decades women have been subjected to atrocious clothing at their friends’ weddings. Want to see?


Bridesmaids of the ’60s, ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s had it particularly bad. The ruffles, pastels, and prints were a terrible eyesore, to say the least.

Were they wearing curtains or did they genuinely think that they looked good?


This bride clearly wanted an audience resembling a rainbow. But there was fool’s gold at the end.

Shame, we at least hope the couple is still happily married and look back at the day fondly. However, the next bridesmaids will make you cringe.


Nothing about these dresses is beautiful. A mere glance at the photograph makes you feel dizzy!

Did the bride intentionally want to look like she was surrounded by a flock of scraggly birds? Must have been evil at work.


What was it that this bride thought looked good about the fur on her bridesmaids’ heads?

Surely your theme was a ‘Winter Wonderland’ because you’re surrounded by Snow Queens. What about an army?

Hooded Spirits

We can only imagine that getting married can be nerve-wracking, but for this lady there was no changing it.

On this day not a single thing could go wrong — with an army of hooded spirits to guide her through.


Something is happening here. We aren’t exactly sure what it is, but there are surely windows that don’t have hanging curtains at this venue.

It must have been a last-minute arrangement.


If you take another look at the picture you will notice the bride — in a dress that seems to resemble a mountain of whipped cream.

A gorgeous poofy dress for the bride on her special day.