Top 5 Places You Never Thought You’d Order Wine

National Drink Wine Day is only a reminder to those of us who take great pleasure in the art of sipping fermented grapes to pop open another bottle. But let’s face it: If you love wine, you don’t really need a holiday to remind you to drink it, so instead let’s dedicate this glorious day to trying a new wine, or, perhaps, trying new ways of enjoying it. You’d be surprised at all of the places and ways that you can indulge. Check out these five interesting places to order wine!


5.) Underwater

order wine

Niyama Private Island Resorts

Yes, you read that right. At the Subsix lounge at the luxury Niyama Private Island resort in the Maldives, you can enjoy a nice glass of red or white 19 feet below sea level. Of all of the places to order wine, if this one seems like the most extravagant, it’s because it truly is. The restaurant is only accessible by boat on an already private island in the middle of the vast Indian Ocean. Subsix offers wine lovers an impressive lineup of 300 different wines, and 16 of them are available by the glass. Subsix serves breakfast, lunches and throws glowing underwater dinner parties. And the best part besides of being underwater while drinking wine? While you’re sipping on some Cab, you can expect to see all kinds of beautiful sea creatures like hawksbill turtles, butterfly fish and moray eels swim by.