Out of Touch: 5 Ways the GOP Lost Young Voters

The news isn’t exactly shocking, but according to a recent report, young voters are turning away from the Republican Party in droves. Earlier this year, a Republican National Convention task force put together a self-analysis that attempted to quantify the public perception of the party and the results were pretty bleak.

Now, a report released by college Republicans who conducted youth surveys regarding the GOP offered similarly troubling results. Among young Americans, the GOP is largely seen as completely close-minded and out of touch, and they only have themselves to blame.

5 Gun Control

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If there’s one thing to be said for the GOP, it’s that they don’t waver easily. You might even say they stick to their guns (ZING!). They’re a party that has taken the firm mindset of refusing to let a few measly mass shootings and skyrocketing gun violence numbers rush them into reforming national gun laws. After all, what kind of waffling party would let a string of horrific tragedies force them into a panic wherein they completely jump the gun (DOUBLE ZING!)?

4 Immigration

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We are a country comprised almost entirely of immigrants and their descendants, so it’s easy to see why the GOP’s rigid stance on immigration law is such a turn-off to younger voters. Why are we pushing so hard to turn others away when we so often boast acceptance and diversity? And why would America’s consistently growing Latino population support a party that, if they had their way, would build a deportation slide that ran downhill from Arizona to Mexico? It’s a question that the GOP can’t seem to answer in a satisfactory manner, and an issue that America’s youth isn’t willing to ignore.

3 Women’s Issues

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Let’s face it, the GOP isn’t exactly killing it with the ladies either. Because whatever your stance on the deeply complicated issue of pro-life vs. the right to choose, it’s pretty hard to understand why a bunch of stodgy old white men have taken it upon themselves to settle the argument. When it comes to women’s issues, it seems fairly obvious that women should be at the forefront of the conflict, but instead the GOP offers up jackasses like Senate hopeful Todd Akin who shoved his foot down his own throat with his eloquent explanation of what he referred to as “legitimate rape.”

2 Rich Dicks

The GOP certainly hasn’t done themselves any favors lately in the arena of identifying with the “every-man.” The most memorable recent mishap was when their prized presidential candidate Mitt Romney was caught on tape at a private dinner essentially saying that 47% of Americans were poor deadbeats that would never vote for him, which didn’t exactly help the party’s already-tarnished image with the average Joe. Thanks to gaffes like that, the GOP just comes off as a party made up mostly of rich dicks who all look like they should be playing the evil Dean in a 1980s college comedy.

1 Gay Marriage

Whether they believe it to be “against God” or not, there’s no denying that the GOP’s stance on gay marriage has stood starkly in the way of their own success in recent elections. By in large, younger generations are increasingly more supportive of gay rights, and so long as the GOP continues to deny the equal rights of homosexuals, or any Americans for that matter, they will continue to lose the support of younger contingents. Whatever they believe the long-term or even afterlife implications of gay marriage to be, it’s time for the GOP to step aside and let people live their lives.

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